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I’m afraid not, the game won’t be going open source. If it’s the slice that you’re interested in, this asset looks decent (tho I haven’t tried it myself)

You simply need to try A Short Hike. I do believe it is a sin to not play it. This is one of those experiences I'll never forget.

I also really liked Jam and the Mystery of the Mysteriously Spooky Mansion (jeez, what a name...). It's a charming whodunnit, where you already know who did it.

You should also try Minit. This is the sort of game that I aspire to make myself, top quality stuff. There's a huge world with secrets and puzzles to solve, all oozing with charm.

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed! Your content is super funny, keep it up!

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You could try this solution

If that doesn't work, it may be a security issue (Mac isn't very trusting of non-appstore-apps), you could try this other solution. I promise there's nothing dangerous in the game!

Let me know if either of those work =)

Thank you, I’m aiming to develop it to completion! 

I wanna play, but my computer is in fact a potato. It gives up before I even have time to open the settings and set them to something playable. But that's more my fault than yours =P

Nice resource, thanks for sharing!

Hey dude, the jam's over, and you can do whatever you like with your game. The stuff in this post no longer applies, you can add your builds back at any time.

Awesome, thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!

Introducing Hole Punch, an action platformer where you can cut up the environment by dashing through it!

If you play it on Youtube, please let me know, I'd love to watch! =)

Hey, I’m glad you enjoyed! I have no experience with modding either so I can’t make any recommendations other than googling it (the game runs in Unity, you’ll want tools for modding unity games). I don’t have any plans to make a level editor, the levels are a bit too complex. But I am certainly working on making more levels and mechanics, stay tuned! 

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=) Yes it was, it's awesome that people recognise my game! 

This is Hole Punch, a minimalist, actiony game where you use your dash to break the environment.  I'm working on making it into a full game, I hope you enjoy!

Outer Wilds is easily my favourite game, it’s the sort of experience that I will remember for my entire life. It’s a tough game to put into words; it’s an adventure but it’s also so much more than that. It is a true experience, and I value my time in that game just as much (if not more) than real experiences travelling overseas. It’s simultaneously cozy and cosmically terrifying, a journey filled with highs and lows.

I can not recommend Outer Wilds enough, you should absolutely try it!

Awesome game, I can't put into words how cool those bosses were. There was so many phases and cool attacks, it was definitely the most fun aspect of the game. I really like that you added an extra area, and I like the new enemies and powers that camer with that. The charge and dash were both neat additions. Like I said on Discord though, the new areas were a bit confusing, it wasn't obvious that you could interact with the console or with the purple walls. I really like the difficulty of the game, particularly in the bosses, I just wish you could skip the cutscenes before the mother auxilia fight, it took at least 10 attempts to beat and the 30 second wait before the fight got old. 

The graphics were also a huge improvement, I like the character and enemy animations alot! I like the detail in the main character (who was named Agent?!), including the animation for when they saved. The environment art was a step up, but the average scene was a bit repetetive with the same square tiles used over and over. I did really like the opening scene, with the bunker looking area into the mystery halls, that really set the location in my mind. And I like the details with the occasional flowers, some more details like this may help the locations be more memorable. The portrait art was well made and I like the inclusion of a story!

Overall the game was really fun, I didn't expect there to be this much new content in the update! I was genuinely surprised when the computer broke the floor in the mystery hall and plunged me into an all new area, and I love the extra mobility that the powerups gave. It was fun to double jump over dudes to take them out and the dash was neat too. Kinda weird that the jam doesn't have a 'fun' rating, cos I'd give you an easy 5/5 for that. Good job team!

Thanks for the feedback! Great to hear that you liked it!

Hey, I already mentioned this on LD, but for anyone else stuck like this, you can press down to fall through your vines. It should be impossible to get stuck!

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Awesome game, I love the crunchiness!

Oooo, nice run! I'd love to see this screenshot, it's so cool that you've taken the time to run the game! The last number on the time is the decimal of the seconds, I believe it is formatted as 2:10.62, but correct me if I'm wrong.

yeah that’s fine, ya found an Easter egg

Sorry what’s the question?

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You've done a great job polishing the game, it's improved a lot since I last saw it. I had a few issues, including the lack of any indicator of where you are selected making it hard to set up what you want. It would also be nice if there was indicators for some of the bonus effects, like the range of the radio tower. Speaking of, I find it weird that the radio tower can lower your people per second. It makes sense for radio towers to be less efficient when near other towers, but putting two side by side shouldn't make people leave your town. I'd also suggest opening the help menu by default when you start the game, it would help for newbies like me who didn't realise that the valuable information existed. Also this is a super small thing, but I'd appreciate the option to full screen the game; my screen is pretty tiny and I had to zoom right out to be able to play. 

I really like the graphics of the game, super clean, with nice low poly 3D art. Nice job squeezing in the main menu too, I wish I could build a town that big (but I'd rather not wait that long). Overall a great game, I got stuck the first time around due to the radio towers, but on my second attempt I got up to 86 people / second. Good job!

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Cute little game, but it was a bit slow. There wasn't really much to do between waiting, and whilst the graphics were nice to just look at, I did wish there was something to do whilst waiting. Kinda like how cookie clicker lets you click during down time. I really love the physics of the houses, and the different particles that play. I didn't realise that you had a character or that you could move until I read the comments, so I found myself out of land until I figured that out (might want to tutorialise?) Overall, I really like the game (the graphics are totally five star), it just needed some more stuff to do, particularly at the start when you had just one building that slowly paid $4.

I now realise that I'm a blind idiot who can't read the game page to learn the basic instructions... Sorry bout that

Cute little game, I love the concept, but the gameplay felt a bit rough at times. You couldn't place the shields above or below you, and you could only have three shields out at a time. A lot of obstacles (particularly spikes) could be navigated without even using the shield, and on the first level I didn't use the shield at all. Since I had so much health, and the enemy died in one hit, I ended up just tanking alot of hits to get to the end, which does work with the funny concept of saving the enemies, but didn't make for particularly interesting gameplay. Perhaps the player could have less health to force you to play around with the shields some more? 

I still quite like the game, particularly because of its smart role reversal and nice pixel art. After completing it all, I actually went back and tried completing the levels without taking damage, the first two levels were achievable, but the last one had a small goal area, and you had to take a hit as the enemy passed the finish. This was much more fun to complete, it was a greater challenge (but still achievable) and I needed to move fast to get it done right! It also did a better job selling the theme of the game, my life was on the line, and when I finally got that ungrateful enemy to the end, I could rest satisfied. So overall I had fun with the game, I just think the design could have been a bit more fleshed out.

Hot damn I love the sounds of those ships buzzing by! My main issue was that I could never tell what height the ships were going to attack from, they seemed to follow a winding path, which made it hard to know whether you were safe or not. Perhaps they could always attack at the same height, or maybe show some sort of indicator of their approaching flight path? Another thing that got me was the double jump, I didn't realise I had it until I arrived at a point that required it. That's not a big deal tho, I figured it out reasonably quick. Overall the game was pretty neat, it controlled well, and I'm a big fan of the way you've made the sounds feel alive and 3D!

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*** SPOILERS ***

Wow this game is cool! It took a few minutes to figure out that the rain was acidic, and it was confusing how everything at the start changed to a red dot, but couldn't be interacted with (cos they had no power). I was a bit lost, but I eventually found the generator room and colour code. I really love the design of the bridge, how it blocked access to one puzzle and provided a way across that turned out to be bait. It was a bit of a tease really, I was excited to explore the other island, but the stupid rain wouldn't let me (nice design!) I was really looking forward to finding out about this second island, but that was a bit of a let down, as there wasn't really anything there, just the button to finish. Then once the acid rain had stopped, I wasn't even allowed to do a victory lap across the bridge, which would have been some nice catharsis after my previous attempt to cross the bridge. Overall, it was a really great game, I could only wish for more puzzles and some clearer direction. 

P.S. I really love what ya did with the thumbnail, awesome stuff!

Thank you, I’ll be sure to keep working on it!

Really cool game! I love the ragdoll, and it's cool how the black hole can consume their arms and legs, but the astronaut is still fine. One thing to be careful of tho is safe spots, as you can actually hold the mouse in the top right corner of the screen and survive forever. This is obviously a boring way to play, so it's important that you design the stage to avoid safe spots. Perhaps make it so that obstacles can spawn slightly off the edge of the screen to eliminate this strategy? 

Otherwise the game was pretty well done, I like the art, and can only wish for sounds and music. I love the screen shake, it was a nice bit of polish that made it all feel a bit more alive. So good job with the game, and especially the art; you deserve a lot more ratings than you've got but at least you reached the 20 ratings mark. Glad I got to play your game =)

Awesome game, I frickin love the animations on the character, I'd guess they took a good day or two. I love how their hat bobs up and down, and how the attack animation has variants for up and down. Speaking of the attack anim, I simply love how it looks, just the sharp and snappy slam into the ground, with the dust effect in the ground, it's just a really good effect. My main criticism towards the game is the varying pixel size, as the player character seems scaled up from everything else. In general, pixel art looks better when every pixel is the same size, and scaling up the player character looked a bit weird. I experienced the same bug as the guy below, as well as a bug that gave me infinite score; the carrots were all gone but the game kept going, allowing me to rack up as much score as I needed. 

Overall, the game was tough, but I think that made it more fun, as runs were quick, and constant strategy was required. I quite like the premise, and wish I could play the other maps (which are bugged for me). Great job with your game, it's seriously underrated, but I'm proud to provide the 20th rating =)

Hey, good job making this in a day, pretty impressive! I wasn't quite sure what the point of the two holes were, I saw that the black hole kills you and white hole takes you to next level, but what was the point of the black hole appearing? I also wish that the holes would appear immediately after you collect the orb, so as to avoid waiting. I also wish for more levels, perhaps to test you skills with the timer mechanic, so that you had to actually go fast to get to the orb.

Otherwise tho, the game was really solid, and I really like the art (even if they're assets). It's hard to comment on the design when there's so few levels, but I feel like you have enough mechanics to expand and make interesting levels. The character felt pretty smooth to control, and had the perfect amount of momentum to not be frustrating, but also look correct (and not game-y). So congrats for submitting a game, and I'm proud to provide your 20th rating!

Really great job on this game! The gameplay is super addicting, and it feels great to be big, and so painful to finally get eaten. The momentum on the bigger things felt pretty crazy tho. To get the smaller things, you simply need to accelerate to max speed, but then you run the risk of getting near something big and having no time to react. Perhaps instead of reducing the momentum, you could increase the field of view, so even tho you are slower to decelerate, you've got more time to react? 

Overall, the game is really cool, I just wish I could get higher than 40... Felt pretty good getting to that big, but I still couldn't take out any of the black holes, which was kinda sad. Random thought, but I wonder how the game would play if the planets had gravity, with bigger planets having stronger gravity? I'm glad to have found this before the end of the jam, and am proud to provide you with your (well deserved) 20th rating!

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I really liked this game, and I am proud to provide the 20th rate =)

My main problem with the game was that things were very unreliable. Turrets had quite a bit of spread, and didn't aim perfectly at you (dunno why, but I exploited that to easily beat the boss). Another unreliable thing was boxes, sometimes they'd swivel and rotate and other times they'd behave as expected. Consider locking the rotation of the boxes, or perhaps forcing them to move in a grid. Objects also shouldn't be able to come off of the ground. If you shot a box, it could (sometimes) go up a bit and hit elevated turrets. The isometric view was occasionally annoying but for the most part made for interesting limitations, since you couldn't shoot diagonally. 

Overall, the game was really good, if only it were to be more reliable, you could create some awesome puzzles. At the moment, the puzzles feel a tad janky, because the pieces don't always do what you want them to. The art was amazing, and I think the game's thumbnail severely undersells how cool this game is (likely a reason why you've got so few ratings). Congrats on your game, I wish that more people would play it!

The artwork is absolutely awesome, I love the low poly style! The game was quite hard though, mostly because of the 3D perspective of it all. It was very hard to correctly line it up, particularly the holes on the edges of the screen. Perhaps the camera could have moved to stay behind the finger, so that you could clearly tell what lined up? Or maybe show the shadow of your finger directly under it so that you can judge it's position in 3D space?

The game looks really cool, but I couldn't get far, partially because of the perspective, but also cos I'm not sure what to do when there's two holes at once. I'm seriously impressed that you could make what you have in a day, I would've loved to see what you could have done with the full week!

Seriously good job with this game! It feels so polished, from the lighting effects that change as you take damage to the particles of the enemies and the spoopy atmosphere. Love the quiet howling of wind, and the pixel art is very nice. I seriously don't know how you made that in three hours, it's all so polished, congratulations!

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Hey, neat little game, congrats on making a functioning random dungeon generator! Like others have said, the enemies are a bit repetitive and aren't particularly interesting (perhaps they could shoot projectiles or move in some interesting way?) Shame that I couldn't seem the boss or ending...

As for other feedback, I'd say that the fire rate was a bit slow, especially since each enemy took two hits to kill. Also, the way the camera lagged behind the player made it hard to see what was ahead of you. The rooms could have been a bit more interesting, perhaps there could be some traps or hazards, or maybe different rooms could be different shapes? If there was to be more variation, you could make bigger, more interesting dungeons that could be fun for even longer!

So good job with your game, I particularly liked the animations of the player and the different particles used for hitting enemies. I'd say that with a bit more variety, this could be a really cool dungeon crawler!

Was just thinking about my final remark of 'this could be a really great dungeon crawler', and I just want to add that if you do develop this further, see if you can find ways to innovate. The dungeon crawler genre / roguelite has been done a lot, so perhaps try finding interesting mechanics to differentiate yourself from others, whether that be an interesting way to attack enemies, interesting bosses, traps or anything else that can freshen the genre. imo, the best way to engage players is with fresh and interesting gameplay, so please keep experimenting!

Hey, pretty cool game! The camera was a bit of a pain, how it would quickly move all over the place while you move. It was jarring and made it hard to position the ship relative to the obstacles. There was also those invisible walls, which felt pretty arbitrary and had no indication. Perhaps there could be some obstacle there to indicate the wall, or maybe just allow you to move as far as you like. The game was fun overall, and even tho there wasn't much variation, it was interesting weaving around the place and shooting the rocks! Good Job!


Wait a min, I just posted that same game above! This game is awesome tho, definitely deserves the double post!

Here's a must play game

It's a rocket builder sim, then once built, you need to fly the ship into a worm hole minigame. There's some serious effort put into this game, the graphics are great, there's a cast of unique employees to hire and a heap of parts that change how your ship behaves in the worm hole minigame. Seriously cool game, definitely worth your time. 

Wow my dude, great heckin job on your game! It's seriously cool, it took a few tries, but I managed to escape the wormhole. It could have been a bit more polished, there was a few minor things like the lightning not having a clear hitbox (the hitbox was bigger than it looked) and assigning dudes to work was sometimes a bit finnicky. I also wish there was a fast forward button; the game was sometimes a tad slow. 

Overall, the game was incredibly good, and I'm impressed that you had the time to make the rocket building, employee management and wormhole minigame all in the time of the jam. I liked the different particles, and the details like each of the construction projects having a different lift / ladder. Loved the animations of the employees, and how each one looked different. Loved their names and traits, and it was interesting finding the right balance of spending on employees and parts. Serious congratulations are in order for your work on this game, it's just unfortunate how few ratings you've gotten. I'll do my best to spruik for you, but regardless of rating, be proud of the awesome game you've made!

Here's another deserving game, hopefully it can get a few more ratings before the end of the jam!

It's kinda like super hexagon, but instead it's an infinite runner. There's a lot of good design in here, and variations in the generation kept it fresh for quite a while.