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Very pretty and informative game. Now I know what kind of bouquets to get people!

Love the design of this one! I was always actively chasing down chickens and feeling rushed to throw em where I needed them. I'd love to see more levels or types of chickens and enemies if you choose to continue this!

Beautiful game and tone. The breathing was eerie as was the music and the lighting and all. Visuals for those deer were my favorite. Great job guys!

Great game design here. I'm surprised yall were able to make so many levels in such a short time! Could definitely see this being expanded upon with more environmental obstacles or aids. Great job guys!

Loved the sound design and the level reset with the higher tempo. The new jump felt weird in a good way and it felt like reimagining the level I just went through making it interesting to move through again!


Yes, my email is

I may have caused the heat death of the universe but at least I was a decent God. Bless up. 

I forgot to make a quit button because I usually just alt+F4... oops

Wow, love the tension in this game. Probably one of my favorite uses of a companion in a game too. I would love to see this turned into a full game with more puzzles designed around needing to be separate from the drone.

I'd like the player human character to have a couple more uses than walking on slopes and picking up the drone so I could use my human capabilities in tandem with the robot.

I can also see this as a horror game where I need to protect the robot and myself using distractions or AI that act different when around the player or drone. Maybe a little rat creature tries to steal the drone away but you can run up to it as the player and scare it off. Or maybe a larger creature comes at the player and you can use the drone light to scare it off. 

That's just ideas if you plan on going forward. This is one of my favorite games from the jam, too bad you couldn't submit in time :(

Amazing work though! 

There should be a start button at the bottom of the screen, doesn't look like you're viewing the whole thing

Arrow keys to move

I like the concept of building dungeons. Maybe it'd be cool if you then had to play through the dungeons you built so then you're incentivised to go for chests or place hidden weapon tiles. It is kinda random though so there's no reason not to put a tile anywhere. Maybe a minesweeper mechanic where it tells you how many spaces away something is? 

Just thoughts for the future, good job on the jam.

Hey, really proud of my work on this game! Hope you enjoy! 

Yeah I assumed what your message was here and I was wrong. Still that's my take on it from a playtester perspective. And thanks for the recommendation!

Really liked the puzzle design. If you had more time I bet you could make some great new puzzles with unique interactions!

I'm shy but here's mine :)

I like the core idea of the game but the events/scenes of the game are so disconnected from one another. After the first scene, I understood the game and I felt like I wasn't doing anything new. If plant the seed of rebellion in the player's mind and allow them to act on it in different ways, the player will feel more engaged. My goal in this game was to do the opposite of what I was told, directly. If I had the option to explore something else, I'd enjoy the game much more. 

You kinda proved your own concept wrong. "Only one way, but is there?" yeah kinda. Just that one way is the opposite of the text on the screen. If you want to subvert that, make the game branch based on different interactions. Now that's a lot for a game jam game but just saying, if you go forward with this keep that in consideration.

I actually disagree with this. I think a game should subtly show the player the idea of the game throughout the experience then build to, maybe ever deliberately saying what that idea was.  

This game is so sad. I made the earth cry and left her but I won. I like the rotating earth to place buildings on a lot but the card drawin is a little odd. On my first run I drew no cards that could make money and I lost immediately. Maybe have different decks for industry, research and environment!

Hello, I've already gotten a lot of feedback but the more opinions the better.

I'd actually say it's quite a bit different from Geometry Wars. All it really share is genre : Multi-directional Shooter/Twinstick Shooter (at least from my understanding of Geometry Wars). It's a good idea to take a game you know and put a twist on it, and things usually change during development. My original game idea included enemies but I decided to go without it because the game was hard enough as is. I liked your game a lot. You should add some juice after the jam to make it really fun!

Really love the concept of this game as well as the laser increasing in size over time. It really made me think about how I was going to place my shots rather than spamming attack. 

You're thinking too much about the core mechanic and not the game as a whole!  Your enemies get increasingly more complex and difficult and the color design helps translate difficulty. I didn't get that far in your game cuz I'm really bad at it but I'd like to know some of the specifics of what your enemies do in later levels.

I really love the color progression to show dificulty. It blends really seamlessly as you progress through the game. I kinda wish I could throw the 'bullet' a little bit further and the early difficulty was a little easier so I could feel the enemies ramp up in difficulty a bit more.

Had a lot of fun destroying everyone as a great eldritch horror. That art must have taken a while. RISE!!!

Visual and Sound Design are still super important to the overall design of your game! The overall design of your game would be worse if you just clicked on cubes and they disappeared. Feedback to the player is super important. But I feel you, I focused on  the visuals too!

It actually does do that. You can see the timer count up 5 seconds on each level clear as well as bonus points at the bottom. I should have made that more apparent though.

With yours I actually wanted to see a bit more unique design in player action and goals. There are a lot of games I played this week revolving around "One Shot" and retrieving it. In your case the axe. My favorite part of your game was the shield enemy because they felt like they were interacting with me in a unique way and challenging how I use the core mechanic of the game.  The more items in the world that make you rethink that core mechanic the better. Great game overall though!

I've been making games for a couple years now but this is my first project that I worked pretty much solo on.

I was actually worried about not giving enough visual feedback to the player, but maybe screen shake would have been too much. The maps are actually randomized.  I take a grid of numbers and randomly choose the next space for the path to follow until it reaches the other side. This actually leads to the possibility of earlier levels having the chance of being really difficult so I should have made it so that if the map exceeds a certain length it scraps the map and tries again.

Thank you for the feedback! Glad to hear you liked the game so much!

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Hey, we all send time rating each other's games but I think it's good to self evaluate a bit.  

If I were to rate my own game I'd give it 

Design: 3 Stars

Adherence to Theme: 5 Stars

Originality: 3 Stars

When I set out to make my game I didn't really have these in mind. I really just wanted to make a polished and complete game with a strong core mechanic. I'm really proud of my work on this game but after the fact I'm thinking there is so much more I could have done with my idea to evolve my core mechanic. 

I'll be rating games if y'all wanna send them in replies here, and here's mine:


(Let's not say what we rated each other, just constructive feedback please) 

I really enjoyed the orb control but you can just hold it directly in front of you. I think it'd be cool if the orb hits your shit you also blow up. Great start though good job!

This reminded me of Thomas Was Alone. The level design helped for incentivising character switches. Good job, game just felt a little slow.

Hey gamers, check out my game! Worked really hard on it and would love a bit of feedback

That was pretty crazy. I was not prepared for that music to start blasting. It was a lot of fun and pretty funny as well. Difficult too.

Oh I played this one earlier! Really enjoyed it despite the difficulty.  The visuals and juice was also just perfect on this game!

I really liked the Shield enemies. I think they really worked for getting me to rethink how I shoot at my targets.

On my second playthrough, I was able to get through the game without shooting anyone. Maybe a little more specific level design around objective you interact with would help. 

Heh, you think I won't? Well I'll show you!

Fr, love playing these games and hope y'all like mine too!

Reminds me of some old starcraft mods. Super cool and I could see this getting even more complex with time. I don't know how you made it so in depth in just 48 hours.