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Hi Leafo. Sorry, but the GooseStranger case made me think of a theory that was outside of what the system really works.

I would have liked to have read one more sentence from you to support why what I said was false.

You should have been more careful about hiding your password.

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Then it was be a hacker who delete.

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I think that in, the servers that host certain games suffered some damage or failure, or algorithmically delete games that have been without traffic for at least a year (Leafo confirmed to me that the latter is not how it works on It could be one of the two cases that happened to you.

That doesn't take away the fact that it is a patch on a poorly designed business model.

Well, I have already seen it again, and it seems that the versions up to 5 at least have returned.

But with second question, it's as if you don't care about the people who have used the engine, but who have suffered catastrophes that can leave them without internet for months or ever years (like earthquakes or hurricanes).

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It won't affect us that much financially, It will affects us more with the following things:

1. For November, there will be an offline blocking system, in which if you are without an Internet connection for 3 days, unity can't be used for offline.

2. It will also not be possible to experiment between previous and new versions, because they have eliminated everything before at once on the website (Before they deleted the 3 and 4 versions, now all except the new one).

Even when EA fired Riccitello, continued to be the hated company that it is, with the loot boxes, or even the crunch in games like Anthem.

Well, if Unity did the same, the situation won't change much, since they lost the trust of the developers.

It wouldn't be strange if Unity would soon be bought by EA itself.

They was deleted all previous versions? So no one could update with the version that best suits them.

Once again, Unity proves to be the most anti-developer engine on history.

But it possible to install in the itch app.

You could go try Godot or Flax.

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Protest against Unity, using a game made with Unity.

What a big irony XDXDXDXDXDXD.

Yeah, something like that:

I had heard that there was a godot addon that can bring Unity scenes, although it wouldn't apply the same for scripts.

But the problem is that my game started in 2019 (4 years!).

Basically Randy & Manilla development is taking me between not releasing it commercially or merely canceling it. 

I had planned to be able to finish it until 2025, but due to Unity's new plans, if I decide to change the engine (either Unreal, Godot or Flax), it would end up being delayed until 2030, because it would be so expensive to recreate it from scratch for the entire time by all programming and graphic redesign.

If the other engines opted for similar policies, a new video game crisis could come due to them (especially indies), and the developers would end up giving up on the industry. Charging for installs is a treacherous attack on the video game industry, and one in which so many games would be affected.

Can you imagine that YouTube will also charge taxes for views, once a video exceeds the 200.000 barrier?

What do you dislike about my avatar? The face or the squared head?

Very colorful for a bitsy game.

How to make graphics look for Splatoon 4.

The only alternative what remains are the standalone builds.

I still have the problem:

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Com el joc està basat en la comunitat Valenciana, em donava moltes ganes de parlar en Valencià. Et faltaria una versió en Valencià (que també es Català).

The recommendation at the end suits me, because in the itch·io app, the game doesn't work.

El joc de replegar peres i fruites en el Bancalet amb un cabàs.

It's a Balloon Fight, but without balloons?

And that is where it makes the least sense. Why are downloads blocked when there aren't payments, but with those that have donations there is no problem?

In which game did it happen to you?

It seems very strange to me to create or remake a saga with numerical disorder.

Where is the Boxx 2?

Ok, I already found out that the alternative route was in the blue area by means of an elevator. Many thanks.

But still, I would like to ask you for just two more things:

1. Could you also add the input of the command by left alt + space? (Because my current PC doesn't have right ctrl).

2. I also found another bug in which if you reach the roof of the entire map and move forward, you fall into the infinite void.

Well, i will go there if i can. If it isn't accessible, there will be a revision.

To understand it better, I mean more like in the area marked in red. And in the yellow area could you add a button for said elevator.

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Reconfigured left control to right control is not the best solution, because not all keyboards have right control.

Well, if you don't want all elevators to have buttons, you could at least put at least one from the example screenshot, which is a key zone without alternative route.

That command has saved me from a good trouble.

I've even made it to the third power-up that turns him into a slimy ball that climbs walls (Which makes it much more accessible).

But the problem is that it uses the same left control button, and if I press the jump key, it accidentally takes me to the command to return to the starting point of the game. The command or the power up, should change its input to Z, X or Alt buttons.

The way to get the third power-up wasn't very easy, and some small sections would have to be redesigned to make it a bit easier.

And there are even elevators that lack a return button to go back up. Like this example:

Because of things like this, I barely have two pieces left that are practically inaccessible.

And another one. How do you want a player to advance if there are several areas that are impossible to exit?

Please, it's not enough to just review this part, the entire game has to be reviewed.

I also found another blockade in Glassy section (seriously, it's a bad design).

From fix windows to turn off windows. Insteresting concept, but i would have expected many more levels.

Lol, Acabei de descobrir um jogo de alguém que compartilhava uma visão semelhante à minha. Apresentando um título no estilo Detona Ralph e minijogos de vários gêneros, E mesmo antes daquele em que ainda estou trabalhando.

Mas ele tem o estilo dele.

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Hi, I'm Alex Monfort (Ofihombre).

I have recently noticed that in Firefox has blocked downloads from, and it appears with the following text:

Blocked page

An error occurred connecting to

This is an example of what has happened to me. The strange thing is that this hasn't happened to me with games prior to July 2023, and even if you set your browser to allow Pop-ups, it keeps giving me locks.

And also mentioned with a link that is very different from the one on the download page (like It is as if the newest games weren't hosted on's own servers and were on other servers of dubious origin, and that the browser considers them as "malware nests", and still blocks them.

Anyway, both Chrome and Itch app this error doesn't happen, and it only happens in Firefox. We would have to contact Mozilla to find out about this problem.

Much better & great job. Anyway it's a great short game.