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A puzzle-platformer with Greek style. The greek bugs of Tithonus.

A surprisingly & extraordinary strangeness. A abstract world with some "trees" with extravagant and original designs, and with the particles gives a touch of electronic world. The high & slow jumps, it make you feel like you are on the moon, but because of the color of the ground, more like it seems that this world is in IO (the volcanic moon from Jupiter).

Before: Plants vs Zombies 

Now: You vs Plants & Zombies

P.D: Oh Sorry, If it has sounds, is because I had the volume turned off.

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Phantom Nokia 3D, it's really very curious watch a game that emulates the old Nokia phones from early 21th century or even from the late 20th century. The game, despite that haven't sounds, It makes sense that there isn't have when it comes to honoring the first games of the first mobile telephones on the history, and above has the 3D effect, it's given a lot of merit.

A memory to the 1980's arcade shoot'em ups with kawaii style like Parodius.

Yes, It's some funny to see someone with an stupid face who download in a wrong way a PC game on his phone/tablet, it happens many times in simple games of free download, in which although they take a version for Android, it also have the version for Windows, and this people that was download the Windows version  in the wrong way on his Android phone/tablet, they will have confused it in an epic way to the Android version.

The big problem with Windows emulation in Android, is that there is a lot of fakes and misinformation about this theme (Wine for Android wasn't updated since January 2018), but there is another way to be able to play PC/Mac games on Android/iOS, the Streaming, but it's not worth it, because you need to pay a monthly subscription, a very good Internet signal and mandatory, the screen is filled with so many buttons that your fingers will cover almost everything, and nothing game will be your property.

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Ballware looks like the Indie version of Super Monkey Ball, but it has the same music from OpenGameArt, Apart to add more levels, the game also need his own original soundtrack.

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This is the last straw, users who download in the wrong way PC Windows/Mac games in phone/tablets of Android, searching "PC game" without knowing what really means a "PC".  

When will they learn these that a Smartphone doesn't work for everything? A Smartphone is not a PC without a basis for it to function as such, Android is not Windows, .exe programs aren't .apk & PC it means "Personal Computer", not "Phone Call". Every time less importance is taken on the appropriate use of technology for people who are increasingly casual, ignorant and technologically illiterate.

Match puzzle with gameplay similar than Wario Woods. it's Ok.

Just like a Bomberman platformer.

I don't think you are the only one who doesn't put ads for mobile games. You know? I will tell you more when I want to download it for Android.

I don't trust, because the first time you don't see advertising, but when you enter many times if it could. I have seen other free Android games made with Unity, and they came automatically loaded with advertising, because that is almost always the default for the operating system.

Fall to Infinity & Beyond! With mobile game structure, It would be better to play here, but I prefer the Windows version, because here is 0% advertising when it's free.

A simulation of a nice walk in the park of a huge mansion from England. It's perfect for a virtual reality version.

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Not only for not wanting to see, but also for not wanting to read and understand the requirements necessary to play that games, they even download the wrong way with the phone searching "PC game", without knowing what it really means a PC

One of the most affected games, are usually the free games of, gamejolt, indieDB, etc., because don't exists a regulation of downloads for specific devices (as in Steam, Google Play, App Store, etc.), and the fangames known for the casuals are like a magnet of wrong downloads with the phone/tablet (especially from the Youtube links, where visits are mostly from Android and iOS), as in this example of someone who accidentally downloaded Super Smash Land on Android:

(the game i see it cool, but I can't run it on my Android)

There is a lot of misinformation and waste in Windows emulation for Android, so the only way to play PC/Mac games in Android/iOS phones is through on Streaming, but you need a good Internet connection, and the worst thing is that you have to pay a monthly subscription and nothing title and the experiences aren't our property. 

Una chica con cara de Andrux:

The first PC Windows/Mac game downloaded in a wrong way on Android phone/tablet of 2019.  Damn! the most inept, casual and ignorant people still don't learn the valuable lesson that they don't have to download software from other operating systems that aren't compatible with their. It's clear that this year, these technological illiteracy practices they will become more stupidly frequent than in 2018 If the community doesn't take action quickly. I just can't do anything.

good, but the next update, more sounds and chiptune music.

During the development time, I wanted to look for the script for power-ups for racing games, but I haven't found what I was looking for, apart from that I didn't know how to do it. Moreover, it doesn't make sense to keep updating because there is little to add to part of the aforementioned that can fit the game, and also it doesn't make sense to update it after the arrival of "Ralph Breaks the Internet", since the chronology of the fangame is between the first film and the sequel.

Updated, and continues with the same error of the lack of letters. You haven't taken anything seriously about correcting this big fault, you must correct by placing a font that may be available for both Windows 7 and 10.

I don't see the letters in my PC, What font do I need to download to get appear?

No contradigas, si te digo que tu Cubix se parece al mío, es porque es anterior al tuyo. 

¿En que juego le vas a poner ese sprite del Cubix del sobrerito? le voy a llamarlo Hat Cubix, por el sombrero para diferenciarlo del mio.

Este Cubix si que se parece a mi Cubix de Ofihombre (yo), solo que es amarillo sin patas:

Very good game, but I don't like the blur effect when turning the camera.

Lack music and sound that fits the game.

An excellent combination of Flappy Bird and Tetris, a challenge that you have to think fast to place the pieces correctly. This game is part of the subgenre of "Puzzle Runner".

An excellent combination of Flappy Bird and Tetris, a challenge that you have to think fast to place the pieces correctly. This game is part of the subgenre of "Puzzle Runner".

Hungry Harry Potter XD, to be a Pico-8 game with 3D effect is great.

just that and it's already? you put an rating and you do not say anything about your experience, and you download something that you already have.

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Vaya sátira hacia el copyright, el juego es sencillo, los personajes que son plagios se detectan facilmente aquellos que están recoloreados o con cambios de diseño (algunos de estos perfectamente se encuetran en entregas oficiales como Super Smash Bros, por lo cual se me hace un poco absurdo), pero se puede confundir con los que tienen diálogos de los originales,

El título de "La inquisición del Copyright" le queda para algunos bien como sobrenombre a lo que está pasando en Europa con los artículos 11 y 13, que borra por copyright hasta fragmentos insignificantes sin importancia (deja al DMCA enpequeñecido).

Brick Racing, el típico jueguecito de carreras hecho de bloques de Tetris que vino de las copias chinas de Gameboy, la infancia de muchos de que los que han crecido a finales del siglo XX.

- Main Menu: Sound the sea 

- While playing: An helicopter

- Up & Down buttons: A motobike

It's a NES homebrew made with NES maker?

Minit, Secend & now Moment, with the colors inverted and much shorter, but very good background music.

Cartoon giantess simulator, lol. The trembling effect of a person the size of Godzilla is well achieved, But is it just that a giant girl crushes the tiny boy like a simple ant? Shouldn't you also put it in her hand, to look at it better, to eat it, among other things?

Survival horror in retro 8-bit. It's sound like nice.