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yeah brute forcing would take a while, I'll never find the true best solution. But I've got a pretty good one that visits only 182 unique words to go via the 105 picture words (so it only touches 77 non-picture words), it uses a lot of undos which don't require you to visit any new words

wow it looks amazing! the mood is great and I love the depth of field effect, top tier art!

hehe it's possible to get softlocked in this room when you don't yet have the double jump. You can get here by in the room before the double jump power, falling down then air jumping right, down the pit above me =P

Awesome game, I came back to see what I could break and welp there it is! My one disappointment was reaching the ship and automatically winning before I'd collected everything

you beat me to it! I've got a python script in the works to calculate the smallest possible winning path that goes via all picture words

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Ayoooo I got it! 100% baybeee

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oh damn you can try downloading the game, sometimes browsers tank the performance of web games. Alternatively playing on Firefox tends to have best browser performance

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Awesome awesome little game, me and my little blushy boy got all(?) twelve things. I tried looking for the secret costume, but there's so many spots it could be hiding (do you need a specific costume, or is it related to the white flowers, or perhaps a riddle in the very fancily worded plaques). I'd love even just a hint on this

Really fun game, though I got into a bit of a bind. When I got the left laser, I went crazy and destroyed every wall in the room you collect the laser from. And I noticed a shortcut to the right, and knew I had to open it by coming in from the right, which I tried doing. BUT there was a secret trap that I didn't see coming. When going left into the room from the right, I stepped on the right peashooter weapon... I completely forgot that was there and was just focused on opening that shortcut... But I didn't open it, and now I've lost the laser. I tried getting back to the laser, but uh oh, I destroyed every solid block... Which kinda sounds good, but with the absolute barrage of enemies and projectiles in that room, there's now almost no cover at all. So I don't think it's really possible for me to get that laser back, oops

This is probably a totally dum mistake on my behalf, but is quite frustrating and I'm pretty sure unintended, so just wanted to report it. Despite that, I really really enjoyed the game, getting revenge with the laser is awesome!

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Damn I came back to this and finally beat it, including all of the secret levels! That default control scheme is so hard, I'm just lucky I found the alt control scheme on your LD page which is so much more comfortable. Awesome game, haunting soundtrack

and I'm so thankful that you make such amazing music open for anyone to use, thank you!

Thanks for this amazing asset, I’m using Forward in my latest game, Deliver to Whence you Came!

Amazing game, the feeling of finishing a level was great. I love the strategic element of fully grown crystals no longer being attacked, it really incentivised focusing on a particular plant and defending the others. But then the level layouts come in and dismantle that plan, really top notch stuff, I had to adapt on the fly. Brilliant design!

Amazing game, so polished! But wait what, you tagged the game as relaxing?!!?!

absolutely incredible game, wow! Found the secret room... but now what?! There's surely something here like come on, those 4 long shapes (like all the critters paths) + the flowers make hearts when touched (also like critters). I've tried everything, am almost certain that there's still something hidden here... A real mystery!

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I can personally assure you the QR codes in the game are all raw text (no links), and are perfectly safe. If you’re concerned, there is a gameplay video commented below with the QR codes scanned. Or you can of course not play =)

Not anything built into the game, tho you could set this tab’s volume if in browser

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Awesome game! Very nice puzzle tho I wish the obstacles showed their levels, I often didn't know their strength so miscalculated how strong a particular tile must be. Also was there any reason not to dash? I tended to dash around everywhere which was fun but could've maybe been more thinky

To get there, you'll need to go from a room with a name starting with 3:<something>. Not spoiling the exact room, but blink around and you'll find a place you haven't beaten yet!

Thanks so much for playing! I just wish apple’s camera app wasn’t so bad at scanning QR codes… But you did great solving all those puzzles!

Awesome! Thanks for creating a leaderboard, I'm excited to see the times people come up with!

Thanks, fixed that transition!

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Look for a hell area you haven't entered, with similar particles at the entrance to the one you're familiar with.

Very glad you enjoyed and well done beating the learning curve!

You’ll need to visit the forge in the mountains with the seven fragments to make the full crown!

Ability to clear the canvas! Start from scratch without reloading the game!

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Favourite fruit made into a character... ur art is better than mine =P

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Wow those two new chapters were awesome! I particularly loved chapter V, it's my favourite one yet so many fun minigames!

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It's episode 2! The update adds chapters IV and V

Gah that was really scary, ummm I may have... welll you know... chickened out? Like the demon dudes spawned in the maze then I just noped my way out, I was not expecting it to suddenly get so terrifying.

Buuut what I did play through was neat! When I first entered the maze, I missed the book that gave you the map, tho fortunately happened to loop back round. Then those danger signs all over the place was uh... concerning, I certainly was looking over my shoulder after that. I was a bit stuck on the code for a while but figured it out eventually. And I really appreciate the settings, funny that the audio is off by default, but the one setting I wish you had was brightness, though maybe that's a bit backwards for a horror game. 

It was an interesting experience though, the different story elements were intriguing and the polish on menus + loading screens was impressive. Whilst the spooks weren't for me, you definitely did a good job on the horror aspect!

Wow that was amazing when the moon eclipsed the sun! Like everyone is saying, the graphics are amazing. Gameplay wise though, I felt tutorialisation and indicators were a bit lacking. Like on my first run, I flew away from earth oblivious to what I had to do, then couldn't find my way back to the earth, there's no indicator pointing you in the right direction just a big expanse. And whilst I now see you can only have one upgrade at a time, I felt very ripped off after buying more and seeing I could only use one. Also with the missiles, after buying them I was firing them like crazy to play around with this new weapon... But then I ran out of ammo... And I hadn't even started the round yet... And it costed 1000 just to replace that ammo... I wish ammo restocked between rounds, even if it just restocked a few, because if I'd known about the limited ammo + pay to restock, I wouldn't even have bought that weapon, it seems like a bad investment where every shot is costing money. Idk tho, maybe it's a great weapon, but in my monkey brain paying to maintain a weapon is worse than paying to get new turrets on earth that I keep forever. I think you should at least not drain ammo during the prep phase, give players a chance to know the weapon without costing them.

I still quite enjoyed the game, though I don't think I got far, my gear was just too far behind cos of all the wasted money. The graphics were absolutely the highlight, and it is very impressive all the things you've made for the game in so little time!

oooo nice little horror game! I was so sure that I'd see the guy looking in through the many windows and even though that didn't happen I was still very anxious about it. ALSO THOSE DOORS! Somehow the most scary part, I'd be running around and see a door moving, then be unsure whether that was me or if they were already in the house... And whilst there wasn't much audio, I certainly snapped to attention when there was. 

P.S. I ran into a bug on my first playthrough where I was doing the list in reverse order (for some reason) and I couldn't complete the water plants task, I got the dialogue for having watered them all and to put away the cup, but that cup was glued to my fingers, could not put it back. Doing the list in the right order on second playthrough worked though!

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This game was so dang good, I really want more. After winning I kept playing for a while hoping to get a ridiculous amount of stuff and make a pyramid of victory rocks, but I was sad to see that the respawn rate of materials doesn't speed up. So I had 20 guys in my workforce, but only a few were doing anything cos there was no work to be done... I love the little ducks and I feel really bad hurting them, like look at this little pair of hensons... ummm... oh.......


The vibe was just so nice, and in a sea of really difficult games this jam, it was nice to just destress, thanks for making this game!

EDIT: OH I get it, they're chickens! Which is why you named them henson, nice!

This house is super duper impressive, though I get the feeling it was entirely premade assets? With all the detail in the environment though, I noticed a lot of artifacts from the textures being too HD, like if you stand still, the camera bobs subtly and causes all the textures to shimmer. I believe enabling mipmaps would've helped with this, so that surfaces that are further away / viewed at an angle have less detail. Also on graphics, enabling screen space ambient occlusion would've helped bring all the assets together. 

On the gameplay though, I had no issue figuring out what you had to do, each of the items had a clear purpose which was easy to intuit. I did feel like there could more threat, as it was, I didn't know how much time I had because it wasn't clear what time causes failure. Midnight I suppose? I initially skipped over a lot of books because the timer didn't pause, and I was initially concerned about time, but I later came back to them. From reading the books I had expected different types of ghosts that would have different signs for you to look out for, but I like that you kept it simple for the jam!

Neat little game that was fun to learn, it'd be really interesting having more scenarios with different ghosts and new tools to learn on the job!

hey Henrique, I’m actually quite excited to try yours it looks like an interesting premise! I’ll try it in a few hours when I get home, and if you could also play mine that’d be great!

Others mention issues with the difficulty, but I didn't have too big of an issue with that. I suspect they took on too many cats at a time and got overwhelmed, perhaps you could do something to avoid over-adoption. Like perhaps each cat could cost $10 to adopt, so if you tried getting too many you'd run out of money and need to wait before adopting more. Or maybe you could only have only a few cats in the street which gradually replenish. Another issue could be that they didn't know what clicking on the cats was doing. The game asks you to click on the cat again to confirm, but it's not clear what you're confirming. If you were clearer with this, then the risks of over adoption might have been more obvious. Perhaps after confirming, some text could've appeared to say "adopted", and maybe it could show you how many cats you already have.

Otherwise though, a cute little game. I like that there is an ending, though towards the end was a bit slow as I had just a few cats that were waiting for spca. What does that stand for by the way? Did you make some funny acronym for that or just a random substitute for rspca? 

Awesome little game, and wow the effort that has gone into this is just off the charts! The environments are impressive, and I like the little mini challenges like jumping on pillars or going through a maze. It didn't have any complicated mechanic, but I like that, it was effective. I appreciate the button in pause menu to restart (and the fact you had a pause / menu at all is wow), but I also wish you had a return to checkpoint button, because twice I got stuck in weird geometry and had to go back to the start. I also found the second level really hard to traverse, one time I accidentally fell back into an old area and had to redo stuff, and I had difficulty remembering where I had and hadn't been based off the fixed perspective. I also feel like it'd be really easy to miss one of the bugs in that level and have no idea where they are, I fortunately found them all though. 

Still though despite those few minor things I really enjoyed this! Brilliant art and the music fit really well too. The menus were super clean and having settings earns you another wow point! What's the count there, like five wows? I had to delete a few from this comment to avoid saying the same thing over and over but yeah, wow!

Wow this mechanic is super smart, very well done! I wish the music didn't restart each time I died, though it was kinda cool surviving for longer and hearing more of the music. I just really love this mechanic, and you did a great job exploring the consequences of it. The size of the flashlight was perfect, you'd snag a projectile, then walk forward and because of the narrowing beam, no longer be slowing it (then probably die). Very simple idea but with great execution!

If you could give mine a try that’d be swell and congrats on getting to 20 yourself!

Nice game! I like how the letters on the edge were a bit lower than the middle ones so you needed to adjust your timings for them. I also had trouble figuring out what to do, I noticed you could spawn the guys, and I tried clicking on the letters, but nothing happened, I tried clicking slightly above, but I guess I didn't click high enough. The guide sorted it out tho. Perhaps there could be a red zone around the letters to let you know you can't click there, or maybe the cursor could change when hovering over letters to let you know clicking there won't work. I also didn't realise I had to use space until reading the guide. You could try making the simulation auto-start when you run out of time, you could also make a separate effect for when you're running the simulation, like the background could get a bit darker or maybe you could lower the pitch of the music. Also having ui indicating that space is useful ingame could help. 

But once I got past that learning hurdle, the game was great! Interesting little puzzle / speedgame, I've never seen anything like this, I was actually hoping for more. With all the wind in the background, maybe you could've also introduced a wind effect that pushes the tape recorders, then you'd need to compensate for that when placing guys. But even as is, I really enjoyed your game, great job!