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Congratulations for appearing on Mark's video and achieving first place overall!
I love this game :) You totally have to expand and release it commercially!

Interesting concept, it'd be great if you expanded upon it. As some comments have already stated, the game needs some balance; it was kinda easy. Liked the parallax effect.

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One of the most original takes on the jam's theme I've seen around. Amazing polish for just 48 hours! I think the song is a little bit too energetic for a game that's supposed to be calm.
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Definitely getting a 5/5 on Fun out of me! It does lack on presentation, but it compensates with clever exploration of its gameplay core. Great work!
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Thanks for playing! We've already got an update ready: it now shows dirt particles, and how many are emitted depends on how well you're doing. Also, some minor bug fixes. It should be up once the voting is over.

Not at all, it's something we'll add once the voting is over.

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This was fun! This idea could be easily be expanded by resetting your powers and adding new ones each level (and mixing them with previous ones). My favorite power was the wall-clipping. Physics objects just add to the madness. The "no-jump" bug happened to me as well, but sure it's something that can be patched quickly. Also, I loved the walking animation. Amazing job!

Thanks a lot for playing! We've already added dirt particles that are at their strongest if you're doing it optimally ;)

Glad you liked it :)

I've tinkered with the values since the jam ended, and now the horse actually feels like middle ground between the pig and the bull. Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot :)

Looks f'ing amazing! I'm also surprised by the level design, as it has branching paths. The swap between powerups is interesting, but the UI should make it more obvious when it happens; it also would be better if it happened more frequently, to spice things up. The reset bug definitely hurts the experience, but stuff like this happens in game jams, no big deal. You still managed to deliver a great experience. Fantastic job!

Everything clicked after realizing you can combine inputs. That was great.

Thanks for playing! It's already been updated with dirt particles to help with the pull action feedback, but we're still figuring out what sound to use for the jump.

Impressive job you managed to pull off in just 48 hours! I actually found it easier to learn the game by playing it, than by following the tutorial. The UI could use some work, but it's no big deal for a jam game. The game was easy for me. Finished it on my first try. Of course, balancing the game is something you can do afterwards.

More content? Then I should keep my eye on that Github. It was a great play. There's definitely room to expand the idea. Also, superb art!
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Graphics are sort of a weird mix of Max Payne and Half-Life 2 Beta, which is a total winner for me. It'd been great if it had some sort of feedback when hitting enemies. It actually was an interesting play, specially when I had to plan ahead my position. Nice!
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Liked the style and the changes to the rules. But I'm not a fan of the UI. The rule change should be a lot more noticeable.
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It took me some time to realize... oh, sorry, let me flip the switch... ok, ahora sí. Me tomó un tiempo darme cuenta de lo que intentaron hacer con la temática de "fuera de control", pero sí logré captarlo. Para tipos de eventos como un gamejam, la temática sí requiere ser entendida de inmediato.
Dejando eso de lado, me agradó mucho la presentación. Me gustó cómo escribieron el personaje de la chica; supongo que es normal sentir simpatía por alguien que te perdona tanta barbaridad. Lástima que existen ciertos problemas técnicos, pero es normal para un desarrollo tan corto. ¡Muy buen trabajo!
Visiten nuestro juego :)

Awesome! Thank you for playing all the way through :)

Definitely you're getting a 5/5 for Originality. Great work!
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Solid presentation. But I think I kinda missed the point here.
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Wow, this was truly well done for such a short time! I'd totally play a bigger game with this tone and atmosphere.
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The most fun I've had playing this jam's games. I know "shoot to move" is basically a meme at this point, but you totally nailed the feel. Also, it sounds so good.
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Got stuck on the H-J rooms :(
But wow! Such a fantastic idea. You're definitely getting a 5 there!
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Nice spin on the theme! Loved the concept. But I can't keep thinking it's kind of a contradiction: you need to get hit (play bad) to see the most original part of the game. Maybe you can take the idea, and put it in other kind of game (where doing mantras is actually a good thing). Great job nonetheless. Check our game!

The core idea of characters cooperating is super neat, liked it a lot. But I think the randomness hurt it in some places. Sometimes I was left waiting for the red alien to be selected, because I did no longer had tasks for the other two.

I wish we had time to playtest it a bit more. The firework is supposed to do that, but I guess it's way too chaotic. Thanks for playing!


Yeah, the difficulty goes up too fast with the horse. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Looks so nice and polished! The skull permanence was a nice touch. At a moment, my character went out of bounds. Fortunately, it popped back into the arena.
The idea is kinda similar to ours, but I think this one feels much better. Check ours!

Cool game! Some of the puzzles are hard, but so satisfying. It was fun :)
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Maybe killing the player during the tutorial is a bit cruel, and as pincushionx said, Swarm makes the game way too heard. However, it's a fun game, and it looks fantastic. Check ours!

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Nice take on the theme, and superb presentation! Check our game!

For a moment I thought you had to keep clicking to move. Good thing it's limited to three lanes. Great work!

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Wow! Presentation kicks ass, and the gameplay is really clever. One of the best games I've played so far in the jam! Check our game! :)

Nice little game! I kept waiting outside the last level's exit until it was oriented properly. For each level, you could limit what mechanics are going to change. For example, in one level the roof may be full of spikes, and you need to make sure your character is on a safe spot before the random "Jump" sign appears.

It's amazing you did all this by yourself in 48 hours! Looks absolutely great. The boss fight is kinda weird. It keeps spawning enemies and attacking even if you're not in the room. I ended up entering the room, doing some quick hits, then exiting, until it was over.

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Loved the art. Maybe the control change could be made suddenly during a wave, based on a timer. Check our game!