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Thanks for your appreciation!

Thanks for playing. Combos and super moves, that would've been awesome! We were thinking about remote attacks, like a Hadouken, but yeah ... time ran out.

First of: Godot is awesome. Really liking the 4th iteration. But I'm only sad to discover that the web-builds have issues for MacOS-users ...

Nice to hear you liked our idea - appreciate it a lot.

Perfect hitting was maybe too easy and we thought of having the player getting "punished" when not hitting it right - but we ran out of time to actually make it.

Thanks for your comment. I guess it would've been better if there was a better balance between the visual and sound effects, making them more over the top. But finding that balance is tricky ... and we ran out of time  :D

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed playing.

Thanks for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed it.

Ghe ghe ghe. Really nice take on the theme. The duck and animations are fun as hell. Great job!

Great take on the theme. Love the graphics and how you flipped the gameplay. The frogs even seem to have some intelligence, couldn't always catch them :D

Always a big fan of the Souls-games and this is a solid take. Had a hard time hitting the small challengers though :D

Love how such a simple idea provided so many great levels and ideas. I saw the thumbnail and figured it would be just a simple take on the snake-game, but it was so much different.

Also the music was so good!

Great game! Love the "different" take on platforming, instead of a straight jump, making it more like a forward leap. Really nice!

The concept is original and not that hard to grasp! Nice game! 

Had some trouble getting my moon to orbit correctly ... and played only with the zoomed-out mode (aka pressing space full-time), since I needed the overview.

Bouncing around and trying to get the right trajectory was more fun than I expected it to be. 

Well done!

Hahaha - thought the same yesterday, that it would've been a nice addition. But my first priority was gameplay, maybe some day.

Nice to hear you enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for sharing!

Lovely concept! Love the animation, when the little guy goes sleeping.

Had the same issues as described below, that sometimes the S (Sleep) wouldn't trigger, until I pressed it again. Also noticed the hat begin a red circle instead of a full color ... couldn't figure out what it meant, but I think I couldn't sleep there.

All in all a very nice submission! Great game!

Nice game! The concept is nice. I agree with the comments about the restarting. The countdown is a nice touch, but maybe add an option to be able to press a key to immediately restart.

I kinda missed some overview about what galaxy was where and how to find them when I (finally) found a moon. And I missed some visuals to indicate I was at the bottom level ... fell of too often and got frustrated :D

But great first submission. Congrats on finishing a game!

Nice concept. Took me a few iterations to figure it out. Wasn't expecting a boss-fight at the end, but managed the first time. Then I redid it once more, to make my run more efficient (aka not losing any health).

And I agree, a (R)estart-button would be nice. Maybe per ghost-section and the complete level.

And would've loved to see some more levels, this felt a bit short. But overall great submission!

Ghe ghe ghe - thought it was a known slang-word ... but glad you learned something from this "lesson" :)

(1 edit)

At first wasn't clear what to do. Tried to shoot myself and couldn't move (tried WASD). But after that it was quiet easy to grasp.

Loved how the "radar" was around my character ... but I didn't know where to place the towers, so placed them all over the moon ... but then the asteroids came only from 1 direction. So was a bit confused if I should've kept most of my mana from the start.

Overall great submission.

Love the art-style. And the gameplay is more fun than I at first would've expected.

Some feedback: maybe some indication of the next attack would be nice, sometimes I had not enough time to move around the moon to fight the next enemy, so sometimes it was more bad luck that the moon got damaged.

Nice concept. Had a bit trouble understanding, but the tutorial helped a lot.

Some feedback: couldn't figure out how to lower / get the right amount. Had no clue how the different asteroids impacted the values in the bars below. And clicking the correct side of the asteroid was a big tough sometimes - maybe look into a different way to steer them towards the moon?

But overall great submission.

That's the best emotion, so glad it did!

Nice arcade game indeed. I agree with that the indicator is a nice touch, but a bit necessary ... and often I was more flying towards the indicated position and shoot at the red-line-endpoint ...

Also loved that you had to suck up the score-fragments!

So maybe some more zoomed out view would've given more overview.

Overall nice game! 

(and in the end I bumped some meteors out of the way, instead of killing them ... which was also a fun method - except it didn't gave me any points)

Thanks for your comment and playing my game!

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it a lot! And very pleased with the splash screen myself as well.

And I love the push your luck mechanics and figured that would make the gameplay more fun. Glad you enjoyed it.

Had some trouble installing the game. But got it running eventually.

Was a bit unclear what to do / how to control. I couldn't figure it out and the mini-game didn't do anything either. 

For the game-jam it works better if you also provide a HTML-version, easier to play and more ratings and feedback.

Love the concept. Had some trouble making my turret not crash immediately on the moon, but after a couple of tries I just set it to a very wide orbital trajectory ^^

Wow, it's more difficult to have a successful landing than it looks. Love the different level-designs and the challenges in each level, easy to hard. Great "clone" of the old concept.

Well done.

Nice game, visuals are very appealing!

Wow, for a first time this is really well put together! Great job!

The visuals might be a bit simple, but the gameplay is very solid. It controls a bit harsh maybe, but it's very addictive. Ended up with 11011 points and didn't wanted to stop playing.

Like the others said, the first time I picked up the wings it took my by surprise and was a very welcome surprise. And it was nice to get better upgrades along the way.

Also had fun "cheating" a bit with the jumping, when I discovered that after you press F or A/D, you could do a double-jump. Not sure if that was intentionally, but I felt clever to discovering that and using that sometimes to make higher jumps possible.

Thanks for your compliment and I'm intended to use my drawings more in other games as well ... really had fun creating and using them in the game. I did it once before in last years GMTK Jam:

Glad you enjoy the gameplay. The exponentially rising score I knew I had to add, because otherwise people would just on/off in short iterations - without any risk. But I think I need to tweak it a bit, because when you are lucky and mom doesn't look back a few times in a row, you are getting massive points... but maybe that can also be the appeal 😆

Thanks, it's nice to hear people enjoyed it

Ghe ghe ghe. Thanks, this comment made me smile. 

It's not ridiculous at all, we've all done this when we were young ... not? 😆

Thanks for playing.

Glad you enjoyed the expressions, loved working on them and did my best to make them as clear as possible.

Very impressed with the visuals and animations.

I agree with what other people said about showing that you can interact with someone/something more clearly. It took me a couple of back-and-forths until I noticed I could talk with the other characters.

But overall great submission!

Fun game, love the art and controls really nice. Jump could use some tweaking, was very harsh now ... but overall love the gameplay

Yeah, wanted to make players try to keep pressing their luck, instead of quick on-off mooning actions, that would be stupid gameplay-wise.

But the exponential growth can get out of hand if you are lucky with the RNG and mom doesn't look back for a while ^^

It was the first that came to mind, when I saw the theme :)

Glad to see you enjoyed it

Wow, really impressed with the pixel-art and animations. At first thought it was a bit hard, but eventually figured it out and really impressive levels and puzzles.

Great game!

Loved the concept, very original. Controlling the character was a bit hard, but guess that's part of the gameplay. 

I did had sometimes where my character fell into the red spikes, but bounced around and all the health was gone immediately.

Overall great work!