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My thoughts on the character controls: 

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, maybe just a personal preference, but I don't like how you slide off the side of ledges when you get too close to the edge. 

Also, when changing directions, if you don't let go of a key, you will keep your momentum in the other direction, but if you let go briefly before moving again, you instantly stop and can turn around faster.

I think that it should either carry the momentum always or break it always, since then it's consistent and easier to understand how your inputs will move the character.

I know those points are pretty nitpicky, and really there is no right or wrong way to do it, just however you think feels the best.

Overall, I thought the game was good looking, polished, and pretty fun. I liked the music, especially the track for the 'out of control' segments.

Those green sphere levels are really tough, I liked the challenge, nice work.

Pretty intense, especially when the ship decides to launch itself right into several asteroids and you just barely make it out. I agree with Alex an endless mode would've been pretty fun as well.

Visuals remind me of Return of the Obra Dinn, I like it! 

I agree that it's too easy, however I think that had I managed my time better it is still possible to create a challenge with the aimbot. The enemies would have to adapt. I had some ideas for this such as enemies that have shields and some other stuff, but I spent a little too much time on the base game and not enough on enemies and levels. 

Anyway thanks for playing!

Nicely done, love that the sounds for the notes seem to be in key with the music, I may have spent more time trying to create a melody than actually solving the puzzles.

Very good idea for this one and it plays perfectly.

This is pretty cool, I liked your writing style, makes me wish there was some calm sounding narrator to read it all, or at least the parts the player isn't supposed to read aloud. 

I spent a lot more time than I expected to on this before eventually cheating and fudging the numbers a little bit to get to page 25. 

Only thing I would potentially change is that maybe it could be more clear that the roll # is the page you go to? I know the instructions tell you to do exactly that but the only time some people roll dice are when playing board games where you move X number of spaces from the current position.

The song for this is great and I love how the speed/pitch changes as your charge runs out + the rate at which your direction changes.

in my game, there are doors that make a sound as they open. The doors are opened by specific light switches. I wrote a system for making the audio quieter as the distance to player increased. 

In one of the levels, the player activates a switch to open a door that’s pretty far away. I had an issue, though, the door was so far away that the the audio’s gain was 0. So, rather than fixing the audio system, I just placed another door in the level slightly offscreen so the sound would play from that door instead as it opens offscreen. Problem solved!


Hey just wanted to let you know I went ahead and uploaded the music :)

Thanks for playing! Sorry about that out of bounds bug on the last level there. And you were playing so well! 

The sign asking you to jump down was kinda stupid, I meant for it to be some random, ambiguous text but it made a lot of players jump into the spikes and that’s no fun. 

best personification of a non-human projectile:

My Big Shot

This game made me actually laugh out loud

Nice! :)

Art and programming was me, music and sounds were done by my brother (he’s not on itch)

Ah I missed that stream but figured he got around to it. Thanks for playing :)

Love the idea of each of these kids having their own traits to solve these puzzles. Lots of potential for more puzzles with this mechanic I think. I feel a bit bad though, are we leaving a bunch of kids behind, possessed by us?

I did run into a couple bugs while playing:

I was able to glitch thru walls sometimes, I accidentally skipped a level doing this (speedrun strategy, lol). Also, and this might be intentional, i'm not sure, but a lot of times when a kid holds down a button the door rapidly opens and closes, you can still get through though.

Either way, I like the game, pretty unique mechanic that allows for interesting puzzles!

I tried another run for fun on the current post jam version.  I like the laser guide, makes lining up cool shots easier. I did have the same difficulty issue, but you already know about that. It's really not a difficulty thing rather than a maximum difficulty thing. I can see how it's gonna be a challenge to get the balance of everything just right. I guess it all depends on if you want it to be possible to play forever with enough skill vs. rack up as much score as possible before your inevitable demise.

That was really f*cking funny! I thought the yelling was just a repeated sound effect but than I heard the breath and realized somebody actually had to make that sound. Great comedic value in this. Would assassinate Mona Lisa again.

IDK if this ruins the illusion, but there are 4 levels to the game music. The intensity increases based on how much time you spend in the dark!

Love the visuals and the lighting concept on this one. Flicking the light around on a controller is fun too. It is a bit confusing to figure out what to do, and after I died a few times I got stuck in the room with the statue. I couldn't get the doors to open. Either way, impressive for the 48hr jam :)

Really cool, takes a minute to figure out the controls, as an earlier comment said, but once you've got it you get into a really nice rhythm. Nice job!

Awesome game and awesome art! That robot stood no chance.

I feel like it does everything it wants to do quite well, no complaints here. Nice work!

Thanks! Once the rating period is over I'll post the music on this page if you or anybody else who sees this wants to download!

Cool little game, I'm pretty bad at it. Ran around collecting mana for the greatest swing of a sword seen thus far by mankind, and... I didn't hit anything with it, whoops. I still got to go to the second level :)

That was really well done. Great idea with the controls and a lot of fun!

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Heres my game! I look forward to some terrible fan art :) (bighead on discord)

Great concept with the color swapping. It's cool that even your own bullets remember which color they are! Pretty polished for a jam game, too. Nice work!

I'm impressed you can get 1500 score, that seems tough, but you did make the game. My best was 300ish. 

Thanks for playing, I'm gonna fix some of the annoyances shortly after the jam ends!

Sorry about that, I should've had the game double check that you wanted to quit before shutting itself down. I do think you were on the last level, that one has a bug where sometimes too many enemies spawn in the same spot and I believe that the vertical speed you gain from landing on one is additive so landing on the broken spawned stacked enemies launches you way too high into the air. That level definitely needs checkpoints as well. Thanks for playing and apologies about that last level, it was a bit rushed.

Kinda trippy and very unique puzzle game! I'm really bad at these, to be honest. But, I'm a fan of the music, sound effects and visuals. As for the game itself, I can't provide great feedback but it was fun figuring out some of these puzzles.

Glad you liked it & thanks for playing :)

Well done, love the effects and screenshake. It feels pretty polished.

It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but once I did I was able to survive for a little while and rack up a decent score. It has that 'one more try' feel especially since it's so easy to hop back into another attempt.

My only suggestion would be to make it so enemies wait a second to shoot once they've spawned. It feels a bit unfair when an enemy spawns and shoots me before I have time to react.

Really challenging, I like the idea of limiting a players vision but personally I don't think it is the best way to do it. I find myself spamming between visual and move really fast. Maybe if you can move whenever you want but as soon as you start moving your vision/sound goes away? 

There's definitely some potential here but I find it a bit tough to play.

I think there's a bit of juice here, but I also think it needs more. Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :)

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I don't know anything about dev blogs, what they are supposed to talk about, etc...

But, I wrote one anyway once I released the game talking about the mechanics I didn't have time to add!

Edit: I'm don't write much, so it's probably not super interesting

And the game:

Would love to hear your thoughts on my entry.  Thanks!

Well I'm just under 30, I'd love if you could take a look at mine!

I like this futuristic space suit guy with an axe strapped to his gun. I wonder how he decided on that strange mechanism as his weapon?