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That bubble has just popped, my friend ;)
Thank you so much for playing (and beating the game!) back in the day!

If the best stategy to be on top of the list is to show the game only to a few people (to ensure 5 stars), that goes against the idea of a game jam to me.


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A more positive example: Negative Nancy, #17 overall which is excellent. However, with 81 ratings, it should totally be among the top 3.

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I'm not accusing Gooey Castle of being fraudulent. That's another topic. All I'm saying is that there are games on the top 100 overall that may be great games, but weren't exposed enough to the community. On the other hand, we've got games with both high ranking AND high number of ratings; those are totally fine in my book (like TowerBag). Should every highly rated game be ranked higher? Not exactly. A popular game may be horrendous (#5 most rated for example) and should tank accordingly.
I'm not saying I've got the answer for this issue. I'm only pointing out that highly rated games are exposed to a wider perspective from the community, and that should have some value.

12 games from the top 100 most rated games made it the top 100 overall list.

For example: Gooey Castle ranked 1st with 73 ratings. Totally awesome. 2nd place? 11 ratings. Doesn't feel with the same weight at all.

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Number of ratings should be factored in, not excluded, somehow. It actually reflects the community's view of a game. Right now it feels like games with high number of ratings are the ones being penalized, because they're more "exposed" to bad ratings. Many games with less than 20 ratings are topping the Design list.


Thank you!
I couldn't stop thinking about Legends of the Hidden Temple while playing Microvania.

That's my secret, Captain. I'm always funky.
Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! We'll see what we can do about movement post-jam.

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Nice, I'll activate notifications! And no problem about the bugs, stuff happens. 15/15
Hope you read my second non-joke reply on my game's comment section.

Sorry, couldn't resist :p
We'll work on movement and AI post-jam. Didn't thought of the smoothing, I'll definitely take a look at it.
Thanks for playing and your feedback!


The controls are great, so it never feels unfair. Really, great game, 15/15.

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So glad you like it! I still can't recover from the shock your game gave me.

I'll never see simple joyful platformers the same ever again! Thanks! :'D

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Xbox Gamepads are supported. Currently we're having issues with PS4 ones.
Edit: We'll do Mouse movement prototypes post-jam. Thanks for playing and your feedback!

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Thanks for playing! Many people on the comments think the same.

This game has a really nice flow. Kinda hard, and haven't been able to beat it. Really love the core concept, and it's a great take on the theme.
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Glad you liked it!

Loved the visual style. I named my plant peter. First I talked with and watered peter everyday. Then I neglected it, but nothing different happened. Still, cool game.
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To be honest, I suck at this. However, I like the core concept a lot. Are you gonna work on this later? Because this can be easily expanded upon. Nicely done!
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Thank you for making my power fantasy a reality.
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This was so funny! Making this a full game may be tricky, but it would totally rock.
It soft-locked on me a few times, unfortunately (during the lunch and one of the prison endings). Still managed to get three endings. Really nice!
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It was short, but also really tense. The character itself was not bad, felt heavy enough and maneuverable.
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I've never played a cute game that made me suffer (in a good way) like this before! It's impressive how polished and well-designed this game is for a 48 hour game jam. Congrats!
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Great cinematic atmosphere, loved it. Gameplay is simple and understandable. I wish it were longer to see the core being explored more, but this is for a game jam. Nice and polished entry. Ideas:

  • Trying to hit multiple targets with one shot.
  • Killing the target indirectly (exploding barrel, toxic waste).

Check our game!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing! No, it's not shown to the player until they get hit. I may flash the colors from red to blue when the game starts, but I think that might be even more confusing. Other thing that could be done is that the letter (which in reality is a sprite) may change a bit, all cracked up when it's about to die.

Oh! I didn't know about that one. I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip, and for playing!

Thank you! "Immediately understandable" is what we must strive for as game designers :)

It's amazing how good this looks for a 48 hour game jam. I'm not a fan of the genre, so I'm not sure about this, but I don't recall seeing moving turrets before; that was a really nice addition to a somewhat passive genre.
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I really like this idea, and how well it was implemented. In my opinion, the time limit adds pressure to a simple game, and that's good for this game with not so many options, but it would limit how complex your decisions can be , if you want to expand this game further. Some random ideas:

  • Bow and arrow to attack enemies ahead on the line.
  • Enemies (and probably a necromancer) that resurrects and chases you (maybe even from a previous line).
  • Shield to "block" attacks (which in reality would subtract from their hit points).

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It may be related to the theme story-wise, but certainly not on game design. Maybe you could've battled Nega Scott several times, and as you learnt moves, he would too (or choose advantageous moves, like Gary on Pokémon), making him an interesting villain. Kudos for trying something new for you under the pressure of a game jam.
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Nice little game! Not so sure how this could be expanded. You have an entire keyboard to play with, but it'd be hard to remember all actions. Some levels may have branching paths; or an item can be collected to allow you to press a key again.
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Two ideas I loved:

  • Enemies hopping: just right for them to evade a throw.
  • Retrieving your harpoon takes time: on many "one-bullet" games of this jam you have to go get your only bullet, but by adding this little timer, it creates a lot of tension when enemies are nearby.

Great job!

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Suggestion: adding an energy bar for the jump, and replenish it only when hitting enemies.

The chasing algorithm needs more work and some rethinking. We'll work on it post-jam. Thanks for playing and your feedback!

Thanks for playing!