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Thanks! With a couple updates, the little key should have an "up" end, a little face, and little arms and legs, so it should be easier to tell what's happening to it. Thanks for the feedback!

Great game! Everything was super tight. Graphics, audio, level design. My only peeve was how tight/fast the controls are, but that's pretty subjective.

Some technical issues mar the experience (audio glitches, strange repeating animation when I pick up a key, "WebGL Context Lost"), but the art and sound are nice, and the game is fun and relaxing to play.

Super cute! The only frustration is that the precision of the input was hampered by my computer - it would sometimes "hold" my key longer than I actually did and get me killed. Great art, sound and atmosphere!

I like the concept a lot. I think having a single action key, and multiple colors to select what the action key did might make playing feel more fluid. Great animations and music. Nice work!

Great artwork and atmosphere. Unfortunately it kept crashing so I couldn't get far ("WebGL Context Lost")

The performance on my computer was a bit rough (like the audio was stuttering).

It was pretty rough having to start over and over after a single hit.

Good start to a metroidvania. Keep it up!

It isn't obvious how the game fits the theme, but it does feel good to play, once you figure out the pendulum like mechanics. I got a high score of 18. Occasional performance drops got me killed :(. Totally reminds me of Ski Free. Nice work for such a quickie.

This game requires a lot of effort and attention to play. It feels like a game designed to make you feel overwhelmed. I have to admit I skipped the instructions but the UI was so instructive that I understood the game right away anyways. I would have liked an even easier level to start with, just to master the controls without so much stress. Nice job!

Cool concept! The levels could be more compact, as a lot of the time I had to guess where to shoot offscreen. Maybe save deadly hazards for later on in the game, or you can help both new and expert players by having multiple paths of different difficulties to the end (a long easy path and a short difficult path for instance). Nice and crunchy death animation/sound!

I didn't really get the connection to the theme of "Only One", but I did like how you can go around exploring, growing your squad of squares. I think there's a lot to explore here. Reminded me of Link for NES. Keep it up!

I love the concept. I felt especially clever when I could shoot the bullet for one kill, cross the screen barrier to the other side and pull my bullet back to me for a second kill. You could really expand on this. Maybe slow down the pacing at first to allow new players to get the hang of it.

I like the art style, it reminds me a bit of old Tarot Cards. The movement and attacks are a bit awkward, but I like the concept overall. I think the game is hard to comprehend without reading the instructions, but maybe you can integrate more of the instructions, bit by bit, into the game itself.

Love the graphics and sounds. The controls and movement felt a bit stiff, so I didn't feel like I could move in a strategic or expressive way. Great potential.

Thanks for playing! Yeah using the physics engine was kindof a shot in the dark, but it does result in some neat side-effects, as well as some frustrating ones. We'll try to make it more predictable, and atleast with the finished art, the remaining clumsiness should be atleast more funny than frustrating. Thanks for the feedback.

Mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark. Mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark. Mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark. Mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark.

Mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark. Mark  mark mark mark mark mark. Mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark? Mark mark mark!

Mark mark mark mark!

Good concept, and it's fun to play, but almost feels like you're controlling a boxing glove rather than a bullet. I like how the enemy shape and color are combined to create unique enemies. Once I learned which shapes/colors do what, I knew how to react better. Great UI/graphics too!

Great visuals and sounds. Also great concept and game-feel.

The level difficulty starts too hard too fast.

There's an audio glitch when you restart the game that scared the crap out of me. 

Great work!

I agree! We'll try to make the physics more predictable, though some "clumsiness" of the cube is funny enough to keep. Thanks playing and your feedback!

Thanks for playing and your feedback! We'll try to make the physics more predictable and make it obvious which end is up soon!

Yeah, though trying to use a physics engine for this gives the Button character some cute clumsiness, it borders on frustrating at times. We'll probably keep tweaking the way the character is rigged and controlled to eventually get the best of both worlds. The pixelation too, doesn't take the player's screen into consideration, so every game pixel is 6 real pixels no matter what, which only looks ideal on high res monitors (I'm on a macbook pro). We should fix that. Anyways, thanks for playing and taking the time to give us good feedback!

We'll try to complete the game soon, so things like the "up" end of the button are apparent, and the in-game keyboard will work as a finite-life counter. Thanks for playing and giving us valuable feedback!

Nice work!