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No, clicking the X is how you close the dialog and inventory system.

Thank you, if the Demo gains more attention and there is a big demand for it, I will defiantly begin looking into developing a larger game on the concept.

Thank you

Game looked great, captured the old GameBoy look.

LOL you notice, not always good with coming up with names so most of the time when making a small free horror game I used names from characters from horror games that I am a fan of.

Correct, Red is closer to the target frequency. I assumed that looking at your frequency and the enemies frequency would help make it clear that getting in the red make the shot deal more damage. Maybe should of clue that in the Game Tip.

LOL Thank You

Biggest issue is the controls, not sure why both the camera and movement controls are tied to the Left-Mouse Button. Think in an update you should have the camera control map to the Right-Mouse Button maybe. Like click and drag the right mouse button to rotate the camera.

It was an alright little horror game, felt a bit boring at first, but a bit of a decent ending twist.

LOL, nah I just decided to put them on a plate cause I know people sometimes leave certain items in a bowl/plate and just wanted to be sure that players can easily spot them so not stuck looking around for them.

Thanks, and enjoyed your game.

Thanks, we'll see how much people are interested to suggest if I work more on this game concept.

A nice Undertale feel with a sort of gameplay design like Darkest Dungeon. Nice little game I just which you can fast forward through dialog.

An okay little game, my biggest issue is the game is a bit buggy on it interactions, there are many moments where I have the body part and I am mashing the interact to place it right around the location where the body part should go and nothing happens until like a minute. Which ruined the experience a bit for me. I will give massive props that you didn't resort to an in your face jumpscare. Overall an okay game that could use some bug fixes.

Sorry its a mouse only game

The clocks time has nothing to do with anything in the game, its just a decoration. There is a document in both the X-Mas Shop and Meet Santa that present you the clue that unlocks the room at the entrance.

Sorry about the bug, hopefully v1.4 fixed this bug.

Funny you post this the moment I was just finishing up an update that while doesn't add a checkpoint/save, does basically give you a Respawn from where you start with full health and added ammo.

Main reason the game doesn't have to a checkpoint system is mostly cause do to the games have systems that randomize things and such, I really did not have the time to try and code in systems that can keep track of everything to make checkpoints especially when the game is pretty short.

thanks, honestly can't say if the game will have save/checkpoints, beside the game being pretty short. Do to the games level of random systems and player freedom I would need to do a lot of recoding for the game to keep track of all the systems for a proper checkpoint system.

Weird, never experience that bug before. Guess it might be a bug caused by the download/unzipping the game.

What was it that you couldn't do that didn't let you beat it?

If you're saying the entire game as you explore all the buildings and such, that is a very strange bug, I never witness that bug when I tested the game or got any reports of that. All I can guess is something happened whether it's your PC or during the download/unzipping that messed up the code that triggers the enemies.

Yeah, the clocks are just decorations (pretty much every local business has a wall clock).

You'll find the clues to the door code in Meet SANTA! Building and The Christmas Shop.

Thanks for the feedback. If I get more comments with similar issues then I would be looking into trying to fix that.

thanks for letting me know, it is odd cause I have a system in place that should prevent an issue like that. So not sure what could have caused that kind of bug.

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Actually, the game does allow you to rebind the key mapping so you could make Reload be 'R'.

Yeah, I recently updated the game, I was shocked to see the asset had massive poly counts and no LODs, so I use Unreals LOD systems to drastically reduce the poly count on the assets.

Yeah, I recently updated the game, I was shocked to see the asset had massive poly counts and no LODs, so I use Unreals LOD systems to drastically reduce the poly count on the assets.

Thanks, I am looking into fixing the performance issues with this game

What you mean bugged?

tree in the middle of the lot or the tree demons?

are you talking about the tree in the middle of the lot or the tree demons?

You use the mouse wheel to change between pages

Strange, don't know why that is.

Mmm... that is strange, I honestly don't know why it would do that.

Can your PC play other games made in Unreal, then if not then the issue is your PC and Unreal.

Sorry, I don't have a MAC to help port the game too.

Thanks, I'm actually American, as I recall my very late ancestors left Poland for America sometime before WW2 happened.

Completely understandable, thanks for playing it though