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Thank you! Yep, it was exactly amulet behind this :)

That sounds tasty :) Will definitely give it a go (I’m a big fan of Fennel myself, even had a couple of jam submissions written in it). Although I can’t quite imagine a language more concise than Scheme, since (in my opinion) it is incredibly slick and well-designed. Still, I get your point about polymorphic collections. Thanks for your thoughts!

That’s an interesting feature for sure. Thanks for sharing!

For someone who never touched Janet, which its features are the best for gamedev? Which language can you compare it with? Also is it Lisp-1 or Lisp-2?

Thanks! Liballegro is basically just like quite popular SDL library, but, erm, different :) In my opinion, liballegro’s APIs are more cohesive than SDL’s. And yes, Common Lisp is a lovely language, I absolutely obsess about it :)

I might not be able to do games as well as the ones haha.

Well, they say “never say never” :)

Hey Wayne, thank you :) Yes, Common Lisp can do a lot of things, including gamedev; as someone else put it, it is the most low-level language of high-level languages, meaning you can easily do both high-performance low-level programming and high-level idea abstraction in it. I’m using liballegro library as the backbone of the game, and a few other libraries, and of course Quicklisp for the package management. You can find the details in both devlog and the documentation of the game engine I’m making. Cheers :)

Nice game, grats!

Thanks! Yeah, I’ll definitely increase movement speed after the jam.

Yeah, probably i should the player character move faster. Thanks!

Lovely puzzle, and amazing soundtrack :)


Super cute and thoughtful, loved it!

That’s definitely quite atmospheric :)

Very cute, loved it :)

Thanks :)

Perhaps you’re out of mana because you’ve used the spell on the very first zombie? It will die on a trap by itself, just wait a bit when the level starts.

Um, yeah sure :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks, I appreciate it!

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Thanks man, loved your video review!

Yeah, there are not much controls, and the item system is pretty rudimentary, there’s even no item window. I’m working on a GUI and a main menu for a last week or so, so more updates are coming :)

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

A nice puzzle, I've enjoyed it!

Looks amazingly cool, and the flying somersault mechanic is hilariously good :)

A nice movement mechanic! Even though it wasn't obvious right from the start that you can control the line with the mouse. The cat names are quite adorable, and I can't but appreciate the pun in the title :)

Stunning appearance, I love the music, graphics and sound effects!

Unfortunately, after falling from cliff once again, I've got crash with the message "WARNING: GLFW error 65544: GLX: Failed to make context current".

Wow, that's nice to play programming game now and then :)

I only wish documentation would open in a new window or be embedded somewhere in the game screen (e.g. there seems to be a plenty of space in the middle).

Nice game, I liked sound effects and overall appearance :)

You're welcome :)

Since you're using Racket, which is modern and all, it's not that hard to implement deployment. I've implemented it for my entry for some previous Lisp Game Jam - feel free to grab the files :) You'll be interested in Makefile, which builds it for Linux, and build.ps1, which does Windows build.

Loved the overall blue mood. It makes you feel for that lone dog.

An interesting little story, I would've played more.

Kudos for having a web version :)

Ooh, topical. I like the appearance and sound effects. 

It also reminds me the Game of Life by Conway, may he rest in peace.

Oh, a classic rogulike, lovely!

A cute little demo :) Actually quite impressive for Racket. Kudos for implementing OBJ importer :)

I was able to run it under Linux, but gosh pict3d takes long time to install.

I usually suck at text games, but loved this one! Was not that hard to beat too, but I wonder what those achievements I haven't unlocked are :)

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Regarding "can't find core file" error - sorry, I have no clue. I've tried running it under Fedora 29, but got entirely different error, namely "arithmetic error FLOATING-POINT-INVALID-OPERATION signalled". I'll investigate that in detail later, thanks again for feedback!

I really enjoyed the style of the game, and appreciated the humor :)

Thanks for trying it out and pointing out deployment problems! I'll try to spin up Fedora VM to check it out.

"failed to open ‘maps/map.tmx" probably means that you're launching it from the parent directory, like "bin/dld". Please run it from the bin directory itself, like "./dld", it tries to find assets relative to current directory (perhaps I should do something about that later).

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, and it is a real treat to have my humble work compared to the Diablo itself :)

Thanks for trying it out!

Yeah, I'll definitely add ranged combat and spells at some point, I just hadn't had the time to do it during the jam.

I'm glad you've enjoyed sound effects, I've spent quite some time choosing those on opengameart and then editing in Audacity :)

The combat is actually as close to classic Diabloids as I could've done it. The trick there is to click on enemy while the health bar is displayed above and then not to release mouse button, so your character would continue attacks until the enemy is dead :)

Thanks again for your feedback!


I've been coding some generic ECS stuff before the jam, but yeah, I had to do mobs, combat, sounds and items in one week :)