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Now, I've got no idea how Mark plans to scale the scores across three categories and take into account each game's amount of reviews. But this is what makes the most sense to me:

Gooey Castle is the top game in Design, so I'll use it as an example.

Design: 4.890 Theme: 4.890 Originality: 4.918

Add them all together = 14.698

Divide by three (there's three categories) = 4.899

Divide by amount of ratings (in this case 73) = 0.067

Subtract 5 (max rating) and convert to a positive for your scaled average score = 4.932

So yeah, this may or may not be how the top 100 are chosen. I've got no idea, but this is how I would do it.

Good work everyone! There's some amazing games here! Best of luck with your ratings!

Good question. I'm also wondering, since scores are based on averages, how games with more reviews (but lower averages) will be scaled against games with less reviews but higher averages as a result.

I played it but by the time I was finished voting was closed! Sorry. I like the concept though, every puzzle was a kind of sequence to figure out. Good job!

Thanks! Yeah we should've done more play testing. Your game was cool too!

What a cool mechanic! It's cool to see a colourblind option too. Good job!

Hahaha, well tell them too bad, it's our name now. I liked your game tho!

Played! Cool game!

I love how the axe rebounds and can get stuck in walls! Cool game!

Hahaha, I love it! Really original.

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Quick post and I'll play!

Here's ours:

It was fun to play! Good base mechanics.

Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed your game too!

Enjoyed it! The second level needs some checkpoints, but otherwise I thought the gameplay was fun and difficult. Despite only having one enemy type (with variations), you managed to create a variety of situations that kept the player constantly aware of your main mechanic. Very well done!

This was really fun to play. I enjoyed being so over powered, and the main gameplay loop was satisfying. Awesome game!

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Hey! Check out our game, Obstacular if you get the chance!

Thanks! We've got a wall jump patch coming out as soon as the jam is over, so if you want to see the rest, be sure to check back in!

I love this game! How you responded to the theme was brilliant and the gameplay was challenging (and difficult). Good job!

Glad to hear you got the hang of it! Our programmer always gets stuck on that level too!

Check out Obstacular! It was our first time making a platformer!

Play in-browser (or windows download) here:

Play in-browser or get the windows download here:

Has anyone else done a trailer they'd like to show off?

Oh wow! Now that I get the concept I love it! Please update that crosshair after the jam because this game deserves it. What a clever puzzler.

Hahaha, thanks! Yeah,  I've already done a patch to make wall jumping easier. Shame it can't be updated. Good to hear you got used to it though, and very interesting actually.

Oh, I didn't realise updates are actually disabled. Oh well, I guess that answers that question. We'll have to wait until the voting period is over I guess. Shame about your crosshair! It sucks to publish and find that one thing that doesn't work properly. : /

I played around in the first level for a while, but I couldn't figure out how to progress. Maybe add some more info in your page description?

Your game was awesome! I love how you approached the theme.

I want to say there's nothing wrong with doing updates, because we're learning from all the brilliant feedback we're getting, but at the same time... I dunno.

Our game is Obstacular, a platformer with only one obstacle!

We've gotten a lot of feedback on our game Obstacular, a lot of which relates to how wall jumps are executed. I've realised that players need a slightly longer window for key presses. Is it against GMTK rules to post an update?