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P.D: I have left a review with ideas to improve the game.

Ok, thanks. How could I have forgotten something so simple.

Ralph doesn't wreck. There is no button to break things.

Ralph doesn't wreck. There is no button to break things.

I would put as full name in the title "Wobble Balance" instead of just "Wobble". Besauce I see that more game have the same word in the title, and adding another word to the side or changing it would distinguish a bit better.

I was have a serious error when downloading in the app.

Another sonic game with bugs, but not many as Sonic Colors Ultimate XD.

Cool thanks.

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Is good the GBC rebound, but I'm going to talk a couple of ideas to make it more interesting:
1. At the goal of each level (very Super Mario Bros. 3 style), the screen freezes until you get to the next one.
I considered that you would put a goal screen that gives more extra coins when it takes less time to overcome the levels.

2. And speaking of coins, as with the two parts of Rebound 2, are only to be collected and that's it. And it is from this version is where it should already give its most basic purpose. How to invest them in stores to get temporary power-ups.

Congratulations. Because you are going to dedicate full time in RPG in a Box.

With all the elapsed time since the original game, Papergirl is the Paperboy's daughter.

5 years before (2016), No Mario's Sky.

5 years later (2021), No Pac-Man's Sky.

Another 5 Years (2026), No Sonic's Sky?

Oh, Well, I hope it will be resumed in the next version with a more advanced level.

The dragon & castle from Glitchland Kingdom (or MissingNoLand), because the graphics it's literally made with a full of glitches.

I already see your fixed star, but you made it easier the challenge of reaching the goal within 5 seconds (now 7,5 seconds).

It was more interesting the challenge of 5 seconds instead of 7,5.

Great game. I was get all stars (except in day 11).

Planet resources manager with Super Mario Galaxy aesthetic XD.

Cool, next Pico-Tapper & Pico-Fix-It Felix Jr. XD.

P.D.: Due to the 3 factors that I already mentioned, the stage 4 it's very tedious to pass.

Great, but it's still unnecesary for HTML5 versions, it's better to remove it and add in the standalone version.

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The digital world concept it's cool, but it fails in his execution. A game with a digital/virtual theme & with a beautiful waifu/loli aren't enough to have a good game. And I say it for some factors:

1. She is very slow when jumping and running at the same time since first second from this action, and it is worse when reaching very near platforms.

2. Using the mouse for the dash is sometimes not feasible. In certain PCs the cursor doesn't recognize the program or it is outside and when you click it will exit on the window.

I would recommend that you also use the buttons W/S for WASD or Z/X for arrows.

3. The level design it would also need some improvements.
For example, It gets repetitive (until distracts) that the levels are full of spikes until they cover in areas where they are unnecessary (despite small variations).

The names from some stages (like 3, 4 or 12 "Ninja House") indicate that perhaps they need backgrounds that accompany the virtual aesthetics of the game. Along with tileset variations it would make more recognizable to the player.

The start zones from each stage look very similar to each other.

Lol, the breakout of the Wailmer's pre-evolution XD (Pink whale is the shiny):

Olá EmptyChild. Já descobri porque os créditos não funcionaram para mim. Estava em formato de vídeo, e só funcionava se você estivesse usando o Windows 10.

Os créditos não aparecem, botão faltando para sair do jogo.

Should need music & SFX.

The number 1 from the font looks very like 7.

The exit button is unnecesary for HTML5 games, it just makes it freeze. It makes more sense as a downloadable version.

Well, But I think that it could avoid strange things like this by adding a options menu that can fit the resolution (example, switch from 1080x720 to 1920x1080) or a windowed version.

The screen resolution was expanded for no reason when starting the game for the second time (it wouldn't let me see the Highscore or the outgrowth).

It need a stable setting for the resolution. I think I did it by pressing a button, and I don't know why it happened.

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Hello Justin. I'm Ofihombre. Can you fit the battle feedback (damage, exp., level up) for also first person camera? It's barely visible when defeating enemies. 
And also when it level up, sound could be included to give a better progress sense.

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Well, the anomaly in views counter in the end has already disappeared. It was only a matter of time that this incident was resolved by having the page restricted with enough days. Now that it's over, I have the public page again.

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I have even tried changing a bit the URL direction of my game, and it doesn't even stop the artificial view increase, because it basically led to the same site regardless of the URL change.

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Well, but how did you change to the standard difficulty, I think it could better has a difficulty selector in the game, & return to main menu when all levels are complete.

A robot could beat all levels very quickly by smashing buttons almost instantly. The tiring of the fingers when pressing the buttons to move the frog very constantly is another factor of the difficulty.

Ok, thanks, I finally cleared the level 6, but I had to be lucky to choose the right path.

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I really mean that is very difficult the level 4, and 6 it seems "imposible".

Yes, I did, but it took me many attempts to win in the second most difficult level.

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The input from frog movement is sometimes too slow for escape the alligators in some levels (until imposible).

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(Spanish Version): Lol, el Repara-Félix italiano, porque veo un montón de posters de Rompe-Ralph en todas las habitaciones XDXDXD.

Lol, Italian Fix-It Felix, because I watch a lot of Wreck-It Ralph posters in all rooms XDXDXD.