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Thanks for letting me know, I'll see what I can do to fix this issue.

Yeah, that is very strange, wonder if it might be your PC, cause the game looks pretty choppy.

Also just to check, to use doors in my game you need to walk directly into them, you don't press any interact buttons.

The door that says "Put Away My Toys"?

If that still doesn't open, all I could say is maybe delete the game and redownload it, cause I don't know why it won't open. It seems to be some odd bug. That I so far haven't witnessed in my playthroughs and haven't seen other got.

Thanks, I did mention how to use the doors on the game's Page

It is mentioned on the games description on the Itch Page


Did you pick up all 5 Toys, the Ball, Bunny, the 2 bridge-like Blocks, and the Triangle Block?

I tried to play it, but I had to give up. My character walked through rock and fell into a pit-like area that I couldn't get out of. I did try and just wait for my character to freeze to death and hope for a possible checkpoint to happen, but guess the freeze thing is not fully implemented and so I had to close the game and when I open the game to see that I would have to go through the begin I was like no thank you.

Like I admit there are a lot of things about the game that is very impressive. But I have to be honest the beginning of this game is awful. I get the situation that character is in, but there is no reason to make a player have to walk slowly through an empty wasteland with basically nothing happening for what seems like 30min to a Full Hour. Also, the environments are not clear enough on exactly where I'm supposed to walk to which in turn got me to go to an area that got me stuck. 

Also personally this annoys me, but why can't I use the mouse button to interact with the game world? I get [E] is a standard in many games, but if the LMB isn't used for things like firing a weapon, then let me use it for interacting.

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Thanks, There are physical keys, they are laying on the notes that you examine. Also when you pick up the key there is a little key sound.

Thank you

Thank you

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No, saying the game be in Limbo, means it unkown on what is gonna happen to Case 3. Whether it's gonna be created or not, or even when I'll be able to develop it.

It's hard to say. if you're saying like an FNAF Jump Scare of something screaming right in your face. No, that is not in the game.

I pretty much figured it out on my own, I look at how some people did certain coding for non-Point-&-Click games for references and was pretty much able to make a point-and-click game from my experience with the game Engine.

 2D Point & Click game are possible in Unreal Engine 4, heck I create one for last year GameJam

Thanks, but don't get your hope up for a Case 3 any time soon. Case 1 & 2 aren't getting the attention I need to invest time working on Case 3.

Thanks, sadly Case 1 & 2 are not getting much attention and support, so currently Case 3 will be in Limbo.

Sorry for the late reply, thanks for playing my game.

Yeah, I saw the problem and fixed it. Sorry about that bug.

want to check did you die during Hardcore and loaded a Save?


Yeah, so at least for now if you really want to play this game off Steam, best wait for the Steam release. (no real difference other than 5 Steam Achievements)

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Not at the moment and it's unsure if I will add Steam Keys. The reason mostly is some developers warn me that if sales on Itch surpasses Steam sales and all those Itch Sales came with Steam Key, then Steam might not be happy and will remove me off of Steam as a developer.

Yep was already resolved and hey, I comment with you about your game being 4gbs on the CJU Video.

Of course, thanks for confirming it.

To just double-check that is the correct E-mail to request to get more space in order to upload my over 1GB game to

I did an E-mail requesting this 2 days ago, and I'm sure it causes Itch busy with other E-mails, but I like to be sure.

Thanks, Chris. Hope to see a Let's Play of the game soon.

There is one ending and its foreshadowing in the box

No, this one is set with basically one ending (though some good Game Over visuals), mostly cause of how I structured the game's narrative I have set up.

Link to the Game -
Escape from the mine tunnels while hunted by an unstoppable beast and slowly being affected by a mysterious illness.

Oh man, I'm really sorry, but I actually meant to remove that link. I don't have a Linux PC so I couldn't test if that version worked. I didn't get any comments about the Linux version not working so I assumed it did. It was only when I was working on a different project that I had someone with a Linux PC test it out and told me it didn't work at all. I hope to be able to solve the issue and be able to have my games available on Linux someday.

glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing it

Thanks for playing it.

Thank you

Thanks for playing it

Terror Lurks In Every Tunnel

thanks for playing, currently I have other work I have to do, but am thinking about possible games involving Cage-Face for the future.

Thanks for the feedback