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I love the interpretation of the theme. The soundtrack and visuals are nice too, god job!

Thanks, I appreciate it! :)

Thanks for the feedback!

I reckon there is a bug regarding winning screen in the jam version, I'm very sorry about it. I've fixed in the post-jam version.

An awesome interpretation of "only one" theme, I liked it a lot! It's nice it trains your visual memory :)

Nice platformer with cool interpretation of the theme, but controls are kinda unforgiving. Still, nicely done!

A lovely interpretation of the jam theme! The art and sound effects are very nice, and the whole game is very captivating. Great job!

Thanks a lot!

I think this is the best implementation of the "one projectile" idea. The visual design and the soundtrack are absolutely adorable, and the enemies are well balanced. Great job!

Thanks a lot!

Yeah, Love rocks :D

I've already fixed the scale issue in the post-jam version, that was the most frequent point in the feedback.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

A lovely puzzle! It felt like the enhanced Tetris with all this new kinds of figures, but with no time pressure. Very relaxing to play :) Nice job!

Loved the art style and the soundtrack, but unfortunately when my character is touched by any of the enemy characters, the game hangs :(

Still, nice idea, with a bit of polish it could get somewhere!

A lovely top-down shooter! It certainly touched my arachnophobic strings :D

Thanks a lot! I think I will try to do that :)

A lovely fast-paced top-down shooter, I enjoyed it through :) It's very stylish too, with the music and effects. Nice job!

A lovely platformer! I enjoyed absolutely everything: the art, the soundtrack, the sound decor, the hard, unforgiving maze. Great job :)

I always felt awe when something very simple and minimalist creates a deep emotional response. Great work, loved it!

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it!

Sorry about the help key, I'll invent something about it. Meanwhile you can try and use "/" button, or just look in the game page for full controls list :)

I love how dark and creepy it is. What's even cooler that if I screwed up once, the game never starts later, that's some literal implementation of the theme :D Great work!

A really nice take on the "only one dimension" theme! Oh, and a lovely title, too :D I enjoyed it, nice job!

An amazing visual style and sound effects too. I enjoyed it through :)

An absolutely adorable puzzle, enjoyed it through! (And I think I'm hungry now :D)

An interesting concept, and very enjoyable implementation. The effects are very pleasing for some reason :) Nice job!

I laughed my ass off :D Seriously, I love how it addresses the real community problem of other game (I might have spent too much time in that other game, so I know what I'm talkin about xD), how perfectly it fits the theme and how well it is done. Great job!

Hey! Check out Backpackless, an old-school roguelike with only one inventory slot:

Yay, I've just beat it with 1872 seconds :D I found it strangely captivating, but the controls could've been better, because right now my left palm hurts :D Oh, and it took me a while to realize that the numbers flying are not just damage numbers, but actual loot. Otherwise, it's a solid game with nice sound effects and soundtrack, I enjoyed it through!

Thanks! I'm already working on post-jam release :)

Hey! Check out Backpackless, an old-school roguelike where you have only one inventory slot:

That's the first RTS I see in the submissions, you must be very brave to go for it in 48 hours :)

It's a shame though you hadn't had the time to make some basic AI. Otherwise, it looks cool and fits theme beautifully (bonus points for pun in the title :D)

Hey, checkout my game, Backpackless, an old-school roguelike with only one inventory slot:

Great way to tell a sorrowful story. I feel so bad for the endangered species right now. 

Nice job, it deserves more spread indeed.

Hey, check out my game Backpackless, an old-school roguelike where you have only one inventory slot:

An amazing game, I've enjoyed it through! The graphics are awesome, and both the soundtrack and the font kinda fits medieval theme. Great job!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you've enjoyed it :)

Yeah, I'll think about more ergonomic controls, thanks for feedback!

I absolutely loved the style and game design :) Nice job!

Thanks :)

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

Come to think of it, it does have only one large level, so there's another theme fit, boom :D Thanks for pointing it out.

I'd definitely will work on sound effects, I just haven't had enough time during jam to find and choose nice monster and attack sounds.


Well yeah, the exception to "only one item" rule are the armor and weapon you have equipped. If you had just one item at all, that would be much more tough to play :D

The goal was to kill all the enemies in the dungeon. You're right, I probably should've mentioned it in the intro screen.

Thanks! Probably I should add some sort of difficulty levels :)