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Hey radHABiT, voting’s over, could you please release results

Hey, that was actually really cool. It took a while to figure out what to do, but when I did, it all made sense. I liked the complexity of the tree's life cycle, and how things could be dragged around the scene. It would have been cool if these dragged objects were affected by gravity and physics, but otherwise, awesome stuff. 

p.s. I may have overpopulated the planet with trees, it's a bit of a mess on my island.

Oh and one other thing, please don't give an installer. A simple zipped version of the unity build is so much nicer, and saves us from worrying about the (potentially) sketchy things an installer could be installing.

Haha that was great! I loved the little cutscene at the end, really good! I was also super impressed by the health bar, with the animated fire icon that changed based off the health, super cool. I didn't really like the snowball projectiles though, because they moved so fast, that you only saw them for a few frames. I barely even realised I was being hit by them. I liked the multiple levels, and the sound effects created great atmosphere. Overall, a really quality production for two weeks.

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Hey, thanks for checking mine and thanks for your suggestion too!

I really appreciate the name of the bank. 

Awesome game. The running was a bit of a pain until I realised that you could just press k and l at the same time without punishment. Not sure if it was intended, but it sure made the run a whole heap more comfortable. I really enjoyed John's derpy run cycle, good stuff. 

The game looks amazing! Good job on that part. The wind spell really didn't want to cast with a mouse though and glitched like mad. After the temple, I also managed to soft lock myself by standing in the interaction range of two npcs at once. When I talked to them, the game broke, and now I can't move.  Was a great experience, until the whole soft lock thing. 

I (think) I finished the demo, but there's a heap of stuff in the screenshots that I really wanna see! Looking forward to future updates.

This was actually really fun, and I was super excited when I realised the generation was random!

Sorry to report this, but my antivirus ate up the game, and doesn't wanna give it back. A web build would be very useful.

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This is probably the strangest thing I'll ask for from a game; I wish there were instant death pits. There were quite a few points that there was such pits, but they were set up as cacti that slowed you down to the point of guaranteed death. This took a while tho, and I kinda wish your death pits would just get it over with and kill me quicker. I actually really enjoyed the game tho, and tried to play a second time with no ice (what's the point of ice?), and was kinda sad that a no ice run is impossible. Just a weird habit of mine to stretch games to their limits. As a heads up, in ur screenshots, there's like an ice bar at the bottom, but I don't see that, and I can win the level with only one ice, which was forced >=(

Still tho, very fun, and I came back for a second challenge run as proof of that. Great stuff!

Thanks for your kind feedback. I completely overprojected, and made a story for three levels, and only had time to make the first level. I'll be sure to work on this in the future, be sure to follow my itch account to see any future updates.

I wasn't overly sure what to do, but the robot things were seriously cool. They did feel kinda dumb though. They mostly stayed in place, and when they saw you, it was easy to escape without dying. You were often able to walk right up behind them without issue... Other than that, the red light was really cool in the dark!

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Ah, that’s a quick little puzzle. Play around with it for a bit and it’ll make sense. You can interact with the table in the room with the impassable vine. If you could burn the vine...

Input.GetJoystickNames().Length > 0 will return true if there is a joystick present, and hence a controller plugged in

Hey radHABiT, can you check discord again? I've pm-ed a q and there are people who have contributed to games and can't vote.

Great, I'm glad you loved it! Those scenes were very time consuming, and each had to be separately designed and made interactive. But I'll be sure to use them again in future levels. Thanks for the feedback!

It was less bad rng, and simply the fact that all of the other cards in the deck had been used. The only thing that keeps the deck restocked is the rain and heatwave cards, so by the end of the run, these were the ONLY cards left in the deck. There needed to be more cards that were re-added because the variation in the cards decreased over time, until there were no special cards.

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Hey, so a controller isn't necessary, the game is supposed to detect if you have a controller plugged in, and recommend different controls if you do. Was there a controller plugged in, or is this feature bugged? The pause and spray being same button is super curious, and I'll get back to you on that one. Thanks for playing, and sorry for the issues!

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Fire Call is a short and sweet adventure game, where you must complete quests then save a cast of eccentric characters. Their estate is burning down, but never mind, you and your infinitely stretchy arms are there to save them! I would love for you to try it out below, and I hope you enjoy!

I'm looking to expand the game, and I've got a heap of ideas for the future of the story, but what I've got currently took two weeks of solid work to complete, so lets just say it wasn't a small endeavour. So if you like it, please leave support for the game, and share any ideas you have for its future, I'd love to hear!

Cool, thanks for the feedback and bug report! I’m just glad it wasn’t anything more major. Cheers!

The moving summer was a cool effect! I liked how there were different sounds playing depending on the season you were in. The physics felt a bit janky, but other than that awesome creation! 

I cannot express how grateful I am for a celcius mode. Without it I would have been silently screaming the whole time. I liked how the scene changed slightly with the different temperatudes, and the little bubbles to represent actions, all just well made. Good job!

I got strangely into that. The music was killer, and the strategy was neat, but I had so much time at the end, so there wasn't really much reason to be frugal. I survived, but then on a second attempt (looking for the ladder that I still haven't found), noticed a single lone star in the sky and decided to follow it... For a long time. Not a particularly fruitful trek, but whatevs. 

It would have been cool if there was more actions to complete, and a kinda tight timer. It also would have been cool if you could see the monster in game, and feel the nerves as you're not sure if it will make it in time. Also, you mentioned in the game desc that the monster's weakness is heat, but I didn't see anything bout that in game, maybe a missed opportunity that you've gotta learn about the monster and maybe light a heap of fires to protect yourself? Cool stuff, would love to see that expanded on

Woah, super cool intro scene. So many complex frames, great job. That would have easily taken me a week... The gameplay was pretty cool, but I didn't find myself using any of the special controls, other than f to open doors. Would've been cool if the crouch and push controls were somehow more useful. I found the best strat was to just run in, spam shoot and kill everyone, it might have been more interesting if the optimal strategy was to wait, plan and strategise, rather than just blind shooting?

Oh whoops, the secret's sprung!

I would ask for a spoiler, I really wanna know whodunnit, but kinda breaks the point of a whodunnit game, eh?

>Took longer than planned to select tracks.

My gosh, just be humble and accept the damn complement. Sheesh, people these days... =P

Neat little platformer! The sprites and animations all felt super crisp, so great job with that!

I've played it through three times, and still no clue who the killer is. Every new playthrough though, I was surprised by the depth of the storytelling. The first time I completely forgot about the smell, but using this opened the case up like crazy, which was very neat. Good job! 

That art is so neat and cartoony, lovely work on that! Not gonna lie though, all of the different interactions with people were hard to grasp, and the wall of text tutorial was kinda daunting, but once that was out of the way, I was able to keep everyone alive for a few minutes.

The graphics are mind boggling, I wish I knew how to get that high fidelity feel. All the particles and details everywhere, coupled with the shear scale of the levels. Wow. I also loved the sound of the big red thumpers, they're rumble was so cool.

Awesome submission Galo! The mechanics felt really fleshed out, and even squeezing in a boss battle was neat. I found it weird that you could instantly get to the boss by going in the house, and to the top, but otherwise an awesome experience!

I love how everything bobbed around to the music, a very cute effect! Great job with the length too, the number of bosses and levels was very surprising!

Awesome content. There was a few levels that I'm pretty sure I cheesed, but maybe that was just part of the fun?

Fun card game, but by the end of the run, the only new cards that were added were the rain and heatwave cards. At one point I drew six rains in a row... I managed to score 50 on my first run.

That was an awesome little tower defense! I know you've already got so many suggestions below, but I couldn't help adding my own; what if your technologies also caused global warming, and you had to balance using the tech to protect from heatwaves, but also minimise emissions to keep yourself cool.

Touch screen for the win! I'm pretty sure though that at the end of each wave, an enemy went invisible and pinched a life, because I was losing life without reason. Nice creation!

The game looks great, but I really couldn't figure out what to do. Could you please provide a more in depth description on the game page, because I couldn't figure out the goal or what the different bars and collectables meant.