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Your style is just amazing. I've been looking for this style and every time end up at your assets. Looking for a bit different stuff in this style - but as a placeholder / mockup will work with this asset

Will keep you posted if I have something worth showing :P

Love it! Took me a while until I understood what to do - hadn't seen the gifs below the game.

But when I grasped it ... it felt awesome! The music as well ... very touching :P

Love it! It has a lot of polish, more than I expected from your disclaimer of it being developed in 10h

Really well done - love the rewind-effect as well!

Too bad I can't rate, didn't submitted for the VimJam. Best of luck!

I'm too late to vote - but it would've got a 5/5 from me. This is the best game of this jam imho <3

Great work! It's so simple, it makes me jealous ^^

Wow, this plays smoothly! Really nice. Loved how killing the enemies made them drop their heads and such... really nice surprise ^^

Well done!

Thank Danial. And I see what you mean with the creativity with the art assets - seeing what others did, we could have used them more creative for sure.

And you are right, I submitted on the GMTK GJ 2020 as well - nice you remembered ^^

Thanks for your feedback, Tuxedo. Glad you enjoyed it

Hurling the guards is one of the selling points for this game :P

Glad you enjoyed playing our game, jf1x. Appreciate your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback, Matthew!

RQ did took a lot of effort to make the sounds work.

Nice to hear someone noticed the arrows and words spelled out by the environment ^^

Stealth games are awesome. Glad our game can be categorized as such ^^

We will tweak the visual range for sure. The idea was to make it more challenging, but in the end it became almost not fun to play. 

I didn't had time to make it visual, but there is a 2sec window. First the guard noticing you (the ? is shown) and then after 2 sec the guard will check if he can actually see you. If so, he will become alerted (!) and will hunt you - until he can't see you anymore. 

So if you are quick enough you can possess them easily

And yes, the stair-shaped corridors are not fun to traverse ^^

Currently the 4th floor is the final and most challenging floor. 

Glad you enjoyed playing our game! 

The concept is nice. Wasn't expecting to have this much fun with a Pong-like game ^^

I liked how the powerups were pretty vague ... but at some point I had no idea what each did and how I could improve myself in the direction I wanted. Or maybe the result is random?

My paddle kept getting smaller and smaller each round - maybe that was the progression system, but at first I thought it was caused by the powerup I chose.

But overall a nice polished game!

(saw a couple of glitches where killed enemies quickly were shown through the play-area ... but didn't bother me that much - just wanted to drop the note)

Love the tiny aesthetics, the music was nice but ended up being a bit annoying.

At first I tried to 'rescue' everything ... until I noticed that the oil killed the animals and not the trash ... so I focussed on the animals - felt bad for them to be killed.

Overall great game!

Lovely concept! It reminds me of the boardgame Labyrinth (

My first run I had it pretty easy. No encounters with any scorpions and could just win easily. So I was thinking about commenting about that.

But then my second run I trapped myself in a corner with a scorpion lurking around the corner - no way out. So I smiled.

And my third run I was swapping tiles like a mad man ... until a tile from the other side moved above me, with a scorpion that instantly killed me. With even a bigger smile as a result.

So very well made, love the game. Could use some more variation, maybe add some tutorial levels where you explain the pushing mechanic and then the enemy movement etc. 

But overall great work!

Impressed how instant the multiplayer is ... I had it opened in two browsers - just to check it out. Really felt responsive, well done!

The platforming was a bit hard to get used to ... very floaty and the horizontal movement was too quick imho.

But overall nice game for the jam!

Thanks for your feedback. Nice to hear you liked the originality of playing as a ghost.

The controls being stiff, I agree. As a matter of fact, last night I made it way more smooth ... to be released when the voting is over ^^
And about the music, RQ is working on other styles and songs... me personally didn't think the music was annoying, it just gets stuck in your head. But yeah, that's all a matter of taste ^^

Lovely game. Really had me engaged until the end. I just wanted to know what I would unlock more and what else would be there.

I think it may also be caused by the cute dog barking ... that just made me smile every time.

And I love how you made a metrovanian, but without all the searching what direction you needed to go. It was just pretty linear - so it was easier to know what to do.

The haunting ghost-like enemies killed me a bunch of times ... but for the rest it was pretty chill game.

And the music was just perfect. The relaxing music above the water and the muted music below ... very well done.

Only thing I had trouble with was at the beginning ... I had no idea where to go ... so I almost quit because I figured you just had so little time that  you could only add a house and the outside. It was more a desperate move that I jumped into the water - expecting to die ^^

And last but not least, the final unlockable (won't spoil it for anyone) really but a big smile on my face.

Great work!

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Just finished mine:

ANd a link to my game:

Well, all props go to RQ for the levels, making them interesting and also the soundtrack was of his hands ^^

Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Hahahaha. That's a wonderful bug, but I can imagine it's pretty easy to get yourself stuck / out of the level. I should put a check for that into the game.

And glad to hear you enjoyed the mechanic of launching guards around. We had fun thinking about how that would work.

And you thanks for sharing your appreciation! 

Possessing guards was heaps of fun indeed ^^

Thanks for your feedback. It's nice to see people enjoy the game we made.

I was also very pleased with the music and sfx RQ created. He did an awesome job indeed.


Glad you had fun and the fact that you saw the Winner Winner screen is proof of that ^^

Possessing guards felt great, I also had so much fun doing that ^^

And kudos for your devotion to keep playing - even with all the bugs chaising you ^^

The collision and guards that keep sticking are known bugs that I couldn't get out of the game before the jam was over. But we will continue working on it for a while - so I hope to have it polished and (most of) the bugs out of it eventually.

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it a lot.

Nice to hear you enjoyed playing it!

Awesome. I'm impressed you got to beat the game, not sure many people get that far.

Glad you enjoyed your time with our game!

Funny thing is that we played with making the music more random ... but in the end (after having it all working) we decided to revert back to the regular music track ... just because that felt better. But I can see what you mean. RQ intended to make unique tracks for each level - but due to lack of time we just kept it to this one only

Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, I realize it's more buggy than I hoped it would be.

And glad you enjoyed the music and sfx RQ created

I'm very fond of the music RQ created. It's an awesome song and keeps sticking in my head - even after a short playthrough.

Glad you liked our game!

And sorry for the crash - the possessing and collisions are causing a lot of issues - will look into it. Thanks

Thanks for your feedback. We dabbled with the range of the light - didn't wanted to show the whole maze too much ... but maybe we overdid it a bit. It's hard testing if you know the layout of the level yourself :P

And collisions are hard to get right sometimes ... especially with tilemaps. Maybe I should've rounded the corners or something...

Thanks for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed it.

And yeah, collissions and possessing the guards gives lots of bugs... tried to fix them all, but sometimes some occure :P
Will look into you situation - thanks

It took me my first death to realize my character was the actual gun.
But after that, it played very nice ... especially loved how every (other) room there was another (random?) gun added ... that increased my life and also shooting capabilities

Nicely done!

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It took me a few seconds before I understood the depth of the game. Really great idea! Love the strategy-part.

Maybe you could've made it a bit harder by keeping the hearts - now they reset each level.

Really well done! And congrats on finishing your first game! That's an achievement on it's own!

Amazing game! Love the aesthetics, the usage of the art-assets and the overall feel is so polished!
Great work!

Love the simple control scheme. The jumping could use some tweaking - sometimes I accidentally jumped twice, because it kept jumping when holding the button down.
Great work!

Funny how just so simple usage of the art assets can make such a haunting experience.

Well done, sir!

Glad you enjoyed it!

The possessing can be a bit funky sometimes ... glad you could finished the level while dragging the guard around ^^

Maybe try Toggl - it's free and has some nice integrations when you are idle and not. I use it to track when I'm working. 

Awesome presentation. So simple, but so effective <3

Mmm. Not sure what caused the lag. Maybe loading the music or something? 

Thanks for your honest feedback.

And I agree. The points are now kinda meaningless. At first I had just the points being calculated based on the (random-ish) enemy movement speed, so faster enemies will earn you more points. That still feels like a fair balance. But in the end I decided the game needed more 'out of control' elements and I introduced more randomness, for instance sometimes (when picking up a pickup item / yellow dot) some random enemy's points will be randomized. It felt fun in theory... but didn't had time to test it  out ... and in hindsight I should have left it out ^^