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Good work !

Very pleasant overall result.
The whole is very coherent but the size of the different objects may not be suitable: Huge planet in the background and very small usable planets, the titanic side fades somewhat.
Small negative point on the typography of the tutorial, it is not really suitable, we lose the science fiction side.

Attractive visual and sound effects and good management of joystick vibrations.
And a lot of fun.

Very fun game !
I like good light management. The interface is basic but it deserves to be clear and pretty. I had some difficulty hitting my opponent but this is probably due to my bad player skills.

Good work !

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Good idea ! It's fun ! I think, it is hard to jump where you want and level design is a few repetitive.

I'm sorry but i hate sound of slamming tooth xD

Anyway ! Good job !

Thanks for your feedback

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Very great concept. i like your idea about one act.

And is cute so...
Very good job ;)

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Good job ! Good consistency, short but well done.

Good job :)

Becher likes to write important information with his feet.  :p 
It is for all this that he is an essential member of the project "realized in 48 hours"

Too bad... But the important thing is to participate and progress. Next time, i hope you will not have this proble :)

Hi, nice work !

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Hi, Does it work?