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Thank you very much! I'm happy that you appreciate it :)

rosecoco jam community · Created a new topic Inspiring Jam!
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Unfortunately i didn't manage to finish my game in time, but the theme was very inspiring so... my kudos to the creator of the jam! :) 

I'm planning to keep on working on my little point and click adventure, which will probably be called "The Pink Swan". 

Here's a short (and compressed) gif, in case somebody is curious to have a look at how it's shaping...

100% deserved prizes! Congrats devs, you rock :)

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I hadn't played a game that uses the "rewind mechanic" so well since Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. A very challenging and satisfying puzzle platformer that gives life to cinematic manoeuvres (i would be curious to play it with a fully animated character). Very nice "geometric pixel art" too. Kudos!

Thank you very much, Grunlock! :) I'm happy that you enjoyed the game even if it's unfinished. And i'm super glad that you liked the graphics (i'm trying to learn how to draw with pixels, so it means a lot to me). 

I didn't have the time to delimit the drivable road in a clearer way, sorry about that (in my initial idea the kerb would have slowed down the car, while the buildings would have crashed it). 

19.561 is the best time you can get, btw: well done! :)

Thank you again for the feedback, really appreciated.  

I dig the mood and the visual style (nice dithering!) of this game. Did i say it's enjoyable to play too?  

For some mysterious reason i missed this one when i downloaded the rest of the games. Well, i'm happy i found it out, at last, cause i think it's one of the best in the jam. 

An original and interesting deviation from the WarioWare formula (or, if you prefer, from the Lazy Jones one), filled with references (Nebulus!!!) that make old gamers like myself happy. The only thing that could be improved, in my opinion, is the resolution (the windows are a bit small), but considering it's a jam game it's already impressive. Very good!

Great! Thank you :)

I like the fact that the animals aren't showing their number all the time: feels a bit like playing a midway between a math game and Memory. Sort of. Nice idea :)

Interesting idea! I wish i knew assembly :|

Fresh concept and pretty pixel art. I would put it in my personal top 10 for this jam. :)

One of the games that make the best use of the 20 theme, in my opinion.

Also, i would be curious to play a longer game graced by this cute pixel art :)

This game has the charme and the inventive of the old puzzle games à la Adventures of Lolo. Very very nice!

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Nice! It reminds me a bit of a game i used to love (Atari's APB) and i kept playing for a while even after reaching the Chief of Police rank just cause it was satisfying to drive around avoiding cars and trying to increase the quota. I would be very curious to play the game with all the features you listed on the game page, so i hope you'll keep on working on this one :)

This game feels like a danmaku and a rhythm game at the same time, and i like that. :)

I would probably prefer more rhythm and less bullet hell, but that's my personal taste. An impressive entry and a good starting point for sure!  

I confess that at my first (quick) play i thought: "very original idea and pretty pixel art, but also a bit awkward to control". Then i played a bit more and it became one of my favourite games of  the jam. 


Impressive how you managed to make a run and gun that works so smooth and has a lot of personality with these restrictions (and so little time too). As someone else pointed out in the comments, there's some little issue with the readability (the soldiers arms and the turrets sometimes blend in with the background, especially when they're at the top of the screen, where also the bullets tend to be less visible cause of the flames), but it's a small thing (that can be easily fixed modifying the palette a bit, i guess). 


Interesting concept, it has a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles vibe (but with its own personality).

A good starting point for an action RPG/dungeon crawler, i would say.  

Very nice visuals and good level design. I found the controls a bit confusing at first (i tended to invert the dash and the stomp sometimes), but maybe it's just me. Once i got the hang of it, though, i had a good time. Well done!

It's quite hard to come up with a fresh idea for a puzzle game, but this game manages to do that and it works pretty good. My compliments!

Fresh, stylish, trippy, polished, challenging and fun to play. One of the best games (and also use of the theme) of the jam, in my opinion. Hope you'll win a prize! 

This game is diabolical. At first you think "nice and polished, but the AI looks a bit too easy". 

A moment later, you have those pesky red squares always around, pushing you to accelerate and evade (and often crash). Incredible how you managed to give personality to a bunch of squares...

But the game is not unfair at all: if you play good, you'll complete the levels.  

I think i tried all the games of the jam (aside the ones that have an installer: sorry guys, my HD is full), and for now this is my favorite one (there are other 2 i wanna play a bit more to be sure). :) 

I hope you'll want to expand on this concept, cause i think it has a good potential!

Thank you very much, mate! :) I fell in love with top down racers when, as a kid, i bumped into Atari coin-ops (first LeMans and Sprint 2 and then Super Sprint) at the Arcade, and i played Micro Machines a lot on my Amiga 500 when i was a teen, so it's a great compliment for me :) 

And yep, in my initial idea the red and white kerb would have slowed down the car, and an impact with the buildings would have crashed it, but i couldn't work on the game as much as i wanted to, so i had to make it a bit "brutal" (lol) 

But i think i'll keep on working on it as soon as i have some extra time (i have a couple of ideas i didn't even try to develop yet, but they require time). Thank you again! :)

Yeh, i did the same. I edited it and now it shows. Let's hope we won't be disqualified! Thank you for the help, mate :)

Oops, i didn't notice that: i made it draft D:

Can i still edit it or it's gone? 

Same problem here: the game shows on my dashboard and it says it's a submission, but it's not showing on the submission page :|