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Cool, but I would recommend that you extend the music so that it sounds less repetitive (minimum a 30s track) and the sprites don't stretch as often.

Sound like a mix of Glitch Techs & Steven Universe.

Original Rapunzel: Manga
Disney's Rapunzel: Anime
This Rapunzel from this game: Netflix adaptation

Lol, the Cappy Friends (Super Mario Odyssey) have possessed football and basketball balls to enslave humans for sports use. XD.

Y una pregunta ¿Como es tu top ranking de videojuegos?

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Lol, Only one level in a nutshell.

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Bién, pero para eso tendrás que descargarlo primero, y probarlo en su versión más reciente (2º alfa). ¿O a lo mejor prefieres mejor esperar hasta que saque la próxima versión actualizada?

Great graphics for a Pico-8 game, looks like 16-bits.

The main character, when stretching to jump, many times he can't make his jump while moving. And the triangle, which is supposed to give you the double jump, it doesn't even work.

Jump doesn't work correctly.

Quizás me refería a un multiplayer locas basado en la conexión de los dispositivos más cercanos. Pues sinceramente no he probado antes ninguno de esos métodos para las partidas online.

Hola, no he podido conectar en ningun host para jugar en línea desde el juego. ¿Por que no pusiste también un multiplayer local como lo fue el Pac-Man Vs. de Gamecube y su remaster de la Switch? Donde se pueda conectar los dispositivos más cercanos.

Denmark censored in Youtube by Article 13/17 or Terreg XD. A joke, but painfully true (not exactly referring to the two directives).

yeah, the hour of creepypastas, lol.

Cool test, but the number 7 is inverted (upside down).

Is very obvious that since the DSi & 3DS aren't longer physically retro-compatible with Gameboy Advance games. At least the games bought in the eShop can be played digitally (only those selected by the virtual console).

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Lo he jugado en Nintendo Switch, y está muy bién. Enhorabuena Josyan.

Não, na verdade, já existe um Sugar Rush como esse para dispositivos móveis:

Hi Havana24, you could make your flash games downloadable? The flash support will end in Christmas of this 2020.

I also have a similar problem with version 25.4.1., but in the Windows version with the Unity WebGL games They are too slow for me to start.

Hi, I'm Ofihombre, a developer and user using the app for download & play HTML5 games (specially unity webGL games), because lately none of the installed browsers allow me to play almost none of the downloaded games (just barely Pico-8).

And this is where entry the itch app entry. Is a very useful application to be able to play most of the HTML5 games downloaded so asn't to depend too much on the browser. Almost all Unity WebGL games worked very good for me, even the most recent ones.
However, as of version 25.4.1, things changed for the worse, now almost all webGL games don't start correctly (specially the most recents),  and got stuck with the loading bar almost full for minutes, hours or even days to start the games (literally are already unplayable).

And I could say the same of other cases as in Bob the Brawler who got stuck with the purple screen, and now thanks to version 25.4.1 I can finally play because it was already fixed. Why isn't the same with Unity WebGl games? I don't understand.

The latter seems to be the ideal, but sadly it is impossible if don't know the limits and the intermediate point.

And talking about Wreck-It Ralph fangames, they are relocated in a collection from my profile.

Neko Waifus + Megaman = Delta-Gal.

Graphically is a perfect game for Sega Saturn & PS1, It could even have been done in the Sonic Robo Blast 2 engine.

Well, Anyway, the mistakes are learned, but you can come back whenever you want and rate the game after having played + opinion included.

I played Cursed Cruiser, and I liked it and I put my rating. And as for DMCA cases on itch, better let the companies come first to see what happens (as was Nintendo).

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The only thing I have from Disney is Wreck-It Ralph, and they are fangames (games made to show your charm and fanaticism towards their favorite books, games or movies), and equally if it could be sued (Also tell those who make Nintendo and Sega fangames with the same argument), On there are many fangames from many known IPs, and we haven't see copyright claims from their respective companies except for Nintendo.

Even though it is a violation, I have offered what Disney hasn't offered (A playable Sugar Rush with Vanellope and decent modeled characters, for example). In part you would be right, but on the other hand it seems that it defends the Copyright of companies without questioning the cases of scandal, corruption and the monopolization of markets. 

Wreck-It Ralph hasn't been a well-used IP, I was disappointed that Ralph Breaks the Internet was only used to show its monopoly by the face and continue to overexploit the "Disney princesses" crossover. That's why I stopped making fangames since the end of 2017, but I have left my mark on that.

Hi Kenney, good news, everything is resolved. The creator of Curse Cruiser has removed any mention of my Cubix gameNow I know that due to a simple coincidence between my game and one of your assets it shouldn't have been for as much as I presumed.

Hola Gammafp, ¿te acuerdas de mí? Bueno, se que el Cubix que hice es anterior al tuyo, pero resulta que vino Kenney (un creador Indie reconocido por sus assets) a desmentirme que la cara de Cubix es algo tan básico que cualquiera puede hacer, así que no es más que dos puntos paréntesis :) .

En pocas palabras, tu Cubix es tu Cubix, y mi Cubix es mi Cubix. Perdon por el malentendido de hace un par de años.

I just wanted to correct what I had just said, but I was late, and so my apology seems like a double standard of mine.
And of course I try to learn from my mistakes, but sometimes I forget (like everyone else). I think I suffer from mental bipolarity.

On the Internet, one can't really know how it feels to apologize, because everything seems fake.

But if I have admitted that Cubix's face is too basic a pixel art to be something of my own (basically is :) two points parentheses), but my instinct is stronger than myself, and I am led by a simple coincidence.

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Ok, I admit it, sorry. I have been carried away by the great coincidence between your asset and cubix's face (ignoring the translucent points of the smile that makes it different), But I had done it without thinking about what you would feel.

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Hi Luisquid. You can delete me the Cubix link, please? The creator Kenney didn't like it at all, for having affirmed that the "happy emote" was based on Cubix (Ofihombre).

Hi DeadalusMachina, remenber me? Ok, due to complaints I have removed the comments easy to misinterpret from this thread ( Can you delete your responses to me also?

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Hi, I have removed the comments easy to misinterpret from the thread ( Can you already remove your rating without first playing?

Hi IAmPlayer, with what by that thread did you give me that rating? Ok, I'm sorry if you have been offended or misunderstood, but that wasn't my intention of this topic, my intention was to express my complaints to people who couldn't tell the difference between downloading Windows and Android programs, and I would honestly only ask you to analyze it before downloading a Windows/Mac program on an Android phone (which is what remote desktop or Geforce Now is for this).

Mr. Crab cooking Krabby Patties XD.

The music & some sounds effects are a bit too exaggerated to fit the style of the game. Seeing as it was graphically, I didn't expect it like that (or at least for this game).

Snake in puzzle style, cool.

Is the same game, but with other levels with the same theme and with half as the first. The sequel is missing things that can differ from the original (like new music, or some new mechanics that it wasn't only the fragile blocks of the beginning).

I have detected an unusual number of failed downloads (28 in 8/1/2020).

You will tell them a couple of tips to avoid these problems:

1. Don't try to download with a precarious Internet connection.

2. Never try to download it on incompatible devices with this program (for example, Android phones, because is .exe, not .apk)