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Damn impressive! Congrats, hope you get that last rating somehow!

I saw you only missed one rating to be eligible so I checked it out. I had a lot of fun, I especially loved the arenas, they gave me a hard time. Well done really fun!

Very polished, and really fun! Super hard also, well done

I'll leave a comment on your game :)

Congratulations on finishing your first jam! I will leave a comment after I have played yours :

I'll leave a comment after I've played yours :)

Hi, I'll leave a comment on yours :)

Really tight game, everything works well together! Good job :)

I'll leave a comment on yours after I've played it :)
Here's ours:

Very cool, I like the perspective switching :)

I'll leave a comment on yours :)

I checked yours out! Well done :)
here is ours:

Cool movement system, and the art is amazing!

Awesome! I liked it a lot. Neat levels and awesome visuals. The music is nice as well!

Done :)

Awesome art and genral ambience. You chose the music really well! And I particularly enjoyed the pink caretaker, nice twist on the regular one! 

Sounds very cute! I'll leave a comment when I've palyed it :) here's ours

I'll leave a comment when I've played yours :)

The dialog , the story and the characters were hilarious. They always had me laughing! :D

I would have loved tp see the character animated in game.

Great job had fun all the way through!

Really cool Concept. This fits the theme nicely! The puzzles were really nice to do once I got the hang of it. Nice!

I like the idea of being powerful in the beginning and having it taken away!

Also those blue enemies looked really cool :D

The core idea is really solid.  I would have liked to see more of it. But I know how it is with time in game jams :D.  Anyway great job!

I did, don't worry :)

It is really relaxing, it is not a lousy game! Well done finishing it :)

Cool retro feel!

Sure! Here's our game:

Really really sweet game. Everything was really nice: visual presentation, audio, gameplay. Congratulations!

The aesthetic is on point, and super tight control!

I'll leave a comment when I've played yours :)
Here's ours:

This is really wholesome. Completely agree!! Congrats everyone, it was a wild ride, I am very glad we participated. Hope everyone had fun!

Here's ours :)

Here is ours:

Constructive criticism is the best! We appreciate it too :) I'll leave a comment when I play yours
Here's ours:

I'll be sure to play yours. Watch out for a comment from me :) 

The movement is so tight, well done!

I'll leave a comment on yours when I've played it!

Here's ours:

Thank you!

I'll leave a comment on yours when I've played it!

Here's ours: