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So we did it again! We all made something in 100 minutes - and again - we had some surprisingly good entries. From what I hear there were quite a few over-scoping issues this time, but hey, that happens, especially when you only have 100 minutes :D

We had a few non-GameMaker entries this time - so we have two winners. The overall voted winner, and then highest-rated GameMaker game. The votes have been counted, here are your winners!

Orbital Defence by trust_me and Kung Fu Kitty's Defence Training by koniiiii

Congratulations to you both! koniiii will be the second person ever to receive the rarest most sought after GameMaker discord role in the world - the '10^2 Jam Winner'! 

Hope you all had fun again, we'll be doing it again of course - so keep an eye out! In the future, we'll be officially opening this jam up to any engine since, why not - and the more people participating, the better! So let your other-engine friends know!


That is all very true but I'm not sure we can really make it a requirement for people to upload thumbnails! Generally most people do though. You can also filter the submissions by rated/not rated which can help you keep track.

Because this jam came from the GM community - so we're doing the first few restricted to the GM community. We'll probably open it up in future ones :)

10² Jam community · Created a new topic The Results!

Well, that was an experience! We all made something in 100 minutes - and surprisingly, we managed to make some playable games! I wasn't sure how this would go as there's no data on jams this short. We were trailblazing something new, and I think we did a good job!

The results are in, here is your winner, voted by you guys!

Pac-Snake-like the Game by JakeHasRadio

Congratulations to JakeHasRadio! You will now receive the worldwide coveted discord role '10^2 Jam Winner'! Wear it with pride; it is yours forever, you have no choice, enjoy!

Some notable mentions -
Most 'well rounded' game: TWIST SPACE by Furnac
Best twists: Asteroids: A Christopher Nolan Reboot by tiemff, Pong Platformer Thing by pixelrobin, and Snakey Road by Jordan Guillou

We had a great time - and it all turned out pretty well considering the limitations. We'll be doing this again in the future so make sure to keep an eye on the announcements channel! We're currently thinking every two months, so it doesn't become stale - but we'll see! Thanks and well done to everyone who took part and we'll hopefully see you for the next one, whenever that ends up being! 


I'm not 100% sure what I am supposed to be doing but... I had fun anyway! Great job for 100 minutes!

Sadly a bit buggy (damn walls!), but when it works - pretty good! I like the death persistence too, just to show me how bad I was :D

It's backwards space invaders where you fire aliens! Well put together for 100 minutes, good job :)

I have but one request... let me hold left click to automatically shoot! My poor finger.

Cool game - nicely finished in 100 minutes!

The flying enemies were cool. I liked their stop/start movement, gave you time to make a mad dash for it (and then die anyway... :D)

Also - check out how big the game is when I don't full screen it. Quite amusing haha, makes it feel like a precision platformer :D

My favourite part of this is the fact that jumping isn't effected by hitting a roof/platform, so you can float along the top!

Where did you get the idea for the snail throwing its shell? I like it!

Nice little game - I think I reached the end? The clouds stopped appearing after a while! I'm not sure what the twist really is but - well done on your first GM game! (And as mentioned in the other comment - export as an executable for your next one!)

Not 100% sure what I was doing but I ran around and hit things until things turned green! And eventually I won! I am not 100% sure how, but I won, that's aaalll that matters :D (Ignoring that I lost a few times first...)

Nicely scoped and polished for 100 minutes!

I swear the CPU dodges every sniper shot?! They definitely have cheats!

Good job! The fact bullets wrap around too took me by surprise, didn't expect that haha

I never thought of doing a twist using time - that's really cool. Screws with the mind a little bit haha. Great job!

Well scoped - simple gameplay but nicely polished! The power ups are a nice addition. Only minor issue really is it feels very easy - but that's not a terrible thing for jam games, means everyone can play!

Wasn't expecting this from the title - but this was really good! Fun mix of two classics. Has some UI issues (bottom count going off screen) and some minor ghost bugs but, nothing major. Great job!

This is really hard to play haha, but a very cool mix of two game types. I could see this concept being a fun couch coop style party game.

This feels very complete for 100 minutes! Has a reasonable amount of challenge to start with which keeps you on your toes. Really well done! 

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The name tricked me into thinking this was an impossible game!

But then I made it to the end and got to the next level... and the next.

I did get a big NO sign at the edge of a level haha, for going out of bounds or something?

Also finished level 5 and had 0 levels left. I take that as a win^2.

Good entry overall, well put together for the time limit!

I finished with 60 fuel! After the first few boosts I realised that trying to control my ship was hopeless (it's so fast!) so I employed a daring strategy of just flying through space full speed until the asteroids eventually crashed into me, mwaha! 

Nice entry - good take on a classic and a nice twist!

I hit space, I killed zombies, I ran around, figured out too late that I could rebuild walls, rebuilt some walls, got stuck in wall(?), frozen, assumed dead.

Probably pretty accurate to how my real life zombie apocalypse experience would go :D

I am not familiar with the Daleks game - is the point of the game to survive for as long as you can? Or are there other win conditions?

Using boids for zombie movement is cool - noticeable if you stand in a corner away from them as they flow around the castle like a flock of birds!

Submissions for this jam have to be made in GM1.4 or GM2.2/2.3.

The jam idea came from some GM community members so that's why we have that restriction for this. Sorry!

The jam is UK based so BST timezone, however the jam page should show you the times for your local timezone (it should be automatically converted).

It's roughly - late evening UK time, early afternoon US time, early morning AUS time.

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed the game! (Hope you didn't rage too hard playing it :P).

Congratulations to everybody who took part too - we all made something in a week (or less) and put it out there for other people to play.  That's not easy, so, well done!

Yes, but if you follow that link, there is no way to rate the game. (That page IS the same page reached from the submission page.)

There should be a rating section between the post and comment sections on that page.

When ratings are working, a big rating section appears on the submission page between the Play and Comment areas. So you won't miss it, don't worry :)

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Not bad! The controls aren't too floaty which I often find with these sorts of games (which is verrry annoying haha). I got 25 - not sure if that is good or not. It felt good ... was quite hard to get! It's a good package overall - gameplay, audio, graphics. Well done :)

That was more complicated than I thought it would be! Just the fact that you can't move when you bark makes it quite a challenge to stay alive. A good fun little puzzle challenge!

Very cute idea there! I liked that the walls made little ping noises when you bumped into them. Small touches like that really add some character to the world. The last part took me a little while to get through, I got run over by the worms quite a lot :D But I made it! Good job :)

Not bad for a first time game! Simple graphics but they do the job well. I like these sort of games as they're quite relaxing since you have to take your time and plan your approach. You could definitely flesh this out a bit as a post jam version (bit of feedback as to what is going on, that sort of thing). Good job and well done :)

The music fit well with the theme of the game! I wasn't able to get very far though as I'm not 100% sure what I was supposed to be doing! I found some items and made a few things but they didn't seem to do much. I was getting a lot of errors on the console so maybe there was something going on there? I liked the art too :)

I spent the first few minutes trying to complete the levels with JUST the dash, and getting stuck haha. Then I realised I could jump too, oops lol. Really like the art style - for a moment I thought it wasn't 64x64! It gives the impression of being higher resolution (probably because of the open spaces so the screen isn't too busy). 

Trying to solve the levels with the jump/dash combination was good fun. I even managed to pull off some (if I do say so myself) cool moves and solve the puzzle in a different way to what was probably intended. The wall jumps felt nice as well. 

Oh and the music is great!

Good job! 

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I have done my part for Eddie and delivered the cake! It is much more chill (like you said) BUT I still managed to fall off the platforms a few times :D So maybe it does have a rage element too... ;) (Oh and I love the little character sprite, it's very cute, especially the way it runs :D)

I took the name literally and just rushed north as fast as I could haha. I tried killing monsters but it felt like it was more effort than it was worth - so I just ran for as long as I could! I eventually got stuck and had to fight though - and I made use of that flame thrower :D I did struggle a bit during 'busy' areas to keep track of the aim cursor/cross-hair but that might just be because I am getting old. Really liked the lighting cycle too - made the flame thrower feel more 'flamey' with it's light and burning effect. Those damn fish things ... sneaky buggers, always attacking me from behind! Nice job :D

I think I found the trick (or the dirty method?) instantly as I started stabbing things instead of speaking haha. I started speaking afterwards, and then stabbed them anyway, and then we all ran to the end together :D The graphics felt sort of minecrafty later on which was quite nostalgic for me. It had quite an atmosphere as I kept thinking there was 'something else' in there with me. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't, I don't know - which puts you on edge while exploring. Good job!

Thank you! I hope you didn't struggle too much on the later levels if you got that far, especially on level 10, that one is a bit ... rage inducing :D Thank you again! (Who doesn't love a pacifist protagonist?)

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it :) (Also well done for finishing level 10, that is a toughie :P!)