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Thanks for the comment and the feedback! The game was actually built with online co-op in mind but we didn't have enough time to get it working properly during the 7 days. Hoping to get back to it soon enough!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the video! Now I know that the snow/fog effect doesn't work properly on ultrawide monitors :p

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! Yes there's some UX mistakes with the menus, we'll probably address them with updates :)

Thank you for the comment and the video! always love receiving more feedback

thanks! I was afraid the gameplay would be too monotone in the early-mid stages, glad you liked it!

Sick visuals and interesting concept, not bad for a tech demo/experiment!

Thanks! we're working on some updates that include online coop which was almost functional but had to be left out because of bugs :)

There's an ending on level 10 if you can survive that long, I recommend investing in enough movement speed and making sure you got plenty of ammo to survive the latter stages :)

Thank you!

I tried reading the rules multiple times but found no answer, is this solo efforts only or can you work with other people?

NOTE: we updated the game with a much improved POST JAM release, when rating for the jam, please rate the original version and NOT the post jam one!

Tells an interesting story, sort of plays like a visual novel but you actually move around

Nice simple gameplay concept! I wish I was better at it to hear the arranged version of one of my favorite songs :)

Awesome spritework and animation!

Nice simple visuals, very responsive controls and gameplay

Absolutely beautiful artwork and the writing made me laugh a few times, even if unfinished in ways you should still be proud of this one

Really nice! Simple but pleasing visuals, gameplay that makes you want to keep trying again, fitting music and sounds

Nice story with an interesting art style! The description on the jam page was a bit of a spoiler but nice nevertheless

Nice visuals, eientei and the bamboo forest look lovely!

I can guarantee it's safe, if you have another browser it might let you download it

it's q1bsp so ericw-tools, used trenchbroom as the editor :)

skies are done with models, this allows for much more elaborate distant scenery with animated elements too. worldspawn has properties for them "skydome" and "skydetail", "models/nightsky.iqm" and "models/polarsky.iqm" are some skydomes and "models/aurora.iqm" is an example of a skydetail

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The maps are q1bsp made with trenchbroom and ericw's tools. Although the textures are external tga/png files, we still had to create .wad files to actually use them in the editor. There's some quirks for siege maps, custom entities and properties that quake 1 doesn't have, and I don't have the documentation for all that

yeah mostly for that reason, and also because I personally like the simple style and low system requirements

Thanks for playing this and my other games too! yeah I don't think the game lived up to the ideas I had when developing, but that's the nature of working with time limits. still turned out alright.

Updated Linux download to use a newer version of the engine, less visual glitches now.

Fun but gets really challenging maybe not for the right reasons (where your mouse cursor is mid air and precision)

Very nice, me and my friend had the same idea when we were choosing what to do but ended up doing something else instead, glad to see it done well though!

Cool concept, got kinda difficult at the end so that's good

This is a nice little puzzle game, reminds me a lot of flash games of the past, there's  fair amount of levels as well!

Thanks a lot for all the feedback, yeah I get the frustration with not being able to back out from full power, maybe we'll fix that some day. I'll check your game out!

Thanks! even more gimmicks would be nice but limited time is limited time :)

Very original and a fun concept, took me a while to figure out but then I felt smart after I did work it out

This was really fun, the chaos at the hole was really funny and the music fit it perfectly. Well done

A little bit tedious to play but it sure is an original idea and executed as well as I can imagine!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! Making more maps might be something we'll do

awesome graphics, would've hoped for  some sound too, as without it's a bit hard to read

Quite the funny game, got a bit confused with the contra 3 style rotation but it seemed to work.

This was a really fun game, good take on the theme! Only one button and one wing!