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I really enjoyed playing this one. It was really interesting, the axe mechanic. It reminded me of the new god of war, and that's saying so much. The graphics were really good, and I believe the game has super potential. It is a great entry all round, and if carried on, could hold something amazing :)

Check this out:

It's exactly what it says on the tin, I'll play and rate your jam game!

Please check out my entry, as it will mean everything to me if it gets some attention (That sounds sad but I have reasons behind saying it):

Hope I'm not too late.

Here ya go:

Really good. The music was really good as well as the sound effects. The art was cute and really sweet. The player was smooth and the bow and arrow mechanic is a pretty decent spin on shooting in games. You might be better off letting the player know that the life bar is for the trophy, as this confused me when I first played. Anyway, great entry!

About to check yours out

Here's my game:

Hope you play this :)

If you checked it out it would be amazing. Thanks

Thanks for the feedback. I was going to add more enemy variety but with the amount of time I had left and my coding knowledge, I know I wouldn't have had enough time to add it and make it fair and compelling. Anyway, thanks for playing ;)

Fixed this by adding a new page. Sorry for the inconvenience!