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Very good game, but I don't like the blur effect when turning the camera.

Lack music and sound that fits the game.

An excellent combination of Flappy Bird and Tetris, a challenge that you have to think fast to place the pieces correctly. This game is part of the subgenre of "Puzzle Runner".

An excellent combination of Flappy Bird and Tetris, a challenge that you have to think fast to place the pieces correctly. This game is part of the subgenre of "Puzzle Runner".

Hungry Harry Potter XD, to be a Pico-8 game with 3D effect is great.

just that and it's already? you put an rating and you do not say anything about your experience, and you download something that you already have.

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Vaya sátira hacia el copyright, el juego es sencillo, los personajes que son plagios se detectan facilmente aquellos que están recoloreados o con cambios de diseño (algunos de estos perfectamente se encuetran en entregas oficiales como Super Smash Bros, por lo cual se me hace un poco absurdo), pero se puede confundir con los que tienen diálogos de los originales,

El título de "La inquisición del Copyright" le queda para algunos bien como sobrenombre a lo que está pasando en Europa con los artículos 11 y 13, que borra por copyright hasta fragmentos insignificantes sin importancia (deja al DMCA enpequeñecido).

Brick Racing, el típico jueguecito de carreras hecho de bloques de Tetris que vino de las copias chinas de Gameboy, la infancia de muchos de que los que han crecido a finales del siglo XX.

- Main Menu: Sound the sea 

- While playing: An helicopter

- Up & Down buttons: A motobike

It's a NES homebrew made with NES maker?

Minit, Secend & now Moment, with the colors inverted and much shorter, but very good background music.

Cartoon giantess simulator, lol. The trembling effect of a person the size of Godzilla is well achieved, But is it just that a giant girl crushes the tiny boy like a simple ant? Shouldn't you also put it in her hand, to look at it better, to eat it, among other things?

Survival horror in retro 8-bit. It's sound like nice.

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A mix of Space Invaders & Sheriff.

More fast, more harder, good runner.

Ascentron is Ok, but start with fullscreen abruptly, I get it wrong and very possibly don't respond. He would also need to put enemies.

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This white squares, they are too cute to look like robots XD, but good puzzle.

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This white squares, they are too cute to look like robots XD, but good puzzle.

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The game has too many spikes & wall jumps, so many that it makes the game almost impossible to pass. It comes with a case similar to that of Wild Goose Chase, but worse:

It's technically Pacman Drop,  but with improved mechanics, except music:

Thanks for the advice, I never really did that until I wanted to upload files with more than 500 MB, and when the limit was doubled, I arrived very late to change 2 of the external links for direct downloads. If the limit is doubled or tripled one day, external links are probably unnecessary. Although the conventional download of isn't even perfect.

Hey Justin, Ofihombre again. You haven't been updating for 3 months, you didn't launch v0.5. 

Why did you leave so long?  You showed so many things that it would be time to add that version. has some errors when it comes to downloading game files. It happens in certain cases when a new game is uploaded, Clicking on download, and when the message "Thanks for downloading" appears, the download doesn't work, but where download errors happen the most, it's from external links, when browsers detect that the page of that game isn't completely secure, the external download link is detected as Pop-Up and is automatically blocked, unless you configure it. 

There are people who feel cheated by not knowing that the browsers or even the Itch app doesn't work the downloads of some games, they start trying as many as 40 times in a row, and there are games that unfortunately have had the worst attacks of fake downloads of this class:

Sugar Rush Superraceway for example, a Unity fangame of the racing game from Wreck-It Ralph released in April of 2017, was launched starting with external download links from Google Drive, because at the time you couldn't upload file of more than 500 MB for direct download, and how the browser detected the page as "not completely secure" (reason for most downloads blocked as pop-ups), started with a bad foot, so I quickly added the alternative of downloading it on IndieDB links (where most downloads did work well there) for those who couldn't from external links, but not everyone paid attention, and users continued to download in the worst possible way.

Months later, I was remember the time I configured the browser and disable pop-up blocking so that my game download tests would be successful, update install instructions for how to configure browsers to download, and I was updating them and improving them over time, but for better edited and ordered that the instructions are, there were still people who didn't pay attention to it (usually by hurry or not knowing the English), and downloading the game badly.

Until now (October, 1 of 2018), the game came to have 3460 downloads, among which, between 46-54% would estimate that they were fake downloads, it is more, had moments that got to have until between 10 and 20 failed downloads by attempts mainly due to that blocked by their browsers. I have even managed to finally add direct downloads with the ultra-compressed and in v0.9, and not even solve the problem that would worsen more and more in September 30, where he registered up to 102 downloads out of 36 views, and 80-84 of them were fake downloads, and part of them were caused by sitebender, who ended up throwing in the towel with a negative review saying: "I do want to play this, but after a year of trying, I was unable to" I explained the reasons why their downloads didn't work,  and it turned out that they were caused by the downloader of the itch app, but before I answered, I went to check it, and in doing so if it worked in the app with the ultra-compressed and in Windows v0.9.

In conclusion, that the games in are allowed to have fake downloads It isn't just the fault of developers, but also not to configure well browsers, and especially is that we don't all have a good Internet connection, and we can't download games in the same way, That is why it's where there arise the fake and failed downloads.

Oh, sorry. Well, in your review, you said that you try for a year, that exaggerated. Among those 80 failed downloads of yesterday, There will be people who have also had the same problem as you. The extensive instructions are based on downloads from browsers, they serve to make configurations and have the possibility to download from external link, I tried to do that, and it worked for me. So your problems were in the downloader of the itch app?  If you have the game and you get an error, it gives you the option to go to the file folder, but only when they are direct to the zip.

And although the direct download works better, until it suffers its attack of fake downloads, and the worst (24 times in September 30, 2018).

The copyright wars is now. Already happening in Europe with the Article 13, and the DCMA may adopt a similar position.

The game is so good, that it deserves a downloadable version to be preserved. Or I spent a little overrating?

Ah! Ok, it's like in the graphics of the Sega Gamegear and Master System, that by the colors it looks like 16-bits, but they aren't, is a trick to make the game look better graphically.

Tic-80 is now able to have 16-bit graphics?

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Very good short game, the sound & 16-bits graphics remember a Gameboy Advance game.

This is reality Garfielf kart, so badly drawn & the Lasaga-land circuit:

Lemming Birds.

I finally have a proof of a user who has wrongly downloaded a Windows PC game on his Android phone! the user is called "The Benji Kawaii23", and he have wrongly downloaded on his android phone a PC game called "Sonic Boll", acknowledged the error he has made. The comment is Spanish.

that's true I thought it would work on mobile xd

Blue Blooper defeat 100 Krabbys & end the game, but if lose, the game is crashed.

Luckily, the Android phones they can also be used as complete computers, thanks to bases like the Samsung Dex, which would be the best way to emulate the software from Windows, Mac & Linux, but unfortunately the PC emulators for Android are still very precarious, irrelevant and limited, which is still a problem, and that's why there are still users who download erroneously PC/Mac games on the phone/tablet, not only because there are less PCs, but also for lack of quality emulators like the classic videogame consoles. And the Samsung Dex should be taken as a reference to have the possibility to use and emulate Windows/Mac software in Android/iOS completely. 

For now, only part of the Windows software can be used in operating systems such as: Mac with Winebottler, Linux with Wine and ReactOS.

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Pico-8 game with Bitsy movement.

Ok, but Waterfall it's synonymous of Cascade. At least improve the music of the NES version, I was referring to inaccessible because it was so complicated that it uses Cappy to reach far areas.

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The demake is good, but the music It's scandalous, a bad 8-bit remix of the Waterfall Kingdom, and there are unplayable areas.