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Great game! Amazing style and music - and is very polished for a game jam game. I love the opening. My only complaint is the shortness of it! But obviously a game jam game is a game jam game. The level design can feel odd at times, but apart from that - great game man :)

Well made game man! Good idea, good levels, and fun :)

Fun game! The puzzles are interesting and well made! While it can have clunky movement and controls it's a good entry! I like the music :)

My rating: 3, 5, 5

Brilliant, original, and thought-provoking game. Good job man :)

Wow! This was a darn fun game - of course there are a few oversights in design and balancing, but apart from that: fun game!

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it :)

Wow! This game was fun! Of course it has some problems such as clunky aiming and obvious lack of player sprite - the door mechanic is super interesting and well done! Good job :)

My Rating - 4, 5, 5

Well made, simple, and fun game :)

Love it! This game is criminally underrated. Completed the story and think you should definitely continue with this idea!

Your solution was actually the intended solution. The exploding barrel didn't really have a purpose - which was an oversight on my end, my bad. I'm glad you finished the game though! I'm actually thinking of polishing the game up and putting it on itch - so your feedback on the level design helps. Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Cheers :) 

Thanks :) and yes screw slopes very much

Thank you :) 

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Thanks for the feedback! It was just me who worked on the game - but I'm really glad you enjoyed it!  Cheers :) 

Edit: I just realized you made lurking in the dark and wanted to say congrats - your game is phenomenal! 

If it works - then it works! Out of interest - where did you get to in the game? 

Loved it - fun, quirky, and amazing game - good job :)

My rating: 5, 4, 5

Bloody hell - this is an amazing game. Amazing job!

My Rating: 5, 5, 5

Fun,  difficult. and interesting game! While it does have bugs as it's a game jam game - it is fun and very interesting!

Phenomenal Game - great music, idea, and design. Good job!

Bloody brilliant puzzle game - original, thought-provoking. Really good - great job :)

Original, interesting, and fun! This game is funny, addictive, and well drawn. Good job!

My rating: 4, 5, 5

Brilliantly made game - feels way too polished for a jam game! Good job :)

My Rating: 5, 5, 5 :)

Cool! I'll try to improve that in future shooters. Thanks for the feedback :)

Climb up on the barrel :)

Well made and really cool concept - good job man :)

Bloody hell this is a well-made game. While the difficulty is high - and it took me about 20 minutes to finish the game - I loved  it. Brilliant job man.

My Rating: 5, 5, 5 :)

Fun, cute, and original game! While it does have some minor design flaws - I found it really fun and really liked the music! 

My rating: 4, 5, 5

Good job man! :)

Currently the game is showing a java syntax error on Google and Edge - I hope it's me being a dingus and not a genuine problem :(

Clever, fun, and addictive game! Well done man!

I agree - I'm not an expert on level design XD 

Thanks for the feedback :)

Thank you :)

Thanks for the feedback! I completely agree with all of your criticisms - but sadly because it's a game jam the game will have problems and I can't fix them XD

Bloody love it - it's addictive original and interesting :)