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Manage one system at a time and survive.
Submitted by MVLN — 3 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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I keep starting to comment on this and then scrapping what I've written. I think I really wanted this to be a somewhat different game. The only two ideas that might actually fit your current game are:

I wished that the spacebar would auto-re-route the power the way W/A/D do for the engines.

And that there were much fewer (probably bigger) rocks and no fast-moving ones. With the wrapping, it doesn't take much (at least for me) to overwhelm my ability to keep track of where they will be next. My brother's fancy Asteroids clone starts  with only three "rocks" and new players still usually die a lot. And the power re-routing delay means that you can't react quickly to anything, so you have to plan ahead even more than usual in an Asteroids game.

Nice concept, though! Just a little too hard for me in its current form.


I agree with your two ideas and the unfairness of the game. I am currently making quality of life changes to the game, such as the automatic power rerouting to the bullet shooter you have mentioned. It feels a lot better this way!

And fret not, I too found myself completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of asteroids and their ridiculous speeds. Unfortunately it was something I overlooked in order to finish the game within the given time period. While this is not the best of excuses, I feel that your second idea, which revolves larger and slower asteroids, is a perfect solution to this issue. More time to react is wonderful, as I currently plan to keep the scanning feature and reroute delay just about the way they are, since I like the system-management aspect of the game.

While the concept might be good, I will not deny that unbalanced and unfair gameplay takes away from the concept. I will make sure to keep that in mind for future versions and future projects, and not rely heavily on concepts alone. Thank you very much for your thorough comment. It helped a lot!


It's great to dig in "unrated" games sometimes.

Regarding controls, as you've aligned them in the UI, maybe the use of alphanumeric 1, 2, 3, 4 could have been easier to use. Controls felt confusing.

Else, nice take on Asteroid!

Good job! :)

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Oh snap, that was unexpected and heartwarming. Thank you!

I totally agree with you on the controls, I just grew fond of them during development and did not realize the issues that would follow. I had the idea that when you want to move, it "automatically" turns on the engine. As for the other controls, they are pretty bonkers. I think I will give the 1-4 numerals a go, though! Sounds like a fair way to fix some of* the controls.

EDIT: *Added text.


Dude I once played an asteroids arcade table -- like the game was actually built into the table -- for like two hours and elite dangerous' energy system is one of the few things that makes me feel like a proper star battler so this game's awesome.


Yooo, that's a bullseye! Thank you very much.