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Yes, but if you follow that link, there is no way to rate the game. (That page IS the same page reached from the submission page.)

There should be a rating section between the post and comment sections on that page.

When ratings are working, a big rating section appears on the submission page between the Play and Comment areas. So you won't miss it, don't worry :)

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Not bad! The controls aren't too floaty which I often find with these sorts of games (which is verrry annoying haha). I got 25 - not sure if that is good or not. It felt good ... was quite hard to get! It's a good package overall - gameplay, audio, graphics. Well done :)

That was more complicated than I thought it would be! Just the fact that you can't move when you bark makes it quite a challenge to stay alive. A good fun little puzzle challenge!

Very cute idea there! I liked that the walls made little ping noises when you bumped into them. Small touches like that really add some character to the world. The last part took me a little while to get through, I got run over by the worms quite a lot :D But I made it! Good job :)

Not bad for a first time game! Simple graphics but they do the job well. I like these sort of games as they're quite relaxing since you have to take your time and plan your approach. You could definitely flesh this out a bit as a post jam version (bit of feedback as to what is going on, that sort of thing). Good job and well done :)

The music fit well with the theme of the game! I wasn't able to get very far though as I'm not 100% sure what I was supposed to be doing! I found some items and made a few things but they didn't seem to do much. I was getting a lot of errors on the console so maybe there was something going on there? I liked the art too :)

I spent the first few minutes trying to complete the levels with JUST the dash, and getting stuck haha. Then I realised I could jump too, oops lol. Really like the art style - for a moment I thought it wasn't 64x64! It gives the impression of being higher resolution (probably because of the open spaces so the screen isn't too busy). 

Trying to solve the levels with the jump/dash combination was good fun. I even managed to pull off some (if I do say so myself) cool moves and solve the puzzle in a different way to what was probably intended. The wall jumps felt nice as well. 

Oh and the music is great!

Good job! 

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I have done my part for Eddie and delivered the cake! It is much more chill (like you said) BUT I still managed to fall off the platforms a few times :D So maybe it does have a rage element too... ;) (Oh and I love the little character sprite, it's very cute, especially the way it runs :D)

I took the name literally and just rushed north as fast as I could haha. I tried killing monsters but it felt like it was more effort than it was worth - so I just ran for as long as I could! I eventually got stuck and had to fight though - and I made use of that flame thrower :D I did struggle a bit during 'busy' areas to keep track of the aim cursor/cross-hair but that might just be because I am getting old. Really liked the lighting cycle too - made the flame thrower feel more 'flamey' with it's light and burning effect. Those damn fish things ... sneaky buggers, always attacking me from behind! Nice job :D

I think I found the trick (or the dirty method?) instantly as I started stabbing things instead of speaking haha. I started speaking afterwards, and then stabbed them anyway, and then we all ran to the end together :D The graphics felt sort of minecrafty later on which was quite nostalgic for me. It had quite an atmosphere as I kept thinking there was 'something else' in there with me. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't, I don't know - which puts you on edge while exploring. Good job!

Thank you! I hope you didn't struggle too much on the later levels if you got that far, especially on level 10, that one is a bit ... rage inducing :D Thank you again! (Who doesn't love a pacifist protagonist?)

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it :) (Also well done for finishing level 10, that is a toughie :P!)

Loved this! Very cute art style. That damn song is stuck in my head now though :D The entire experience was very ... mediogre... ;) A fun take on the story! A little bit faster would be nice but, other people have said that already so I don't need to go into it, and it's not a major complaint.  Good job!

I have a bit of an issue lol - I instantly win or lose. Round starts, lost, round starts, win :L I assume this might be the issue you mention on the game page? I tried it on my other monitor (which is 60Hz) but the same issue happens. I'd rather not unplug my main monitor so I'll wait and see if you have a fix (reply here if you find one!). I'll wait to rate until I can play it properly! 

I do have a laptop I can use in a few days if worse case you can't fix it, so don't worry too much - I'll definitely play and rate :) I've got to win the race after all!

Ahhh ok, just checked - you're using Unity. I'm on a 21:9 monitor and Unitys default resolution management kinda sucks for that res. It scales up instead of down so cuts half the screen off! I'll see if I can get it working on another monitor. Mystery solved :)

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Very cool idea! I did struggle finding out which sounds meant what though. You say when the room restarts - you died. But how do we know the room restarted? Is there a sound? Without knowing what the sounds actually mean it does add a lot of trial and error into the game which may be why it hasn't got many ratings (since most people only spend a minute or two on jam games sadly as there are so many to rate).  I'd like to see this sort of game expanded on, maybe teaching you the sounds slowly as you work through levels. Could be a very cool mental/audio puzzle game!

That was cool :D Loved the idea! Got pretty stuck on level ... 5? It's strange how hard it get's when you're trying to look after multiple cakes, even though their individual levels are extremely simple. Good job!

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Yeah - we tried that. We both just get a menu screen (as shown in the screenshot) but nothing else. WASD/Arrows/Space/Enter, none of it does anything. Am I missing something? I've taken a screenshot of the game:  Screenshot

I believe it's all normalized, so number of ratings doesn't overly matter .... unless you're below the average. If you're below the average then your score is shifted to account for this (I think). Since obviously a very large number of similar ratings tends to indicate that the average there is accurate. If you have minimal ratings then it's less trustworthy so that will be taken into account. 

Simple and well executed game. I feel like it is better played with friends as by yourself it is fairly easy (And I think it was designed that way too!). Good job and good luck!

Ok, I haven't rated this yet since I have no idea what to do lol. What am I supposed to do?! Mouse doesn't do anything, neither does my keyboard - apart from R which resets. I sent it to a friend and he can't figure it out either. It has cool music though. Help please, we feel like we're missing something obvious :D!

Very nice take on the theme. I actually found myself getting stuck fairly often and thinking 'how on earth do I do this' before finally realizing the answer - and every time it felt extremely obvious once I noticed how to do it. Which to me is the sign of a good puzzle! 

I did get stuck on the wall a few times while trying to glide past, especially as corners, I don't know if that was intended or just slightly funny collision detection.

That being said, really impressed with this idea. Finding something simple and making it into something great is a hard job, so well done!

Interesting take on the theme! Needs a bit more here and there gameplay wise but it's a good foundation for sure. Well done coming up with this :)

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Nice take on the theme - incorporating it into a coop game. Haven't seen many of those! I didn't really bother moving around since it was a bit of a pain by myself lol, so I just sat there and punched. Good job :D!

I kept clicking really fast to bring the orb back before I realized I could just hold the mouse hah, my own fault :D It's a cool idea and you have to actually manage it, can't not pay attention since ... then you lose the orb. Nice job! Got some funky music too :D

I believe mine is quite juicy! I went for a very minimalist style so it gave me lots of time to add nice effects etc. Here is the link!

If anyone plays and rates it - please leave a comment and I'll do the same for you :)!

Every game? What if we end up with 200 replies?! Here is my game:

I'm leaving ratings and feedback for anyone who plays my game too. Please comment on the page so I know what your game is! I'm off for the evening now (it's almost 2am) but I'll be playing through these in the morning. Hopefully there aren't tooooo many replies haha.

Ahhhh damn. I opened this up and was spamming A on my keyboard, didn't realise it is controller only. So I can't play it :( However I watched the video as the comment below did so I could give you a rating anyway (since you only have 5! I imagine that's because of the control restrictions). I really like the art style, something fun about it. Just wish I could have played it properly! 

Here you go! Endless-runner action platformer thing :) Anybody who rates and leaves feedback, I'll do the same for you!

It's nice to see a story driven game, not too many of those, and a good one too! I enjoyed it. Managed to get the desk stuck in the corner the first time since I didn't realise what I was doing haha. It was good fun! 

That was surprisingly hard actually! The first few levels were nice and easy and then I got pretty stuck and really had to think. I like the art style too!

I liked that the enemies hopped when  they got close - threw off my aim a few times or they dodged the harpoon completely. Having to 'charge up' your pick up was also nice, meant you had to plan your moves instead of just mindlessly fighting. I had fun! Also.... that scream when you die :D

It's a nice change for a one bullet game to use physics - makes for some quite funny bouncing around!

It's like 'getting over it' but with slinky arms xD Not super hard but that made it a fun relaxing experience, nice job!

I imagine it's a resolution issue. I've had a few Unity games go crazy on me during this jam so, it's not just you! I'll be more than happy to give that go a play in the morning (heading to bed now) and then I will leave you a rating, thanks for the build!

Hmmmm, I'm trying to play this but I just get a blank flickering screen over the game. The level loads for about a second and then it goes blank and flickers. Here is what I'm seeing:

Most likely an issue with my resolution as it's 21:9 and Unitys default stuff kinda sucks for non-16:9. I'll try again in a bit but I won't rate it until I can play it properly as it's not fair on you :)

Only 4 ratings?! I'm sure we can help with that :D I'll play it now! Here is mine too - please leave a rating/comment if you play :)

Go on then! Here is mine -
I'm working my way through some more games too :) I'm also playing anybodies game who plays/rates mine and leaves a comment!

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I actually turned off the difficulty mechanic in the jam version. It does increase in speed etc normally. But since most jam-people will just play for a minute or two I didn't want people to struggle too much and just have some fun, however - that does mean people who are good at the game will be veeeery good haha. Quite a lot of people are saying it's still hard so I think it was a wise decision. But yes - there is a difficulty increase normally! Whoever got those near 1000 scores ... my hat goes off to them lol. It's a combination of hand crafted and procedural. I wanted to go fully procedural but thought it was too risky to attempt in 48 hours just in case it crashed and burned lol. Thanks for playing!