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Will ratings be enabled?

A topic by alexdavies created Nov 21, 2019 Views: 502 Replies: 14
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I'd like to play some games but I also want to rate them and it says on the main page that ratings will be open to everyone.

So I'm not playing any games at the moment because I'd like to rate them at the same time so I don't forget them.

When will ratings be enabled? Thanks


Hey, I thought we already had rating enabled. Sorry. Let me enable them.


Would love to rate some too.   Also, first time, i  dont even know how the "rate" button looks like and where :P 


When ratings are working, a big rating section appears on the submission page between the Play and Comment areas. So you won't miss it, don't worry :)


Hmmm. I'm trying to set them (it looks like they should be set) but it doesn't seem to be showing up for people :(

Still can't see any rating options :( Do you know when it will work? Rating is a fun part of jams!

Contact support maybe incase it is something their end?



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Right now, you can find the "Rate for GameMaker 20 Jam #GM20" link on the game's actual "game page" --- not the GM20 Jam's game "submission" page.  (I hope that's clear enough.  That was hard to explain.)


Yes, but if you follow that link, there is no way to rate the game. (That page IS the same page reached from the submission page.)

There should be a rating section between the post and comment sections on that page.


oh, whoops.  I just saw the link and assumed.  I guess I should've tried clicking it.


still can't rate games?  When will this happen?


I've not had contact back from support and I've been trying all the options. I'm not sure if it's become impossible because the setting were wrong before the end of submissions or it's a bug. I'm really not sure but I'm sorry ratings are not enabled :( Sucks.


We got there in the end! Voting should now be enabled and I've extended the date for voting :)


Great! Thank you :)


Thanks! This is nice for people like me who are shy about commenting but still want to show people that I had fun with their games!