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We are streaming your Games until 00.00 tonight

A topic by Farry1 created Aug 09, 2019 Views: 254 Replies: 26
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Hey everyone! We are playing your games on until 00:00 European Time. Please post your games here or in the Twitch Chat.

Don't forget to also check out and rate our game at:


Very well.


We'll be back after Marks stream :)

ok cool  here's my game




room, button, creature.


yay for gamejam streamers :)

Here is our game! 

A roguelike where al the vau es depends only on one stat. Have fun!

Submitted This is a game about playing three microgames at once with only the spacebar

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If you want some challenge, it can be finished without moving plane when changing the view.

And here's the full run, spoiler alert


Go on a one minute journey exploring how your interactions affect how you feel.


Check this out:

Submitted hope you enjoy!


Hey - here is my game, it's an endless runner crossed with action platformer gravity swap .... thing. Best of luck :D Will tune into the stream!


Free cupcakes here --> :)

We'd love to hear what you think of our game Einnsámr!


You might want to check this one out! We are two friends and we made this puzzle game inspired by chess where you control the knight only!

Hey, I'd love to see your reaction to our game!


HEYYYYY play my game please


Please try our fast-paced but difficult FPS, Operation: One Shot!



My game name is room. 

It's a desktop puzzle game where you need to solve the puzzle to escape. You got ONLY ONE chance at this

Submitted (1 edit)

ooooh stream 8)

Here's my game:

Hah lol, was looking for the stream, and then realised; the stream was yesterday.

When life socks, you somtimes just have to play our game...


Hi! We attempted to build a mini-Metroidvania! 

And we had to come up with some clever mechanics to reinforce everything being on a single screen! I'd love to hear your thoughts! <3


MICROVANIA - A One Screen Mini-Metroidvania with a Twist!

And a few notes to help you play it! (The Game Jam build has a few bugs and quality of life issues) 

  • - It works with Keyboard OR Gamepad 
  • - You can view the controls in the menu (Esc or Start) 
  • - The Player has 3x Health but will be instantly killed by Dragon Fire 
  • - If you die twice, you should close and reopen the game (it breaks more and more with each death) 
  • - There are two Winning Endings (You Kill the Dragon, or You Give the Dragon What it's Looking for!?) 
  • - There are 5 secret Gems hidden throughout the game if you can't find the last one, keep looking!
Submitted (1 edit)

This is HiVeMiND, where the two blobs share one brain and have to reach the exit, on different platforms, using the same moves. It comes with 15 levels, aaand with a level editor so you can torture yourself and your friends :P Check it out, if you have time. We'll make our best to play, rate, and comment on your game too.


try out Block Steady!