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Thanks for trying it out! Sorry you couldn't beat that one, it's definitely a bit too tough.

Really unique and fun way to do a reprogramming controls idea. I could definitely imagine some really challenging levels that you could do with this system. I agree with the other comment mentioning more feedback when you die, since it's not clear at first that you cannot walk into walls.

Very nice game

Love the music, and how polished and visually nice the game is, also platforming controls feel good and fluid. One thing that would be nice would be an automated level transition, so I don't have to click next level or press enter to move on to the next one (though that's a common suggestion, so I'm sure you know).

This is really cool, controls are nice and snappy, and seeing your tank become gigantic and overpowered is pretty satisfying as well.

I don't have much to add that hasn't been said already, though I think with the minimalist art style some color or potentially subtle textures on the surfaces of the game world would do a lot to improve the visuals (in my opinion).

Appreciate you trying it out. I think that's the hardest level, I wanted to use it to teach doing a longer jump (which turns out to be not exactly intuitive), but it's definitely a bit too difficult in its current state without any in game guidance.

Charming little game with a good difficulty curve, I wish it had more levels so I think it's great as a proof of concept. Small thing, but I think the hitting wall screen-shake is a bit excessive.

This a great entry. I didn't have any issues but wanted to add that I feel like it would make a great rhythm game (though you'd have to modify the formula a bit).

Really good, I definitely think there is more that could be done with this format but it'd be unreasonable to expect more in such a short time period of course. I liked the jumps where you had to swap mid-air. I think a little work on the way collisions work would make the platforming a bit more pleasant, such as how all vertical momentum seems to be killed when you collide with an obstacle. Also, really liked the decision to have the music kick in as you neared the end of the game, that was a nice touch.

Really great concept and very ambitious given the time frame. The main problem I was running into when getting thru the game was that the laser enemy would often shoot me thru the wall. I think a few small tweaks and additions would be great, one small idea would be to add some feedback for the high jump, such as a bar for charging or a sound ramping up to indicate that it's fully charged.

All in all great entry.

I'm on windows 10, it just didn't start when running the executable.

It's really fun once you get a feel for it. Of course as you already know audio/music would be amazing. I think what would help a lot is less boulders and more of some other kind of enemy type. For me I felt the optimal strategy was to build up speed strafe jumping, and If I did this correctly the boulders could be completely ignored. However, when moving slowly they are nearly impossible to avoid, so maybe an enemy that shoots slower moving projectiles to make circle strafing more difficult and less boulders to make some moments of respite a possibility (just my suggestion, I'm sure there are other ways to balance as well).

Also, I feel like a got a pretty good score so I want to show off :)

Thanks so much & thanks for playing!

The art style is really sweet, as is the general concept. I felt a little bit underwhelmed by the gameplay, though that might've been because it felt a little bit too easy. It could do with some beefier sound effects or additional visual feedback during combat to help sell that the player or enemy has been hit. I do think the concept has a lot of potential, maybe a roguelite game where you gather these parts to create different monsters with different abilities throughout a run.

This is such a cool idea, and very challenging. Definitely want to second the suggestion of in-level tutorial. I read some of the how-to, but decided to jump in and was confused for a while while I figured out what was going on.

Pretty sweet concept as well as art. Would be nice if the death-reset time was a bit quicker, if you're bad like I am.

Really cool game idea, last level was pretty tough.

Love the design for the game page but I couldn't get it to run for me :(

Nice theme and art style, one thing that could use some work is the camera, it seems to move a bit strangely at times.

I like the idea of building up this puzzle character as you play, pretty cool. I think an indicator that lets you know where the next piece is located would help a lot, since I found myself aimlessly wandering around searching.

Nice game, I enjoyed the challenge of the last bits, I got thru by not killing everybody which I thought was interesting. Only thing I'd change is the movement, acceleration feels a little bit low making it hard to dodge incoming projectiles.

Nice and polished game, isometric perspective was a bit confusing to control at first, but after a couple levels it was fine. Last level took me a while.

This is a pretty cool game to play around with, however completing the levels is a bit confusing. I was only able to beat the first one. One small thing that would be nice also would be a way to move the camera with arrow keys rather than edge of screen mouse.

Nice work, really polished look and feel. I liked how new mechanics were introduced in a fairly easy ways and then made more difficult in the following levels.

Art and design is great as other commenters have mentioned. Only thing I'd like to add is that speeding up camera movements would help a bit, I felt that at times the camera didn't keep up with the player.

Its amazing. Seriously impressive.

Only bug I found was if you really crowd the machines together, you can get a crash when you try to hook them up. I guess when you place them so that there is no room for a wire/pipe to exist?

I like it kinda like 2d screencheat. I think more visible/larger projectiles would be nice to better see where you're getting shot from.

Nice game, I agree with previous commenter, I think the spikes hitbox is a little hard to deal with as a player.

I like the concept, I might be dumb I couldn't figure out how to get past the fourth level. Great artwork too.

Its good I had fun and enjoyed the experience of an average day in this witch's life.

Pretty cool game, I liked the art.

Love the concept, I also felt that the shot not aiming directly at the cursor was a bit weird at first, but I got used to it. Would be really cool with other types of enemies as well.

My thoughts on the character controls: 

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, maybe just a personal preference, but I don't like how you slide off the side of ledges when you get too close to the edge. 

Also, when changing directions, if you don't let go of a key, you will keep your momentum in the other direction, but if you let go briefly before moving again, you instantly stop and can turn around faster.

I think that it should either carry the momentum always or break it always, since then it's consistent and easier to understand how your inputs will move the character.

I know those points are pretty nitpicky, and really there is no right or wrong way to do it, just however you think feels the best.

Overall, I thought the game was good looking, polished, and pretty fun. I liked the music, especially the track for the 'out of control' segments.

Those green sphere levels are really tough, I liked the challenge, nice work.

Pretty intense, especially when the ship decides to launch itself right into several asteroids and you just barely make it out. I agree with Alex an endless mode would've been pretty fun as well.

Visuals remind me of Return of the Obra Dinn, I like it! 

I agree that it's too easy, however I think that had I managed my time better it is still possible to create a challenge with the aimbot. The enemies would have to adapt. I had some ideas for this such as enemies that have shields and some other stuff, but I spent a little too much time on the base game and not enough on enemies and levels. 

Anyway thanks for playing!

Nicely done, love that the sounds for the notes seem to be in key with the music, I may have spent more time trying to create a melody than actually solving the puzzles.

Very good idea for this one and it plays perfectly.

This is pretty cool, I liked your writing style, makes me wish there was some calm sounding narrator to read it all, or at least the parts the player isn't supposed to read aloud. 

I spent a lot more time than I expected to on this before eventually cheating and fudging the numbers a little bit to get to page 25. 

Only thing I would potentially change is that maybe it could be more clear that the roll # is the page you go to? I know the instructions tell you to do exactly that but the only time some people roll dice are when playing board games where you move X number of spaces from the current position.