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This game is amazing! Would love to pay for a full release with some more unlocks or anything. Something to get more random shit.

Love the "simple" gameplay, but has so much depth. Jealous about the execution of this great idea!

And now back to playing some more ^^

I'd suggest you to read the documentation, it's very well written:

They also have some step-by-step examples and after that some tutorials. Spend some time reading it and you should be ready to go

Best way to find others is join the Discord:

There is a channel there called #introduction and #team-up where people look for others to work together.

Got the same error in Firefox. JS is enabled, have disabled my adblocker (uBlock) ... but still get the same error. So I agree with djDarkX, think it might be some API-related error

And you got mentioned in the video :P

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Like the concept. Plays very smoothly. The connection with the theme is there, but could use some more depth. I noticed that after dashing through a couple of enemies, I would just keep shooting and moving ... and didn't dashed anymore.

Maybe add some countdown for when your extra 'layer' would disappear again - so you have to keep joining / dashing at some times.

For me it was now: dash 2-3 times, to have the upgraded guns ... and then keep on moving around and avoiding enemies and shoot.

But overall really nice submission!

(And for the record: first try: 64 sec, second try 74 sec)

Thanks for playing and streaming my game. Really fun to watch someone play your game and hearing what they think about it.

Appreciate your efforts a lot! Thanks

At least thank for trying.

And too bad the tutorial couldn't help you with understanding the concept.

Could you maybe point toward what did you understand (from the tutorial / trial&error) or was it all just feeling "random" and luck-based?

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic comment.

It's nice to hear people actually think about the solution instead of trying to solve it using trail-and-error. My original idea was to make some "process" button, like it was some machine and the user had just a few tries and/or would be scored based on the number of tries they needed.

But I dropped it, felt like it would make the experimentation and seeing what the outcome would be too tedious. But maybe I should've added some kind of scoring mechanism - the less tries you used, the higher the score.

Thanks to Marks stream I discovered this gem. Such a nice game, especially for a game jam. I'm impressed. Love the depth, the level of detail, the fact you can just place the factories over the place and everything just works. It's so intuitive.

I'd be surprised if this one doesn't end up in the top 10

Amazing submission!

Love the art design of the character. The puzzles are fun, a bit easy though. And I want more levels ^^

Overall great submission

The aesthethics drew me in. Love how it looks. The gameplay might be a bit simple / non-existing - but nevertheless I had a couple of fun minutes playing around with the knobs.

And could be my browser, but there was no sound / music?

Thanks for your comment (and critique). Mostly due to time-constraints the game lacks the variation. During the jam I decided my attitude would be more towards finishing a 'polished' proof-of-concept and learn from it all - instead of having a rough game with lots of features ;)

Lovely concept and presentation!

Took me a few tries before I read the description and noticed the bullets would go in the direction of your dash. At first I dropped the bullets and waited until the enemies would hit it ... but then I would get killed (obviously).

But overall amazing game jam submission!

Thanks for your appreciation.

Wow, in my testing I never played longer than 12-15 levels and often I cheated to get there fast. I'm impressed.

The increasing difficulty was something I added pretty last minute - so I'm glad it has this progression at all. And figured the hardest difficulty would be too much already - nice to hear there are people who want even harder levels ^^

Thanks for your enthusiastic comment. Glad you enjoyed my game.

Fun to hear you noticed the content was procedural and not fixed.

And also pretty proud of the end-result. Glad people enjoy is as much as I did making it.

Nice concept and gameplay was very fun.

Would be nice to see some progress towards earth - now it came as a surprise that I got to earth safely (which was fine)

Controlling the towing-ship was a bit rough, but guess that's part of the charm

Love how you could shield your client and have your client shoot a bit - to make it not completely useless.

Great submission!

Funny how we kinda interpreted the theme the same, except you join people by their interests and personalities - and my game joins them by their traits / looks ^^

Very nice aesthethics and gameplay is fun as well. I did need a few tries until I found out you could click the 'info' button to show more information - I just based my first few matches on just the single line of text ^^

Great submission overall!

Thanks for your enthusiasm. I appreciate your comment

Thanks for your appreciation.

You can solve it using guess-work, but in the end you won't get further (or you have to be lucky). I still think the concept might be too abstract to grasp - maybe I should've explained it a bit better and/or give some hints / clues.

And glad you enjoyed my hand-drawn aesthethic ^^

Thanks for your comment.

I came up with the gameplay at first and at some point though I needed some kind of "logical" reason what you were doing - so I came up with "target" and "suspects". But there is no story involved at all.

And yeah, it's fun to see we both used the polaroids :)

Glad to hear the tutorial is appreciated ^^

Thanks for your nice comment.

Glad you enjoyed the tutorial, I felt it was necessary to have it with such a 'hard' to grasp concept :P

And I dabbled with what music would fit the game ... jumped between some thrilling / spionage theme soundtrack, but eventually just decided with this mellow jazzy track :P

Wow, what a lovely game. Very thinky, but the hint that there is always a way made me keep trying.

Love the presentation, so crisp and wonderfully produced.

Superb submission!

Lovely concept and aesthethics are wonderful.

Took me a few tries before I realised that I needed to catch all the items at once instead one-by-one.

But then I got hooked ^^

Nicely done! Very nice linked with the theme ^^

Funny how we both used polaroids, but with totally different gameplay / feel.

I didn't solve the mistery, but will come back later for another try

Looks so cute. And plays nicely. Controls reminded me of "Keyboard Sports", where you also move by pressing the keys on the keyboard.

Love how the keys got joined together to press the 'bigger' buttons.

Love the aestethics. And the pictures after the marriage are a nice touch.

Did felt a bit repetitive after a while and had not really a clue how to dodge the goblin attacks.

Overall lovely submission!

Wonderful art! Gameplay is also very nice / relaxing.

I was a bit bummed there was only 1 level to play. Would love to play more levels ^^

Love the concept. Did miss some way to graduately control (with a mouse and dragging or something). The arrows felt a bit too direct. Could never finish within the par :P

Awesome game! Great twist on the theme!

I rarely play games until the end, but this one I was bummed when I got to the end.

Love the little jingle-music when the horses smoosh.

Lovely submission.

This game looks amazing! Love the concept of having to 'sacrifice' your heart to posses the creatures.

The aesthethics are wonderful and so GameBoy-like. Well done.

Thanks for your enthusiasm!

At first the game was just 6 random people to pick from - that's it.
But I wanted to have some difficulty ramp up, so I (last-minute) added that ... it's still a bit rough, but it makes the first couple of levels very easy (you can just click all suspects and win) ... but at some point that strategy won't work anymore :P

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

And great to hear you enjoyed the tutorial. That's the hard part of being a solo-developer, you always understand your own game inside-and-out. A friend of mine didn't understood the concept, so I created the tutorial (took me quiet some time to make it as thorough as it is now). And eventually I was afraid people would bail during the tutorial, since it was lots of text.

So thanks for the comment!

Thanks for your enthusiasm. Glad you liked it.

Controls were a bit clunky and took me a while until I realised I had to turn back. Also not sure if I missed it, but there is no jump-key - right?

A few times I accidentally pressed SPACE and had to start over. And at some point I wanted to flip a switch, but that didn't worked ... and the boulder rolled back to the start.

But overall nice concept ^^

Yeah, that's the downside of a game-jam ... and being a solo-developer. There is little time to get the idea tested.
I did had some tests with a bunch of friends and that eventually lead to the tutorial-part being as long as it is now.

But I can imagine that overall it's still a weird concept to grasp - doing "math" with peoples traits ^^

Thanks ^^

Love the original concept with the two shapes having their own behavior.

But as said before, the difficulty is pretty tough from the start. I had a hard time getting through the first part.

But overall nice submission!

Love the concept. And the aesthethics are wonderful! How the paddle 'merges' with the walls or the trail the balls make ... lovely!

The gameplay is nice, but like mentioned before, the balls have some unpredictable behavior. When I just shoot them back straight, they will sometimes twirl upwards to the ceiling and I have to wait until they slowly get back to my paddles.

But overall great submision! So simple, but also so nice!

Great concept.

At some point (but maybe that's me just being that good at the game) it became a little irrelevant to turn my spaceship around and I just let my cannons attach whereever - it would been nice if they would only shoot straight or something - so you had to juggle between rotating to position new cannons and rotating to align the cannons for them to shoot at the enemies.

After the 30+ tiles, I just kept my spaceship sit still ... the cannons would turn around to shoot and new tiles would float towards me nevertheless. So it was quiet an easy win ^^

But great submission!