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The nush

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why did you ignore the sample size?

good luck dudes

played it

omg ok , but first my friend and i came up with exact same name for his account on discord "sheepdragon"

here's my game tho

ill try it

its a small world (or should i say audience) :D

cool game check mine out

cool game

ive already played your game

ok here's mine

ok so this is the last share games thread ill do  here's my game

cool game dude!

oops just saw your comment

ok ill play it plz return the favor

actually ive already played yours :D

okay cool  here's my game if you leave a comment ill play yours

here's my game i would like true feedback even if its bad

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here's my game ill play yours if you comment on mine

ok here's my game ill play

ill play yours if you comment on my game :D

thx dude but the real amazing person here is.................................................................the duck in the corner :D

ok here's my game  comment on my game and then ill rate yours

rate for rate whoever gets the most rates will get seven seconds of good luck :D

thats my game


cool little game you've got here

here  ill have a look at yours

i played your game ^^


ok playing you game now

okay thats my game if you comment ill play yours immediately

yes im in need of ratings

ok here's my game  already rated and played your game lol

thx dude


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share games here's my game

post games that you've either enjoyed or have little rates

please don't post your own game

here's my game hope you have time if not no worries :D

my game would have been a 4/5 and 4/5 and 4/5 here it is lets see what you think if not why

ok cool