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Submitted by 3zizalkandari — 37 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Being out of control in space after fuel is fully drained while headbutting asteroids and planets. Well, good luck...

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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Interesting concept, it'd be great if you expanded upon it. As some comments have already stated, the game needs some balance; it was kinda easy. Liked the parallax effect.


Thanks a lot for your feedback and i really appreciate it. 


Liked the game idea. I enjoyed it very much. Great job.


Thank you so much for you kind words I really appreciate it!!

I'm glad you had fun thanks.


There's an interesting idea behind it and it's fun to play. But there are some issues:

- I didn't need to use fuel, normal movement was more than enough to make my way through obstacles and collect fuel and health. I think it could be better to remove normal movement and restrict movement mechanics only to those which use fuel and slow the fuel consumption in that case.

- Controlling and protecting the ship is so easy that I didn't need to be worry about it. I think it could be interesting if you had to collect fuel and health by your ship instead of astronaut.

BTW, It's a cool little game. Well done :)


Thank you so much for trying the game and giving feedbacks i appreciate it. 

As for the issues you mentioned you are absolutely correct, my problem i didn't have enough time for play test the game as i did it like 2 times. 

Thanks a lot for your time and feedbacks i really appreciate it. 


Yeah, I ran out of time too and couldn't polish or debug my game :(


It's a really nice concept with well executed mechanics. I also loved the chaotic art direction. Good job!


Thanks a lot for your kind words i really appreciate it. And i hope you enjoyed it. 


The tether is a really nice take on the concept! I could totally see a full fledged action or puzzle (or puzzle-action!) game based on the concept. Great work! 


Thanks for your kind words i appreciate it a lot!! 

Puzzle-action what a nice idea


A neat little twist the be invincible yourslef and have to protect the spaceship, I like the idea.

And the graphics are pretty nice as well.

I would say it's actually easier to avoid the asteroids than to headbutt them, though. You might want to incentivise the player to use the main mechanic of your game more.


Thanks a lot for the your comment and feedback i appreciate it!! 

The game needed more play testing which is sadly i didn't do a lot due to the time constraint and doing everything alone in 48 hours. 

Again thanks a lot i reallocate appreciate it. 


Really fun game and good looking art. I love the idea and the realisation! Added it to my favorite game collection. Well done!


Oh wow, thanks a lot for your kind words i really appreciate it and i'm glad you liked it. 


This game is easy to understand, and the intuitive menu/tutorial section wastes no time, so the player can jump right into the action! That's always good. The music is awesome, but there definitely needs to be more musical variety. The art is quite simple, but appealingly so. Very original, and fits the theme.


Thanks a lot for your kind words, much appreciated! 


good game




Really enjoyed the concept. I think it just needed a little bit more fine tuning. The music was really annoying after about 10 seconds. If that had been different, I probably would have given it a full rating on presentation.


Thanks a lot for trying the game and giving feedback i really appreciate it. 

Sorry to hear that about the music i'm just a programmer and kinda artist but composing is my weakness, i'll try to work on my composing skills. 

Again thank you a lot for your time and feedbacks, much appreciated. 


Love the concept. The idea of steering the spaceship in-directly is a nice touch.

I did had trouble knowing if I should pickup the fuel canisters (and the ones with the +) or not. Picking them up triggered a particle explosion and wasn't sure if it was good or bad.

(in the end, after using my jetpack for a bit I noticed picking up fuel actually did something ... but it could be a bit more clear)

And yeah, the music started to get a bit repetitive after a while.


Thanks a lot for rating and feedbacks i really appreciate it, as for the fuel and health it was wrong to add the same sound effects and visual effects to them as the asteroids and planets. I didn't have time to record a new sound effects or create new visual effects. 

Again thanks a lot for your time, much appreciated. 

(+1) Huzzah! I beat the game first try! Anyway, like others the music was abit harsh to me aswell. It's a good tune, but high pitched ^^; Still, it's a great game :D I rated 5/5 on all parts :D

Also, i'm gonna have to test this, but i'm pretty sure you can also win by just hugging a wall and ignoring everything.


Oh WOW, i really hope the buttons work when you beat the game cause it was a last minute add and i didn't test it out LOL.

Thanks a lot for your time and feedback i really appreciate that you spent the time finishing the game and i hope you enjoyed it. And thanks for the rate.

(+1) - So anyway you can indeed beat the whole game just by sticking to a wall and nothing else XD Also ironically i didn't test the buttons at the end ether time .-. I just beat the game and immediately came back here. I'll beat it again and actually use the buttons at the end this time XD

If they don't work it's no problem, at this point i'm just bug hunting incase you can use the feedback for a possible post-jam version :P


Seems like the buttons on the "You won!" screen work perfectly fine :D

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

LOOL you really went back and did it. Thanks a lot for your time i truly appreciate it.


Ofc! I have a tenancy to break games so it can be fun to bughunt sometimes :P Plus with this game by putting my ship to the wall i can just literally make this an idle game, so it wasn't hard to beat the game 2 more times after the 2nd playthrough when i found out i could just do that. I just watched videos while waiting for the game to finish XD


I did it also LOL, i need to fix this then. Thanks a lot for your time spent playing the game and giving feedbacks. 


I really have fun playing this. Finishing a game within 48h is by no means an easy task, especially for someone going solo, and you nailed it! Well done!

I hope the game can be more fast-paced though 'cause I think after wave 12 is the most fun for me. but it waits too long..

And the way to restore the rocket's health is so not obvious... (i get that until the 4 or 5 'health can' thing and i miss headbutting it then it hits the rocket)


Thanks a lot for playing the game and giving feedbacks, I really appreciate it.

I didn't play tested the game a lot maybe like 2 times, and about the health hitting the ship this is just a punishment for not headbutting it LOL

Thanks again for the feedbacks it means a lot!


A super cute game, I really enjoyed thwacking the asteroids off the screen :D

The music was quite repetitive and being so high pitched, it did start to be a little intrusive eventually. I also couldn't figure out how to use the boost effectively but maybe I'm a little slow ^^'

I had a lot of fun playing this, great job ^^


Thanks a lot for trying my game and i really appreciate the feedback, i will work on my composing skills.

As for the booster it is just from fun and wack the hell out of the asteroids, the fuel idea is for the rotation  to get it right.

Thank you again so much for your feedback, i appreciate it!!


This is cute! The music is a tad high pitched, and it took me a while to figure out that headbutting was what gave you points, but the gameplay was simplistic and charming, the music overall was catchy, and the way you showed the controls was really interesting. Well done!


Thanks a lot for you feedback i really appreciate it.

You are right i should have mentioned somewhere that you need to headbutt asteroids away to get points, Thank you a lot. 


I reeally didn't expect me to be headbutting asteroids with the astronaut. It was very cool and you did it right with the camera shakes and particles. Nice game!


You can also headbutt planets LOL!!

Thanks a lot for your kind words i really appreciate it and thanks for noticing these small details i think these small details are game changer. Thanks. 


The art for the game was super cool. The game play did get a bit repetitive after a bit. The headbutt was super fun though!


Thank you so much for your kind word. As for the game play sorry to hear that maybe i didn't play tested the game quit enough.

I really appreciate the feedback.


Love the art style!


Thanks a lot. 


rocking art, rocking music! i feel like the movement should be little faster, but maybe thats just me. be very proud of this one!


Thanks a lot for your feedback and your words, I really appreciate it.

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