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The Last AxeView game page

You have been obducted - Your only weapon is... an Axe?!
Submitted by Akadeax — 4 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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I had a lot of fun playing this! That axe mechanic reminded me of the new God of War, and that's not a bad comparison at all! The gameplay was very fun. The enemy and players design were good, but there was something missing in the graphics, and I can't what exactly (maybe the shadows?).

Other than that, I think this game has great potential, because that axe mechanic is super well done!


Thought I would share it here too! :D

wow :D thank you very much, guess i can die in peace now. made my day :)


A nice God-of-War twist on the only one bullet theme, great job!


I really loved this game! I was so into ot that after it ending so quickly, I was sad. I really loved the physics with the bounce of the axe on the wall. The music was the in harmony with the game. I loved it really, and the only downside to it was it length. Great job well done!

 Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)


I noticed a rather high frequency of shots where the axe hit multiple things without me aiming, and at least one case where it bounced the opposite direction that normal physics would've dictated. Is there a random chance of a homing bounce that targets the nearest thing that is destructible?

A tip for prototyping action games, especially when under a time limit: if the engine you're using gives any control over an object's current sprite or drawing color, it's a good idea to give the player object a variable along the lines of "hurt_time" that, if above 0, counts down to 0 and changes the color/sprite of the player. That way you can very quickly give a easy to set automatic visual of when the player character takes damage that's helpful to testers and players even if it's not polished or working very well.


Extremely well designed! I'm guessing you probably test played and tweaked this a load of times as the enemies were always grouped in a way I could get a mad trick shot and feel like a badass axe gun space marine! Well done! :) 


Nice game! I liked how the axed bounced around and killed enemies haha, so much fun! The sound FX are also pretty cool! I would've liked to also have a sound effect for when the player loses a heart. I kept losing hearts and not noticing :(

Awesome job!


Awesome game and great overall! I really enjoyed it, but it could use some polish. Good luck!


Clear concept and have lots of fun. I want to play more now.


Cool, super fun! Very addictive gameplay! ^-^
I love it, you should totally keep developing this!

(- Amy)


Not bad! A bit like Hotline Miami with a very bouncy axe.


Nice little game. Needs a bit more polish but the concept is good. The breakable environment is cool too!


Looks interesting, but I move veeeeeery slowly...?


Nice, quick playthrough! The level design is pretty good and the audio ques for enemy attacks was very useful! I think a combo indicator or some special feedback on combos would be a good addition, but great game nonetheless :)


Amazing game loved the axe !!!!!!!!!


Wow that was perfect, I wish it was longer :D


It's small and neat game. Of course it needs some polishing, but I enjoy it. Nice movement, different enemies and destructable environment. Keep going!


Cool game! Just add more levels and it will be even better. I liked the enemy variations


Had great fun playing this game! Its great to see other people's interpretations of the one weapon/ one projectile take on the game. Here's my game if you want to check it out: . Keep up the good work!

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