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Thank you for checking out our game, despite the fact that it's not a platformer! ;)

Yes, buffs stack up until the end of the game. And 135 is a pretty solid score. Thanks again! :)

Thank you for playing the game, and also for your feedback. I agree that more control over the item positions would improve the experience of the game, but we couldn't fit that into the timeframe we had for development. Moving through a level is definitely an interesting idea we haven't considered before. :) Thanks again!

Thank you for giving the game a go, and for your detailed feedback! We wanted to add more control to the placement of items originally, had several different ideas in mind, but in the end we couldn't get either of them to be good enough to leave it in. Probably with some more time we would've found a way, and I agree that it'd add an extra layer of strategic play which would improve the experience a lot. :) Thanks again!

I agree with all the other comments that this game is simply brilliant. Clever idea, polished controls and good level design. Also very good sound choices. Well done!

Very original concept on the theme. Loved the narrative, and found the art style to be very conforming. Well done!

Very good concept and nice execution. Loved the idea a lot. The visuals also fit the game nicely. Good job!

I loved how chaotic this game is. Very original take and representation. Well done!

Really good idea, which is well executed. The controls feel good, and the gameplay is fun and challenging at the same time. Loved the visuals too. Good job!

Really good idea with well executed mechanics. The visuals also fit very well with the game. Good job!

Finally, a game where the cake is not a lie! :D Good concept, and very fun to play. Well done!

This is a really interesting take on the theme. I also loved the unique visual choice here. Well done!

Really clever take on the theme, and the gameplay also felt very good. Well done!

Very original concept, and well polished. I'm usually not good at platformers, but your game felt really good to play, I had a lot of fun. Good job!

A really nice idea with good visuals. I liked the overall mood and experience of the game. Well done!

Really good take on the theme. I played several rhythm based games in the jam, and this one really stands out. I also loved the visuals. Good job overall!

Thank you for taking the time to play our game, and also your detailed feedback. I must say, I agree with most of the suggestions you made. :)

It's a really nice concept with well executed mechanics. I also loved the chaotic art direction. Good job!

Really clever take on the theme. The mechanics are fun, and the visuals are also well made. Good job!

Thank you for taking the time to play our game! This jam was a good excuse to finally learn how to use the particle system. ;)

Sorry, didn't mean to confuse you. :) I loved your game, just referred to the "3.6 chernobyl" meme, that's all! :)

Very fun concept and the visuals are simply awesome. Well done!

Really good concept and nice execution. I think the art also matches the game pretty well. Solid job!

Oh man, this is really clever. :D Had a lot of fun with it!

Oh wow, these aesthetics are really cool! Well done!

As a drummer, I appreciate the jazz is out of control part. :D Good game, nicely done!

Oh wow, really clever idea and very fluid mechanics! This game is a lot of fun. Well done!

Really good aesthetics and cool mechanics. I'd never leave my dog home after playing with this. :D Great game!

Ah, the good old rubber banding. :D Very clever idea of using it here. Good job!

Nice take on the theme, and the execution is also entertaining. The comments made it even funnier. :D Well done!

Very clever idea and a surprising mechanic. Loved it a lot, good job!

Pretty good idea and well executed. The graphics  are also very nice. Good job!

Really interesting concept. Loved the procedural part! Good job!

Quite funny game, well done!

Oh no, the game we didn't want, but we deserved. :D Good job!

Very good concept! I'd rate it 3.6 just for the fun of it, but I eventually rated it higher. :P

Very funny game. Also surprised it was put together in 48 hours. Very good job!

It's a great idea with pretty polished mechanics. The art style is also really well made. Good job!

Oh wow, this concept got me as a surprise. Very nice game, good job!

Pretty original idea. Loved the gameplay and the art tool. Well done!