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Ah thanks for the reminder, I forgot to put that link in!

no problem... do you remember why it didn't work?

which antivirus? we've reported that the engine is clean to a few different antivirus vendors already, hope to get them all at some point

Thanks for playing and making the video!

Awesome, thanks for playing! I'm glad the core gameplay clicked for you like it should. Unlucky that you didn't get that regen on the last run! The confusing "more damage but less damage" perks should've been treated differently in the description to make it more clear, but how they actually work is that they are just a slight upgrade, so like +1.5 - 0.8 = +0.7

Of course, that would be nice!

Which antivirus? It's definitely a false alarm, but I don't blame anyone for not wanting to risk it.

Which antivirus detects it as one? It's a false positive and I'd like to submit is as such to any anti viruses that still think it's malicious when it's not.

Congrats on the Diamonds! I know it's not easy, got mine only after release :) Thanks a lot for playing and for the video

Thank you and thanks for organizing a fun jam! I don't use Discord, you can plug just my twitter @Shpuld and my itch page :)

A bit tricky to control at first but I'm sure it's something that can be overcome with practice. The game looks and sounds nice but I can't quite tell what system it would run

A bit tricky to control but I guess that comes with the territory, got pretty used to it quick. The style and use of colors in the visuals is really good

This was super cool, most impressive title I've played for this jam so far. I did not expect genesis homebrew but I'm very glad you did make it

Also reminded me that I'm rusty as hell in touhou

I like the idea of a top down zelda with n64 like graphics, shame you weren't able to finish

Thanks! There already is controller support, at least if it's an xinput controller (I tested with a ds4 with ds4windows on win8.1)

The response to the apollo hoax question made me laugh, the 98 might be an understatement though

I somehow also forgot to unbind noclip toggle from V as well before release, so that's even easier lol

congrats on the diamonds! thanks for playing the game fully

Charming concept, could do a lot with this idea, like pilotwings touhou or something. This game serves as decent demonstration of it

Flight model may not be the most polished one of them all, but I can't say I wasn't every entertained when playing this, good job

cool simple game, played until 100 combo and figured there's not much after that

I do like the concept! maybe a bit op to clear a level with ricochet + spread (or boss with explosive on top) but hey that was fun

Really nice for a jam, the artwork looks really damn good but I had trouble seeing bullets and my hitbox at times, the ikaruga style system wasn't immediately obvious to me either for whatever reason (personal problem maybe)

Pretty nice, the lock-on is a great feature in a game like this especially when I'm so rusty in dodging I need to completely focus on myself and not aiming

Love the cutscenes and the drawn artwork! Cool concept

This is a known false positive with the engine binary. the engine is free open source software and I know it's safe, but need to figure out how to stop these false positives since I can't blame people for not trusting it

wall kick like in mario 64 would've been super cool but didn't have time to add any more movement tech after what was already in :)

this is a known issue unfortunately, something is making antiviruses flag it as a false positive. afaik the engine developers are trying to work on the issue so hopefully I can patch the games later to not have the problem

I'm afraid it could be an antivirus software thinking it's harmful, I've had some users report things like that before. The software is not malicious in any way but somehow the engine has gotten itself on the list of a few antiviruses and reporting it as false positive to every single one is a fair bit of work. Are you using just windows defender or something else?

Strange, can you try using extracting via windows' built in archive tools?  I don't see why 7zip fails at it though unless some other software interferes...

Very nice job with the bsp rendering, glad to know old tech works well in a new medium like web too. the low poly look of the enemies and the pistol also works well, and I know how much of a pain q1 mdl can be when it comes to colors and texture st :)

Thanks! You're too kind!

Thanks a lot! I'll check out your game too :)

Haha, very nice! Thanks for sharing!

The engine is tagged false positive by a few anti virus software, there's not much I can do about this. It's all open source and the binaries used are official builds of the engine. it is safe but I get it if some people aren't comfortable trusting it

I'd be happy to have the game included!


I'm aware, the fteqw engine has been flagged as false positive. it's GPL though so you can build it yourself if it bothers you.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the comment! Yeah I'm aware of some antiviruses not liking the engine, didn't know 64-bit versions were different! Can you tell me which antivirus are you using? I can also submit them a report to tell them it's a false positive, I've done it before for f-secure and it stopped flagging it