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William Kleban

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funny writing! take what you learned from this one and use it to make your next game even better!

funny concept and funny choices, great job!

love the contrast between the player and hallucination jumps. great idea with the theme!

love the look and feel of this one! great job!

best controller switch game ive played so far, clever level design, great polish and feel, amazing sound, you should be very proud of this one 

all this proves is that i dont know my keyboard as well as i thought! very fun game!

i see what you were trying to do and i love it! put some polish and fix those bugs and you got an absolute gem on your hands.

i love this!!! very clever, i wish i could calm down for the amount of time i wanted vs having a set time. but be very proud of this one 

love the humor, my only thing i wish is like a 2nd kind of rebel that can turn citizens into rebels over time, it would be a nice change of pace and tactics. love this idea!

LOVE this idea! needed a tutorial, took me a second to really get it. love a game that gives a good laugh!

i love the feeling of running out of control and praying for him to hit the button! very funny!

rocking art, rocking music! i feel like the movement should be little faster, but maybe thats just me. be very proud of this one!

very clever! the whole game restart was kinda rough and the music was a tad loud, but be very proud of this one!

very nice, and feels great to play!

great idea, fits the theme, and fun! just needs a tad more game feel polish, but be very proud of this one!

genius and instantly understandable, is it possible to be this clever in 48 hours?

looks good, super fun, very original! one of my favorite games this year so far.

yeah, I only have one right now.

here you go! have fun!

I think our little chicken/Blob was cute!

game that put the biggest smile on my face

clever, cute, and short and sweet! fabulous job!