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I didn't mean to change the title of the game (at least you would have put y5k Retro Runner).

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thanks for the gratitude you have given me, but the text that you copied me, you should adapt them with your own arguments.

the Gaming history runner, from 1970 to 2000, from Pong to Tetris.

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Arabian wrong download PC game in Android phone in fourth time. This is already out of line, it seems that he refuses to learn the lesson that he can't play Windows/PC games if had downloaded it on Android phones like the Samsung, he doesn't even use the chrome translator to read. Instead, he go back and screw up every day with changing the words to look for the same thing.

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The wrong IndieDB download of arabian user downloading a windows program in Android phone confusing by a Mac version, has been repeated for the third time.

Why is this happening? Perhaps he hasn't come to understand that he can't play PC/Mac games on his phone? Or is it that a bot has entered that keeps him repeating the process once every day?

Have told me before, You would have said from the beginning that there is a device detector instead of confusing me. but is it functional? do you use it in your profile?

There is no bad in putting a one-button option to download an all-in-one gaming folder for various platforms, it's affordable, but that isn't the way to detect in which platform the game has been downloaded, it's detected from the analytics (as I showed you in the previous comment), and the best way to avoid wrong downloads from the wrong operating systems, is are using Google Play model platforms for Android, App Store for iOS or Steam for PC.

P.D: I don't know what you mean with 5 different options.

First you say that listing all the options is a nonsense a embarassing and then you say you have users that use the wrong architecture to download? That is a double moral, if you have friends that wrongly download PC/Mac games on Android/iOS for example and it doesn't work, you should teach them in which devices with their respective platform works correctly for that software.

And yes, the analytics of in downloads should be updated and shown as in IndieDB / ModDB, because there are even people who look for a PC game without really knowing what is a "PC".

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They download the Windows or Linux version on the wrong way, and it doesn't work on his devices (at least until they unzip the folder with AndroZip).

Another great computing illiteracy, Arabian user who is looking for a game for Mac on his Android Smartphone without knowing what it means Mac, and get confused by mistake downloading the Windows version in the wrong way. 

The casual players & Android/iOS phones they are normalizing more and more this stupid practice of downloading software from other operating systems without first having a good emulator in conditions or by streaming.

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A demo version It has been 10 years without completing his development. You mention that the game was going to be similar to Wreck-It Ralph, so he enter other games and defeat a virus. If it had sequel, it would be: Pac-Man Eats the Internet.

I accept your thanks, but you have to accept the last thing I have proposed to improve the gameplay of your game, is that in the last levels, going from left to right or reverse takes more than a second to respond on their respective arrow buttons.

It's nice, but the gameplay It feels rough in the last levels.

Cute Toast Jam Smash TV XD.

Angry Angry Dad, the "sequel" of Angry Dad XD.

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Android browser entries in game pages for Windows/Mac in itself, it could also be counted as possible wrong downloads of PC/Mac software in Android phone/tablet, if is reached a relevant number on the referrers.

Thanks, but I already played the standalone version.

The No Man's Sky of cubic planets (no 100% all), It has a fantastic abstract and minimalist universe, there are even small planets and asteroids that orbit around black holes. The controls of the WebGL version are the ones that leave something to be desired.

The No Man's Sky of cubic planets (no 100% all), It has a fantastic abstract and minimalist universe, there are even small planets and asteroids that orbit around black holes. The controls of the WebGL version are the ones that leave something to be desired.

Un juego de Bitsy en español, nunca lo he oido hablar de ello.

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Well, is what this game is about.

Memory in a 2D graphic evolution on the gaming.

Only need add the music & sound effects in the game.

Flappy Blue Illuminati Pyramid Geometry Dash XD, it just lacks a better music that isn't "so boring that it makes you yawn" and less repetitive than that simple trumpet sound, and also need that becomes more difficult as the game progresses.

Vectorial Tron car but with physical bugs & lack of audio loop about playing.

The favorite Pico-8 game for Mr. Crab (Sponge Bob), he also loves money and jewelry.

A very surrealistic game as a 3D spaceshooter without being. A cube traveling in an abstract and surreal microverse, how to go happening in a molecular world.

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The game should better be called "Lightball Jump: The Coin Collector of the Darkness" and with music that fits better the game environment.

A new sport is born, the Finikey.

Vincesauce returns with Sugar Rush Superraceway in Blight Bundle:

A puzzle-platformer with Greek style. The greek bugs of Tithonus.

A surprisingly & extraordinary strangeness. A abstract world with some "trees" with extravagant and original designs, and with the particles gives a touch of electronic world. The high & slow jumps, it make you feel like you are on the moon, but because of the color of the ground, more like it seems that this world is in IO (the volcanic moon from Jupiter).

Before: Plants vs Zombies 

Now: You vs Plants & Zombies

P.D: Oh Sorry, If it has sounds, is because I had the volume turned off.

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Phantom Nokia 3D, it's really very curious watch a game that emulates the old Nokia phones from early 21th century or even from the late 20th century. The game, despite that haven't sounds, It makes sense that there isn't have when it comes to honoring the first games of the first mobile telephones on the history, and above has the 3D effect, it's given a lot of merit.

A memory to the 1980's arcade shoot'em ups with kawaii style like Parodius.

Yes, It's some funny to see someone with an stupid face who download in a wrong way a PC game on his phone/tablet, it happens many times in simple games of free download, in which although they take a version for Android, it also have the version for Windows, and this people that was download the Windows version  in the wrong way on his Android phone/tablet, they will have confused it in an epic way to the Android version.

The big problem with Windows emulation in Android, is that there is a lot of fakes and misinformation about this theme (Wine for Android wasn't updated since January 2018), but there is another way to be able to play PC/Mac games on Android/iOS, the Streaming, but it's not worth it, because you need to pay a monthly subscription, a very good Internet signal and mandatory, the screen is filled with so many buttons that your fingers will cover almost everything, and nothing game will be your property.

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Ballware looks like the Indie version of Super Monkey Ball, but it has the same music from OpenGameArt, Apart to add more levels, the game also need his own original soundtrack.

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This is the last straw, users who download in the wrong way PC Windows/Mac games in phone/tablets of Android, searching "PC game" without knowing what really means a "PC".  

When will they learn these that a Smartphone doesn't work for everything? A Smartphone is not a PC without a basis for it to function as such, Android is not Windows, .exe programs aren't .apk & PC it means "Personal Computer", not "Phone Call". Every time less importance is taken on the appropriate use of technology for people who are increasingly casual, ignorant and technologically illiterate.