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Good idea ! It's fun ! I think, it is hard to jump where you want and level design is a few repetitive.

I'm sorry but i hate sound of slamming tooth xD

Anyway ! Good job !

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Erf... Next time it will be functional.  Don't give up ;)

Thanks for your feedback

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Very great concept. i like your idea about one act.

And is cute so...
Very good job ;)

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Good job ! Good consistency, short but well done.

Good job :)

Becher likes to write important information with his feet.  :p 
It is for all this that he is an essential member of the project "realized in 48 hours"

Too bad... But the important thing is to participate and progress. Next time, i hope you will not have this proble :)

Hi, nice work !

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Hi, Does it work?