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Thank you very much, mate! :) I fell in love with top down racers when, as a kid, i bumped into Atari coin-ops (first LeMans and Sprint 2 and then Super Sprint) at the Arcade, and i played Micro Machines a lot on my Amiga 500 when i was a teen, so it's a great compliment for me :) 

And yep, in my initial idea the red and white kerb would have slowed down the car, and an impact with the buildings would have crashed it, but i couldn't work on the game as much as i wanted to, so i had to make it a bit "brutal" (lol) 

But i think i'll keep on working on it as soon as i have some extra time (i have a couple of ideas i didn't even try to develop yet, but they require time). Thank you again! :)