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Oh no Z/X controls, my only weakness! In Hungary the standard is the QWERTZ keyboard where the Z and Y keys are flipped, which makes it very uncomfortable to use them. :D

Other than this very cute little game, the graphics are lovely and the sounds accompanying them as well. First I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to play exactly, but after I did, it became quite enjoyable. Good job! :)

Thank you, I'm happy to hear that! :)

Thanks! Yeah, the possibilities are endless. :D

I never thought I will run for my life from from a dice, but here we are! :D
I love the hand drawn animations and the music. The sound effects are cool to, but the repeating step noise gets annoying very quickly. Also, high five fellow Godot users! :D

Hehe, thanks for playing! :D
I wasn't really planning to make a board game, it's just kinda made itself, while I was working on it. I had many iterations, which is the reason for the janky controls. As always on game jams, the good ideas come after deadline, so I couldn't add them or even optimalize the existing ones, but I have quite a few ideas where to go from this starting point. :)

It's rare to see hand drawn games nowadays (other than pixelart), so it's already a bonus for me. But while the  game art is nice, the GUI seems a bit off with it's different style. The story is also a nice touch. Good game! :)

Countries can come up more than once in a session (even if my answer was correct), but other than this, nice little quiz game. :)

Got double 6 buster sword in the last wave, yay! :D

It took me a while to realize, I need to drag the dice onto the opponents, at first I just kept pressing End turn, and clicking on everything. Glad I didn't give up! :D

I love the artstyle, too bad there's no music and sfx isn't very good either. But, overall, very cool little game, make it to a full AAA title! :D

I love the graphics and the atmosphere! Reminds me a bit of Monument Valley, but the gamepelay is totally different. Maybe you could mix the two. :D

Thank you! Too bad I run out of time, but I still have many ideas for improvement. :)

Thank you! :)

Congrats on the release!

+1 for Linux! :)

I couldn't finish it yet, but, yeah, it's great! :D

Congrats on finishing it!

I just picked it up again recently, so you can expect an update soon. :)

No problem. It isn't that hard actually (well, it can be, tho :D), you just need to go with 1 step at a time. If you used a random number generator before in your games, than you already have some experience. :)

Yeah, I'm trying to mix things up a bit, so I won't end up in an asylum... :D

Well, it's still just basic stuff, not like No Man's Sky... :D

I'm following this tutorial by HeartBeast, and this one by GDQuest. Generating the levels isn't the hardest part, that's adding the doors and keys and enemies in a way that makes sense - I'm still struggling with this one... :D

Yeah, I remember I spent like an hour to make that one dungeon in the jam version, and now I can generate one with a single click. :D

Yeah, I had an interesting love/hate relationship with this project... :)
I loved it, because I could put in all my crazy/weird ideas, so in a sense it was a sandbox to try out new things (my favourite was the slow motion :D), but on the other hand I hated it so much, because there were parts, that I just couldn't make work (online multiplayer for example). My biggest mistake was, that I wanted to make everything alone, which wasn't a very good idea, it caused burnout, and I couldn't even work on other projects at all for months... so, yeah, I think I made a good decision, to stop this madness... :D

I already have an idea for a game with these characters, but it will be in a different genre, and it will be a 1000% single player, for the sake of my mental health! XD

It was my first jam game, so this is a special one for me. :)
I had a lot of ideas, that I couldn't  execute that time, because of my lack of knowledge, but I did a lot of research since that (procedural dungeons, character customization, inventory, shaders, etc). I'm so excited to continue working on (well, actually, to reboot) this game.

Keep up the good work! It's shaping nicely! :)

Thanks! :)

It's our duty to crash that site. Every. Single. Year. :D

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The new effects are cool! You should also add them to the weapon and health pickups.

One other thing that would be cool to add "directional" shooting for the default weapon. So, like in Contra, you could shoot in 45 degrees and upwards as well, not just straight ahead.

See you at the jam, and good luck! :)

Oh cool, the new jumping mechanic feels much better! The limited ammo is a good addition too, now I can't just shoot at everything... :D
One thing that is a bit weird for me, when the enemies got hit they blink in green, which is a bit hard to notice, I would go with the classic red or white, but it might be just my personal preference. :)

Thanks! :)

Now, I just need to find time to work on it... :D

Oh, I see. Well, if it works, then doesn't really matter how it was made, It looks cool, nonetheless! :D

Thanks! :D
Yeah, the game isn't very polished yet (because of the time limit), but I already have many ideas for further development, and I also got a ton of feedback from other jammers, so I definitely make an updated version! :)

Nice, I'm ready for a long journey again watching your game shaping up! :D
I forgot to ask: how did you made that "bullet" that's zig-zagging up and down? Did you used an AnimationPlayer for that?

Oh, a new game, cool! :D
I really like the graphics, and the inclusion of different weapons. Reminds me of Contra from Nintendo. Which is a big plus! :D
The only thing I don't like, is the jumping, it doesn't feel very responsive. I recommend to check out this video:

Yeah, I forgot to check to "Add a fulscreen button" on the game's page, sorry. It's fixed now. :)

(But it should start in fullscreen by default,  interesting.)

Thanks for playing! :D

Cool game! Keep up the good work! :D

Thanks! I followed you back! :D

Congrats on finishing! \o/
The game really evolved a lot, since the jam version, good job! Can't wait for your entry to this years's GMTK Game Jam! :D
Also, thanks for the credit! :)

Cool! :)

Thanks for playing!
Yeah, I know about the browser thing, as far as I know it's a bug(?) in the Godot Engine, I have no idea how to fix that... :P

Yes, you are starting on the number 1. What do you mean exactly by nothing happened?
In the game you are supposed to wait until the screen gets dark and after that you can use the arrow keys to move (up/down/right).
Did you used the web version or the desktop ones? If you are using the web version it's possible that you need to click inside the play area first, because some browsers didn't catch the game window by default.