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Here is a very good, short video about saving the score.
When I started using Godot, I learned almost everything from this channel. Even though these videos are for Godot 2, I still recommend to watch the whole playlist, there are many good things in them about game development in general.

Cool, getting better and better. My biggest problem for now, is that it's still not storing the highscore, I can't beat my record, if I don't know what is my record... :D

Thanks! :D

I'll be honest, first, I had no idea what to do (you could try to make the tutorial more interactive), but after a few turns I figured it out. :D
I really like the graphics and the music (you should add more different tracks though), but the interface is hard to read, because it is too similar to the game itself. I didn't even realized there is  a timer up there until 3-4 plays.
Anyway, it's a good start, add some juiciness to it (camera shake, sound effetcs, etc), make an Android version and it can be a really cool timekiller! :D

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Thank you! :)
I'm about to tweak the jump as well. I want to make it "Mario" like, or how they call it. The idea is, the longer you press the jump button the higher you jump. About the "just_pressed" and "pressed" thing... I personally like the continuous jump version better, but you can't say I'm not listening, so I will add it to the game as an option as well! ;)

There are still many small things to tweak. I want the ammo and the characters to spawn from (semi)random positions, because now they can only spawn from fixed locations, I want to add more types of guns (they will be all kitchen related, not actual guns like now), and I want to add a bit of depth to the level with parallax scrolling, and last but not least my favourites: the lamps! :D
When it's all done, then I will include the character generator.
And then... well... still many things to do... but I love it! :D

Btw, thank you for giving me continuous feedback, it's my biggest project yet, and it really helps me to stay motivated. :)

I'm planning to add a cooldown time for the slow motion, so players can't just use it all the time. And only one player will be able to use it at a time, so others have to wait until it finishes.
I started to add little animations to the characters (still working on it), and I just realized now, that they have no eyes! Next update: googly eyes in slow motion! :D

PS4 controller works fine. Check the Input.start_joy_vibration(0, 1, 1, 1) function, if you want a rumble effect! ;)
As for the refill: put the refill code after the character landed and/or the animation is finished. If you want to animate the refill, you can use a Tween node.

Yes, I'm aiming to something similar as "Smash Bros" (never actually played it though, because I don't have any Nintendo console...), but the name "SMASHed Potatoes", is just a total coincidence, I had it way before the game started to take shape... :D

Usually, I test it in solo as well (I need to make an AI and/or implement online multiplayer, but I have no idea how to do that, yet... :D), that's why I uploaded the demo, so more people can play it and give feedback about it.

I tweaked the movement a little, but I don't want to slow it down too much, the speed is part of the fun! :D

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There are many ways to achieve those, I'm not an expert either, but if you need help, feel free to ask. :)

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Cool, it's a very little change, but it immediately feels more fun to play.
A few suggestion:
- add a penalty (for example subtract from the score) when an enemy manages to land, because sometimes It's easier to just dodge them, instead of attacking
- save the highscore
- add comboscore when hitting multiple enemies before landing
- add different types of enemies (different size, speed, some of them could shoot, etc)

The funny thing is, that I usually break things when I try clean up the code.
When I just mindlessly add new features without caring much about optimization, it's less likely to break... :D

Thanks, so, it's like +3 now? :D
(I'm planning to upload the first demo by the weekend, stay tuned!)

I agree with the separation between the solo devs and the teams, there can be massive differences, and really not fare to compare them to each other. Although, there is a room for cheating here (submitting as solo, when in reality it was mad by a team), but let's just hope everybody is being honest about it. :)

Yes, I understand that, but an open voting has a chance to turn into a "who-has-a-bigger-following-base-on-random-social-media" contest. But even if they can't vote, they could still play the game, so you are able to get valuable feedback. And at the end of the day that's what matters anyway, that's why I like that there are no prizes , it's mainly for learning and get to know other devs.

Hello, it was my first jam, so the ranking and everything is totally new for me, but here are my ideas for future jams (I don't know if they are possible to do, or not, but I'll share them anyway :P) 
- only participants should vote
- if it's still public voting, there should be an option to switch between the final rankings by the public votes, and the participant only votes
- only those should be able to vote, who registered before the jam started
- if you vote, you need to give written feedback as well
- your star rating should be visible under your written rating, to prevent those who write nice things in their comment, but give 1 star for everything
- the previous might be only visible for the person who gets the ratings, not everyone, and they could report it, if they think something is shady
- it should be mandatory to vote for at least 10 (or other amount of) games, since it's a community event, those who didn't do should be excluded from the final rankings
- at the end of the voting period, there should be an extra day to vote only for those games that have less than 10 (or other amount of) votes
- if a game still didn't get at least 10 (or other amount of) votes, than it should be excluded from the final rankings
- it's hard to check if someone really played a game or not, but people shouldn't be able to vote for a game until they actually download it or play the browser version

Thank you for your feedback! :)
I didn't play Superhot yet, but now I will give it a try! :D

Thank you for playing, I rated yours as well! :)

Interesting game, but I usually die after 2-3 turns, so it's not for me... :P

Just wow! 

I really like the sound effects! :D

Thank you!
I rated yours as well! :)

Great graphics and clever level design.
I don't know what's missing, but the grapple mechanic doesn't feel the best (at least for me).
But overall a good game, congrats!

Rated! :)
You have 50 now!

Thank you!
I planned it even harder, I just didn't have enough time to tweak it... :D

Thank you for playing! :)

Cool idea, but gets repetitive very fast, add some variation to it, and it can become a good mobile game.

Thank you, I rated yours as well! :)

Nice little game. Literally. It was teeny-tiny on my screen, so I could barely see anything... :D
But what I saw was good, the interface is decent and the mechanics are implemented well, it also has random generated labyrinths. I'm a sucker for procgen games... :D

Thank you for playing!
Yeah, the main idea was to make it hard, so the player always need to think which one to use, but I didn't really had enough time to tweak it...

Rated! :)

Very nice graphics, it always amaze me what can people do in just 2 days! :O
The gameplay is interesting too, but I don't understand why would anyone go to a zombie forest with a boom box... :D

Thank you! :)
Yeah, I didn't really had time to playtest and tweak it, but I'm working on it now! :)

Rated, you are down to 11 now! :D

I got away with a nice bouquet of 69 flowers! Lovely! :D
It took me at least 5 tries to figure out how to even move, but after that it become a good little game. Good job!

Rated! :)

Cool idea, I like chess variants! I remember I tried to make one a few years ago, but i give up... So I know that it's not easy, even without the AI, so good job making it in only 48 hours!

You are amazing! :D

Rated! Good game, I'm going to die alone... :D

When I first saw the pictures I expected something totally different. This game really has a creepy atmosphere. Too bad, I'm going to die alone... I like the oldschool graphics though... :D

Very good game! I love it! :D