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Help Fluffy through the forest for his first errand alone to get an acorn for his parents !
Submitted by viri_renard — 1 hour, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Challenging! The wall-jumping mechanic was interesting.


Really cute graphics! The leg animation and jump feel exactly right. Nice work getting such a great game feel.

One of the definite highlights of the jam! This is the most fun wall jumping mechanic I have ever played, as it really felt natural to the game mechanics and required a lot of precision and timing.

Generally the feeling of geining and stopping momentum felt spot on! The only thing that felt a little off in the whole game was that on moving platforms inertia didn't feel consistent (it felt like you keep inertia when you are on it, but when you jump off there is no intertia at all)

This idea has huge potential, and I really think it could be made into a really great game! Even this small 48 hour demo was great fun!


Thanks a lot!

Yeah, inertia on platforms was/is a problem. We fixed it a bit on sunday to make it playable, but it obviously isn't perfect yet.

Submitted (1 edit)

Good idea ! It's fun ! I think, it is hard to jump where you want and level design is a few repetitive.

I'm sorry but i hate sound of slamming tooth xD

Anyway ! Good job !


This game had the best gameplay so far. The controls feel intuitive and it's fun to play!


Thanks a lot!


I really enjoyed the game! I played it all and finished it.

The hardest part was the vertical parts where you have to use the walls to zigzag jump several times, I had to repeat it several times each time but it was still great fun! Wow great job!


Hey, we made a GMTK game too. Check it out!


Thanks for playing and for the kind words! Agreed, the wall jumps are pretty hard (and we had the level designer tone them down, some of them where twice as long in the beginning ^^")


That's a lot of game in 48 hours, good job! I really like the core concept, though the controls were a bit finicky at times. I feel like it's missing some kind of indicator to show you your angle (a vector opposite of where the mouse is from the character), and pushing off was killing too much forward momentum. For example, when rolling down a hill with a lot of speed, I feel like pushing of straight down should still maintain that forward motion and do a large jump, but it seems like pushing of was cancelling any speed you had, throwing you mostly up.

All in all, really solid game!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing our game !

Adding an indicator to show where you jump would be a good idea ! We might add it if we decide to polish the game a bit.

For momentum I agree it's hard to keep it, but it is possible. Momentum is killed if your jump is in a direction opposite your momentum. Otherwise wall-jumping would be impossible (you'd crash into the second wall). The problem might be that opposite here means at an angle >90°, so it's pretty unforgiving. Perhaps with a bit more leeway (say 100 or 110°) it'd be easier.


Sounds reasonable, a more favorable angle could be all that's needed!

I really enjoyed the game but why is there no ending? I got to the acorn and the camera just stopped moving while I still could move

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing our game! (and reaching the end, no less!)

Making an ending was top one on our to do list... but we had no experience whatsoever on Unity, and everything was taking ages... so the ending of the jam came before the ending of the game   :(

We hope it did not compromise your experience.

Loved how easy it was to pick up and the physics! It's very QWOP feeling. It might help to add more momentum but otherwise pretty fun!


Thanks! More momentum, or/and a way to calibrate the strength of the jump would make life easier indeed. But the poor guy only has the one leg, we already are asking a lot from him ^^


Very good! Cute, fun, and tough!


Thanks a lot! Don't hesitate to share!


Great work! This game is fun and bouncy! The sprites are cute and the idea is definitely original.

Good stuff:

  • Appealing art
  • Interesting level design
  • Very appealing game play style - I kept thinking "just one more click"

If this had more dev time:

  • add sound
  • add an indication of where the leg would end up

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it!

For the sound it was on the todo list but our inexperience with unity meant we had other priorities unfortunately. I (imj, dev#2, I'm borrowing the account) was against putting any more sounds unless we had a working mute button (I believe non-manageable sound can be very deterrent to a lot of players), and we just did not have the time.


Yeah, that's a good reason to not add sound. Sound is a polishing element unless someone's making a rhythm game.


This game is so good, I had so much fun. The only thing I would change is the camera. Maybe the character should stay in the center so your input (mouse pointer) isn't interfered with when trying to aim. Great job :)


Thanks! We are glad you liked it! About the camera... that is a valid point, and might be the reason the quick wall jumps are so hard. Thanks !

I had a lot of fun with this game at first, but two things really killed it for me; the vine mechanic was poorly implemented and the single sound effect was so grating that I wish it had been left out. Still worth a few minutes of your time, in my opinion.


Sorry your experience was ruined :(.

Which vines gave you trouble ? the dangling moving kind or the vine bridges you get swamped in ? (the non-moving vines shouldn't be an issue I think).

for the sound it was on the todo list but our inexperience with unity meant we had other priorities unfortunately. I (imj, dev#2, I'm borrowing the account) was against putting any more sounds unless we had a mute button working, and we just did not have the time.

I did find the mute button, thank god! The swinging vine mechanics were what seemed pretty finnicky to me.