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Thanks a lot! We had a great team of artists participating on this game! =)

Nice, first game on the jam that I saw using tongue as the core mechanic. The thematic has potential! The tongue can be used either to do the swinging movements, to get items and to make the character stick to a wall! I think that there are interesting design choices that can be added

Thanks a lot! It was a big crunch! We finished the build on the last ~20 minutes, it was craaazy. Thanks for your kind words!

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Thank you! We're happy that you enjoyed it, your kind word will help us on restoring our souls from the big crunch that it was to finish it in time! hahah

I'm absolutely impressed by the quality of the levels. Very nice job, 10 levels and none of them felt boring to me. And it's impressive how you carefully crafted it in a way that you don't get "hard stuck".

Very clever idea and level design! Art and sound also set the mood nicely! Great jam game, congratz! It's my favorite so far!

Thanks a lot Ian! Yeah, since the beginning we thought about adding some sort of lightning system as the game was already planned to be in a "torment night", so the lightning system was there mainly to create this tensions where you have to run from enemies which pops up from the shadows! Then as suggested by Narciso (our artist), we added a rain effect to create an even more dark mood.

I'll surely take a look at your game!

Great entry! It is very cool to become a huge and powerful Tank, and the boss fight made me want more! Good job =)

Nice physics and overall presentation! Looks very cute. Also, interesting take on the game theme. I would just probably put the aiming to be with the mouse, but other than that, very beautiful entry !

Innovative approach on the theme. It took me a few to get the hang of it, but I appreciate the amount of content in there. The graphics are sweet!

The combat that you got there is very satisfying! And interesting mechanic too. Nice work!

Wow, thanks a lot for such kind words! Yes, we did all that in 48 hours. It was a great rush!!!

We originally wrote the text in Portuguese -- our mother language, but for participating in a jam, it needed to be in English. David and Margella were responsible for all text and translations.

I was the soloist programmer in the jam, and as you saw, there are lots of intricate systems that I needed to code. Lightning, Combat, Movement, AI, Dialogue, Morales system, Game Design, Level Design, it was craaaazy. Unfortunately, there are some things that could have been better polished if I wasn't coding alone. But I'm very happy that you liked the Warrior AI! Yes, I tried making her to not bother you too much! Also, as she is a warrior, she has more HP, so she can deal with some monsters on her own for a while, and sometimes she will indeed help you.

The artist also had to model loooooooots of stuff, and all 2D art (characters pictures, dialogues, UI) was all made by him.

The musician created 2 musics and lots of SFX, which fit perfectly!

We are very proud, even though I would lake to have done a better game design.

Again, thanks a bunch for your kind words! =D

Thanks a lot, we're happy that you liked it!

Yeaaaah, the systems are not polished, it was a lot of stuff to do, so we had no time to iterate many times over the stuff! With a slightly bigger team, we could have made it! The original Combat design was focused on "kidnapping" -- some monsters would carry the characters away (like Resident Evil 4) and the other sister would have to help.

I also wanted to create a lightgningbolt (stun in area) and a ground wall (protection), but yeah, it was a lot of stuff already for the 48 hours.

Again, thanks for the kinds words! =))

Nice that you're gonna update it.

So, by thematic art, I mean choosing some specific themes to build upon. Perhaps having a futuristic theme? Then the scenario could be made of iron, the player objects could be robots, the enemies could be enemy robots, etc

Or perhaps the game happens on a mountain? Then the scenario would be pure ground and rocks, the characters could be animals which live on the mountains (one inside a ball and the other on top of the rocket?)

Things like that

"You are tied to your best friend" hahahah, very interesting narrative start xD

Nice game, it feels good to defeat police by throwing my "friend" into them hahah

Top-down shooters are always fun to play hahah, tho I'd suggest you to also make them to get close on the Y axis when you shoot, because if I use the walls to create offset on Y position, then the shooting mechanics will not be dangerous anymore

Anyways, good job!

Great art style and music is fine. Game Design is also good, as it can create some interesting decisions to make, like "I need to shoot to lose all my HP, so I can be fast enough, to run", which takes you to a dangerous situation where you need to take extra care on not being hit. Nice job!

Thanks for playing our game! =)))

Hey! Yeah, I added some code for blocking characters from moving out of the screen, but there were issues regarding the AI. As a soloist programmer in this jam, I had Movement, AI, Dialogues, UI, Lightning, Combat, Moral and most of the Game/Level design on me, so indeed there are low polishing in some parts! Like this camera thing

I'm sad to hear that the Warrior didn't return do you! That's a rare bug, I was hoping it wouldn't block anyone

Thanks for playing our game and for your feedback! =))

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, it was a rush to make all of those things and put them together in two days. We appreciate your kind words!

It's a bit hard to play, but perhaps it's just because the first level is already with some enemies. A suggestion would be to create 1 or 2 levels which would be very straightforward to solve, for people to get used to the controllers.

Besides of that, I liked the level design potential, it could look very nice with more thematic art =)

The lonely sound of the characters steps made me think that I would fall for a jump scare at any moment haha

"USS ThroatPunch", great name! hahah

Ohh, thanks a lot dude! Didn't know that =))

Good twist with the teleporting mechanic. I also liked that the boss battle is not a "KILL THE BOSS", but rather a good use of the teleportation mechanic!

Great mechanics. Harsh puzzles! It took me a long time to solve some hahah, I like the concept and the art choice for some things to express the mechanics, like the plant which is sleeping and thus cannot do active connections, but can receive it passively. Nice job! Music is smooth too

Nice job, art style, audio and overall flow felt relaxing. It seems to be a game with good narrative openings, right? Like, choosing to whom a character will be talking to, and this leading into different outcomes on the game, like saving a relationship depending on how you connect the calls, stuff like that.

Interesting concept!

It has some interesting design openings, such as placing the sphere into treadmills, wind places, etc, so the scenario can lead the sphere to where you want, in order to solve puzzles, etc. Art style made me remember old Doom game!

Interesting concept, I liked the character designs choices and the audio is neat. Level design is also interesting, I went very far until I hit some of the bugs listed. Bugs happen, and overall I enjoyed playing the game!

Interesting concept! As a programmer, I found my self seeing "spaghetti code" on the last level, where there are many wires connected everywhere hahaha. The character animation is adorable!

As feedback, I would just take the camera a little big farther, just so we can see more logical ports on the screen. Good job! =)

Ahhh you made it to the end! Thanks you so much for the feedback. I hope the game gets more views, we really loved the characters and atmosphere.


Yeah hahaha, we did lots of Art, Narrative, Sound design and coding (many intrinsic systems) in this jam. It was a rush (it always is xD)

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I'm amazed with how smooth the experience of playing your game is. Graphics and music has set the mood very well. Game mechanics are direct to the point, and the learning curve is well balanced. I managed to finish the game.

I also loved the game theme...Gods and the elements. Very well done, team! I'm rating this very well

Sure thing. I'll also send your game to my team if they wanna test and rate it ^^

Thank you for the feedback!

Yeah, it ended having lots of systems in the game. I was the solo programmer so it was hard to tie it all together in such small amount of time.

We were satisfied with the result, but I agree with you that it lacks polishing! We could have reduced the amount of intricate systems, or I could have found another coder :P

Anyways, we're happy that you enjoyed playing it =))

Hey! Thank you for playing.
You have to maintain a good relationship between the two sisters making good dialogue choices
The better the relationship is, the bigger is the Light that they carry, and the more HP they have!
Then, use that to fight with the monsters (left mouse button). Survive, and protect the Warrior ^^

Obrigado Bakabal!

Wooow I love the vibe from this. Good job on creating it on 48 hours, art and sound are amaazing

Saw Mark playing it and wanted to give it a try. The double jumping mechanic is interesting, it's a bit hard to learn how to do it, but gets its job done once you learn it!
The game is challenging! As a suggestion for post-jam, I'd maybe add a minimap as the level design is not so linear. Or at least a way to look bottom/up just to see some important parts of it!
Good job

Oh my god you made me remember when I used to play Ragnarok with the squad back in the days. Hahah good game and nice take on the theme

Interesting concept. I enjoyed the level design and nice choice for the simplistic art style, me and my team should have aimed for a omre simplistic style too! Good game