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Thanks for the kind words!  I'll check around and see if I have that music for you.

(Someday, I should pick this game back up and properly balance and finish it.  Haha)

Very cool.

still can't rate games?  When will this happen?

Thanks, man!  I remember that old game and did think of it while making this one.  Tho APB was more about car chasing, if I remember right.  Anyway, glad you liked it.  I think I will continue working on it, but the holidays are time sinks. :)

oh, whoops.  I just saw the link and assumed.  I guess I should've tried clicking it.

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Right now, you can find the "Rate for GameMaker 20 Jam #GM20" link on the game's actual "game page" --- not the GM20 Jam's game "submission" page.  (I hope that's clear enough.  That was hard to explain.)

Thanks, man!  Yeah, unfortunately I ran out of time to make more briefing texts.  I wrote about that, and other post-mortem stuff, in my game description here on itchio, if you're interested.  :)

Thanks, man!!

Cool!  Here's my devlog...

This game inspired me to make my own version, except in space on a starship.  Let me know if you'd like to see it (WIP). It would mean a lot to have your support.)

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This is great!  So simple, but so charming!  Very nicely done!

Thanks for taking a look!  I appreciate the comments.  :)

Thanks for taking a look!  I totally agree with you.  I ran out of time and couldn't get other features in the game.  

Of course, now, you could forget the 64x64 restriction if you wanted, too!  

Awww -- missed opportunity on adding some sound effects, especially to being grabbed and eaten by the gator.  Would have amplified the 'jump-scare' effect.  haha.  Still made me jump every time I got chomped!  Fun game.  Training room was hilarious!  Cheers!

As a Star Wars fan, I already like it.  :)  However, as I played it, it devolved into a button masher for me.  Still liked it.  The graphics are really great!  Maybe you can add a ground and background, as long as you made it subtle enough.  (The simplicity of the game without them is great, tho.)  May the force be with you!  Cheers!

Nice enty, so much content!  You used your time well.  I was surprised when Elric died so easily and thought it was a joke game, until the game continued as a ghost.  I tried to play more, but the gameplay was somewhat confusing to me.  (I'm not very good at playing games, so don't be too discouraged by that.)  I liked the pixel graphics and controller use.  "gHost" seems like a very well made game.  Cheers!

Nice little game.  I wasn't sure of my objective at first, but I eventually figured it out.  Iron out a couple little mechanical glitches, and it would be nicer to play. (When jumping onto a block, it leaves a space between the character and the block.  Also, sometimes after pushing the block down, the game makes you jump.)  I think my high score was 12, but I didn't play it too long.  Cheers!

I was hoping to keep working on the game.  I had plans for 4 levels and much more content.  Once again, I overscoped an idea for a jam.  Seems to be my forte.  lol

Thanks!  Mission accomplished -- I was trying to make the world seem big.  :)

Here's a taco.

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I submitted my "game".  It's more of a demo or proof of concept than a game.  Oh well, I had fun making it this far.  Perhaps I can finish it.


I had a glance at the other entries.  44 entries so far!  They're all looking pretty swell and much more complete than my hot mess.  Haha!  Can't wait to give them a try!

Peace and Love, coffee folks!  :)

well, pretty sure my entry will be incomplete and probably not even playable.  I'll submit it anyway (unfinished), but I'm extending the deadline for myself to another week in order to finish.  Cheers, everyone!!

Nice improvement on your GUI!  Good job, Nutty!  :)

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Thanks!  I might raise the ground up a bit just so you can see it better.  Maybe.  We'll see how the thing plays, if I get that far.  :P

I spent this morning before work mocking up the GUI.  Probably not the best, but it'll have to do.  Hopefully I can implement it tonight after work.

Hmmm.... finishing this on time is iffy.

Sorry it took me so long to reply.  Life and stuff.  The font is 5Mikropix ---

Looking good, everyone!  Can't wait to play these games!

I've got my main sprites done, i think.  Coffee bag, creamer machine, sugar dropper, and a "flavorator".   Now I gotta try to get some gameplay going.  Don't know if I'll finish, since I work 9 hours everyday, but maybe I can get a makeshift, no frills, demo to work.

I'm only getting a few hours a day to work on this, so progress is slow.  Plus the fact that my game idea was only half formed.  I've been able to expand the game idea today, and created some appliances.  :)  Also, you should see a falling coffee bean, there.

Ok - I came up with a goofy idea.  Here's my first sprite --- CoffeeMan!

try for music, tho his stuff is getting old. for raw sound effects. is another place to find all kinds of music.

ugh.  only the lame-ish ideas cometh.

Downloaded.  Thank you for providing this!