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Posted in Curves comments

Remember the visualizations of the old versions of windows media, including XP.

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P.D: The v1.2 links is changed on Google Drive. Where advertising doesn't bother before download. You already have less problems to download, don't forget  before deactivate the block of external links (pop-ups) from your browser in order to access to download.

it's certainly just an animation, I was referring to it in the graphics and music

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Nyan Cat in Pico-8 version, lol! there is more than one version of this style with the Nyan Cat, for example in this link: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=28186

Neon plants in the Tron world, this isn't an alien enviroment, but is a virtual & electronic world. The contrast between black and neon lights, along with music, makes for an sinisterly relaxed environment.

Use a Winrar Zip program for example on file extration.

Great post-apocalyptic survival retro game.

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Ok, I will help you the safest option to download version 1.2:

Enter the links of IndieDB which is below of  "enter these links as an alternative:" click, enter indieDB and download. (where says download now). After that, don't forget to extract the folder before playing.

P.D: The v1.2 links are already fixed, the previous one was more direct, but it didn't work in all the browsers or it was only the firefox. You already have less problems to download, don't forget before deactivate the block of external links (pop-ups) from your browser in order to access to download.

It's normal for us to complain before we get used to new things, but there are times when we have to give alternatives to those who can't, such as button controls in addition to what is already established in the game.

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Of course I tried the tutorial, but it isn't very useful during the game, apart from it's easy to make mistakes that's why you call it "unusual one-touch controls". That's why I ask you to correct that mistake, and also a basic arrow button system.

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The truth is that the game design is brilliantly electronic and musical, but the control with the finger or mouse is very rough, and almost always have to play the opposite direction.

it's more practical to handle that vintage disc with a basic button system.

Efecto de televisión de los 80 bien hecho. Hola, soy Ofihombre, otro desarrollador español.

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The sweet fan-game of Wreck-It Ralph is update on the version 1.2 with a extended update list:

- added 5 more characters: includes Crumbelina, Adorabeezle, Nougetsia, Minty Sakura, and now, Wreck-It Ralph!

- Has unlocked the extra cup with 3 new circuits: includes Candy Clouds, Retro Sugar Rush and Fix-It Felix Jr.

- Some minor bugs and some details fixed.

- Load screen with animated text.

You can download on this link: https://ofihombre.itch.io/sugar-rush-superraceway

Also available in:

IndieDB (Windows): http://www.indiedb.com/games/sugar-rush-superraceway/downloads/sugar-rush-superr...

IndieDB (Mac): http://www.indiedb.com/games/sugar-rush-superraceway/downloads/sugar-rush-superr...

It's like the screenboy from Bullet Phaze: https://rhete.itch.io/bullet-phaze
The best of all is the cosmic music, the rest is a very simple game.
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Friend, read the instructions to download correctly:

1. Enter the links of IndieDB in case you don't work the other (where says download now). 

2. Remove the block of external links from your browser in order to access Google Drive (where the game is downloaded).

Posted in B'lox! comments
An interesting puzzle game, The graphics are a reminder to the GameBoy Advance.

Really? Have you tried the game or not? You should have a PC before that 

How great? Did you get it downloaded after so many attempts?

By the way, now I am your follower, and you could also follow my profile: https://ofihombre.itch.io/

Posted in Pastel comments

It's short, but it's pretty interesting for your level. Great minigame.

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I know it isn't a Pokémon, I just said it by your appearance, remove the mockery please.

Posted in Z69 comments

It's a big challenge, and something entertaining. The character sometimes resembles a Squirtle with a gun.

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Este juego de sonic es de jugabilidad muy precaria, como en la mayoría de los fangames malos que hay en Gamejolt, Scratch y Kongregate. Además, está hecho con el viejo Game Maker (el clásico Game Maker 8), y es solo para Windows, te equivocaste en poner en Mac, Linux y más sobretodo en Android (que los programas de Windows no sirven para nada en Android, ni suquiera tu móvil).

P.D: Se que aún no tienes experencia suficiente para hacer un buen juego, así que ánimos.

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It doesn't look like a turtle, even the head is like a slime of Andrux Adventure:https://ofihombre.itch.io/andrux-adventure

At least you have improved something on the physics of the magnetic platforms, good work.

Is great the concept of magnetic platforms, but there are times that it costs a lot to use them well to be able to move forward, or just not working correctly.
The Piranha plants eat the marios. It's cool crazy.

The information of the game also appear in made with unity: https://madewith.unity.com/en/games/sugar-rush-superraceway

Ciao Mazsoft, sono Ofihombre. Ho visto il gioco prima in indieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/downloads/paper-dungeon-10-demo

Sugar Rush Superraceway is the 3D fangame of the racing game of Wreck-It Ralph. The objective is to become the first of the finish
as fast as possible before the opponents beat you. Take you a sweet race!

You can download on this link: https://ofihombre.itch.io/sugar-rush-superraceway

Also Available in IndieDB:

IndieDB (Windows): http://www.indiedb.com/games/sugar-rush-superraceway/downloads/sugar-rush-superraceway-v09-windows

IndieDB (Mac): http://www.indiedb.com/games/sugar-rush-superraceway/downloads/sugar-rush-superraceway-v09-mac

Originally IO, was made in Game Maker Studio, and you have ported it in Construct 2, and I see that the enemies are more challenging than the previous one (well done), but the first thing I noticed, is the lack of sound and music, the previous version had it. Have you forgotten to put it, or is it that Construct 2 didn't leave it?

Ah Ok, you can't for reasons of Copyright (DMCA), it will happen like the ones I found in 2016:

No Mario's Sky: https://asmb.itch.io/no-marios-sky

Other games: https://itch.io/takedowns/71240

But at least you could leave me a link from google drive or mega, that will not give you so sudden claim, well, it doesn't matter.

It's a Ultra HD remake of Super Mario 64 (Super Mario 4K), My PC (Windows 7) going very slow, because it isn't so powerful that it works for me optimally.

Could you put a graphics quality selector for less powerful PC's?