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Hey, so that sensitivity problem is a hardware thing, out of my control unfortunately. If that’s happening, I believe your mouse has a dpi adjustment that you could set to a more appropriate sensitivity. 

And about that level, you can trigger some of the buttons using the top ball, which gives you time to reach the win button.

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Hey, I'm sorry but that is a bug. I'm not sure what's causing this issue, and I'm not even sure how to reproduce it. For me (and I hope most other players??) it is just the regular sensitivity of the computer... Sorry bout this!

EDIT: thanks for chatting on discord, for future players, it seems to be a hardware issue from your mouse having a custom sensitivity / dpi control, which messes with the game. 

Hey matey, neat little game! I really love the story, and the monster death got me good. The only technical feedback I have is that it was a bit confusing whether you clicked you then the box, or box then you to join stuff. Furthermore, I think this could be a single click, like you click the box, then there's only one character you can click next (depending on whether object is in reality or dream world) so maybe just skip that step to make it simpler? 

And getting critical here, I feel like the mechanics could have been deeper, like at the end where you swap to monster, that really only increased the jump height, a very binary thing, why wouldn't you swap to monster? There could be some consequences of each character. And with the coop stuff at the start, it somehow didn't feel coop. Like they were pulling levers for each other, but the characters could probably interact more? Like when the two were joined, I'd guessed I could make one of them float by standing on ground with the other, possibly allowing them to do puzzly things. And this builds upon the connection mechanic, adding some nuance of of how far apart do you want the objects, and how to position them? So I just think the mechanics could've been deeper for more puzzly moments.

Anyways, really nice game, particularly the story beats and art! I believe this was your first jam, so congrats!

haha thanks matey, your version of breakout is better than mine though!

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Yes, I understand this can be concerning. That was there to make you question what this weird ass software is doing, and I'm sorry that stuff got leaked. I didn't think this would be an issue being just file names, and the first instance of a file name being shown will be some sort of system file you likely haven't heard of (maybe warning you as to what's to come). But I've added a warning on the downloads, I just hope it doesn't scare peeps off =P

Edit: Though there's no way to display that warning when downloading from this jam page, kinda annoying

The theme use was that things were joined to your mouse, and that mechanic was the focus of the game, so not sure how you missed theme.  And thanks, glad you like it!


Or were you?

Something about the controls keeps tripping me up... I can't tell exactly what it is, I think if I'm strafing and shoot, then the angle it fires at is wrong? It's also confusing when the balls behind you, I think it'd be best if the ball was strongly biased to stay in your view and avoid going behind and around you. I felt like I wanted to be moving and shooting at the same time, but these things made that very ineffective. Something about the timing... idk I just kept missing it even though I swear the indicator was green. Maybe I'm too slow.

Anyways, awesome game piggy, it seems like it'd be a lot of fun, but something or another stopped me from getting into a flow. I enjoyed the first bit though, and appreciate how you give us a few waves to get familiar with controls before introducing projectile enemies (teeth?). 

Yeah so reading sucks, I skipped your tutorial and failed hardcore. Each time I read like a sentence of the instructions before trying and failing again. Once I'd read everything (especially the zoom function, which is critical and imo should be default), I was able to win. I even reached 100% oxygen, so I suspect our incoming humans might have issues with oxygen poisoning. 

Neat little game, though I wish it didn't need the wall of text at the start. There could be an indicator to say that the capsule has landed, so you know to look. Sure, tell me controls, but it'd be nice to have a chance to play around with them rather than the initial moments being so critical (it starts off really tight). 

Nice art and music, and wow you've got a big team! You should totally add credits on the game page! Congrats guys, once you know what to do, it turns out being a nice little game!

Very tricky controls, I like how situations can quickly get out of control. I wish the red indicators had a little timer so I could time my shots to be over the asteroids when they spawn (which seemed like the META). The borders of the map were a bit confusing, and one time I even managed to get myself on the edge of the border, facing the border, so I was stuck (disc despawned immediately after being shot).

Otherwise though, really well made game, the polish is mad! The art looks incredible, and the music is blood pumping. Innovative mechanic, I really love the speed of the game, though wish it went longer. Great work team!

Hey, sorry but I have no intentions of making a web version, at least not in the near future. I can promise you the download is safe, or if you're concerned, try the app, which is safer + easier to install. 

HOOOLE-y heck, thanks for playing mate, and for the video! Love the thumbnail!

This is in chapter 2, the gangster base, I wanna go down to TC37, deploy muffin then go back to TC18, then around the top and to the exit. This all makes sense in my head (and I don't see any other way) but when I return to TC18, bear's navigation doesn't let me plan a new course until I've reached a safe zone... but I'm at TC18, and that is a safe zone. So once I touch TC18 a second time, I believe I'm softlocked... I can't go directly from TC32 to TC30, and going via TC33 (the centre part) is definitely a no go. I don't see any other way to get through...

I am really really loving this game, the number of twists are insane, and I'm all in for the lore of this place. Incredible work, I hope there's some workaround for this bug, and good luck with the development of episode 4, I'm hyped for that!

I believe you are misunderstanding... hole punch is not the same as mr slice, and hole punch is free, you’ve just gotta download it (you can skip the donation thing). These are not the same games, it’s more like mr slice has been copying from my test paper. 

I don’t mean to bicker with you, and I’m sorry if this comes off as petty. I invite you to try hole punch and come to your own conclusion.

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Not sure what you're getting at mate, but Mr Slice is a clone, meaning it took my mechanics, art and levels and uploaded it to coolmath taking the profit. This game (Hole Punch) is the original one, developed by me, then stolen by cool math games. So no, mr slice is not the original, and honestly it's a pretty terrible clone anyways. 

Sorry but why the hell are you posting this here? "Mr Slice" is a clone, why would you then post about it on the page of the original game?? 

Like to be clear, Mr Slice outright stole from me. 

Why are you posting this here? Delete the damn comment and play the original game instead of the trashy clone. 

hahahaha that's such a terrible clone! Omfg they even straight copied levels! Thanks for letting me know

Thanks Moises, I’m very glad you liked it! It’ll be coming to steam later, consider wishlisting it!

Hmmm, well I'm not fixing it, but hey, at least there was this fast response time!

Hey, I made this game specifically for speedrunning! You can turn on a timer in settings, as well as some things for challenge runs.

Hey, thanks for the vid and feedback! Glad you enjoyed and sorry about those few collision problems

Nice music and art! The gameplay tho is pretty insane, there's no way I can react that quickly. Umm I died even when spamming both buttons... You've got extra space on the screen, maybe the source of the notes could be further away to give extra reaction time? It'd also be nice if the two beats were close to each other; you can only focus on one spot at a time, making it hard to react when notes are on opposite sides of the screen. Anyways it's neat how you have to break the notes to protect yourself, and nice pixel art. Good luck with the game, I hope this feedback helps!

Neat little game, good job the procedural world! I found one room that had four chests and a heart, all defended by a single small dude, which was funny, feels bad that he was left to defend all the loot by himself.  And was something supposed to happen after defeating the boss? I think I scoured all the rooms, let me know if I missed something. 

I tried making a web version, but no dice... 

This is an issue with unity mac builds, I believe you can fix it by running the following commands:

chmod +x "/Applications/Between the Lines MAC the Lines”

and if it still doesn't work;

sudo chmod +x "/Applications/Between the Lines MAC the Lines”

Hey, I’m sorry you didn’t like the design! The early part of the game is there to get you confident with the core mechanics. Each level had something different that I wanted to show, even if you maybe didn’t notice it. And there are some tricks that I probably should’ve taught to help with the projectile part. Were you using the letters to block projectiles? I’d hoped the player would learn this from previous levels, but perhaps not. Whilst the difficulty might not appeal to everyone, I hope you had some moments of fun!

Sorry, in what way?

Did you find a cool world? Share the seed! It'll be a piece of text 12 characters long. 

And send us a screenshot of the world! ⛰️

Heyo, this is the usual bug reports section!

If you're having trouble running the game, please try launching it using the app and if the problem still persists, then details are appreciated!

Nope, it's unfortunately not available on browser because some of the graphical stuff doesn't work there.

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Also, here's the oldest wayback machine snapshot of that includes a list of games. There were only 183 games at this point! From what I can tell, the oldest games are at the bottom. This snapshot is from the 18th of October, 2013.

This is the first published game, confirmed by the creator of itch in the game comments.

Thanks for the recommendation, I'm never going back

oh no, do you know which level you got stuck on?

A lot of time later and I got the 16 berries! HECK YEA

If you've got time, try out Hole Punch! It's heading to steam later this year!

Ahh I totally missed your playthrough! But yea, I'm working on the difficulty... I'm gonna up the player's mana, allow extra teammates, provide more ex machinas and nerf the giga slimes. This update should be released some time within the next decade. Til then, thanks for playing and for the awesome video!

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