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Obrigado Bakabal!

Wooow I love the vibe from this. Good job on creating it on 48 hours, art and sound are amaazing

Saw Mark playing it and wanted to give it a try. The double jumping mechanic is interesting, it's a bit hard to learn how to do it, but gets its job done once you learn it!
The game is challenging! As a suggestion for post-jam, I'd maybe add a minimap as the level design is not so linear. Or at least a way to look bottom/up just to see some important parts of it!
Good job

Oh my god you made me remember when I used to play Ragnarok with the squad back in the days. Hahah good game and nice take on the theme

Interesting concept. I enjoyed the level design and nice choice for the simplistic art style, me and my team should have aimed for a omre simplistic style too! Good game

Holy moly, that's funny! Good powerups! I loved your take on the jam, maaaybe because top-down brawlers are my weakness, but anyways, you did it nice! Reminds me of my own game lol
Good job, very fun

Thanks a lot for playing and me and the team are reeeally happy about making you laugh!
Indeed! The shooting mechanics is something that is off on this build, and we do have plans for decoupling the aiming from the movement

As for more forms variety you're right -- it was too much for the jam, but we surely can do lots of creative stuff with new forms!
We also planned other types of wishes: the human could ask for the scenario to change, could transform the enemies into other stuff, and so on, so we're pretty happy with our result, we think it has nice game design openings. And we're happy that it managed to fit the jam theme as well

Again, thanks for playing! =D

That's a very creative take on the jam theme. Very solid entry, congratulations!

Nice, top-down brawlers is my weakness! hahah, I loved the Gods idea who can change things as they want. This creates nice possibilities, such as:
- God of time: only does events related to time (slow down, speed up, etc)
- God of thunder: casts lightning bolts on the scenario

As a feedback, I would make the sword slash faster and bigger.

Good job!

Pretty unique experience. Never saw a jam game that is about mental health, and this one has a nice immersive presentation. Good job!

Hey, the game is very enjoyable and relaxing, and it's a creative interpretation of the jam theme.
I would only highlight better the number for people making wishes, and inform better how what is the desired flower, but overall congratilatuions, nice entry!

Very funny, played with my friend and we had a good time. I would maybe add a bar to indicate how strong the next stroke would be, maybe something like two radial bars (one for each player), just to help understanding the best moment for doing the movement. Also to help one player to know when the other player is already preparing it
Overall it's a fun mechanic and controller!

I saw it on GMTK stream and got instantly interested. I've seen this mechanic in some games already, but never out of control, so I think you hit the theme quite nice. Good entry!

Overall good presentation. Even in the details, like the grass moving and how there is a different sfx for when stepping on a different type of tile. That 3D turnaround is well done too. Good job!

Fun game, I like the way you chose to do the controllers, it automatically adds complexity to the game as you always have to rotate in order to go forward/backwards.

And you balanced the movement quite well, I thought it was going to be hard to control it, but it wasn't. Good job!

Hey, thanks for the kind words! The team will be happy to read it
And yes, the Master gets afraid when there are scarabs close to him, so you need to drag their attention or defeat them so the Master go proceed to the next lamp. The game indeed lacks of indicators for this and the tutorial also doesn't explain this specific thing, so I can understand your confusion!
But yeah the multiplier goes up to x5, which can drastically increase your score, that's why the Master is important. If we get to continue the game, I'll surely make this more clear
Thanks again!

Wow that's a pretty much complete experience for a jam game. Really nice, and YES quick and simple tutorials on the beginning :D

Ohhh it's my weak spot -- top-down brawler hahah. Good work, I had a hard time initially to understand the overall idea of the weapons changing, but once I got it, the experience went smooth

The art is REALLY nice. Characters/scenario and also how you "literally" re-wire the buttons.

Good presentation! I like how you had the effort to create a little story to be going on and the insanity is moment is quite cool. Art is beautiful too

I liked the fixing mechanic. And you did the visual/sound feedback for the player quite right, good job.

Hahahahah, hitting your master to make him stop wishing for a while could be a nice mechanci xDD

That's one of the most concise presentation I've seen on this jam ^^ gameplay felt really smooth. And good idea overall! It has good openings for scenarios, props and enemies. Solid entry!

Really nice concept, you managed to create a very smart puzzle mechanic. Good leven designs  too! And presentation overall. Good job!

Amazing!!!!!! Really, loved your idea! And the overall presentation is also good. Veeery solid entry, even though there is just one level, you showed nicely the idea potential. Really, good job

Thanks! Me and the team are very happy that you liked it!!

Got it! The gates idea is nice. We even had an art for huge gates in the shape of Snake's mouths, but didn't manage to put it in. Thanks for the tips and for playing the game!

Nice presentation overall (both art and sound). the mechanic is also interesting, there are some nice openings for level design with this mechanic! Good job

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll surely think of some some health collectibles, and maybe the Human can eventually ask for all enemies to be destroyed just to give you time to breathe haha. Thanks for playing!

Good job! As said by other people, when the text started to decay, I got really tense hahah. Its a nice loop and I think your writing was immersive.
I would only add some background sound and some SFX, such as maybe rain drops, cars on the road sound, car crash, etc
Congratz for your game!

Thanks for the tips! Yeah, a full top-down view would make the work easier for a jam, so I'll definitely consider this on the next time that I do a top-down game for a jam

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanations!
As for increasing spawn rate, we do have this, depending on how many time elapsed, the spawner does it a little bit quicker, but it's not easy to notice it as the game is very frenetic hahah

Yes, the sacarabs spawning some times is frustrating I agree with you, I'm thinking of making them always coming from some spots on the scenario, such as from the mouth of a snake statue and such

Again, thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you had fun with it!!

Yeah you understand me regarding the main menu UI xD
And yes, you're totally right about the shooting button. I should have put it on space bar or some other keyboard button, indeed. The original plan was to have shooting in more directions, but we had plan changes regarding this, and I was so busy doing other stuff, that I forgot to change the fire button
Thanks a lot for playing it!

Congratulations for such a clever puzzle. Puzzle games are super hard to design and you managed to do something nice with the jam theme. Presentation is pretty good too. =)

I second the post below: I'd love to play this as a multiplayer game. The art and the arena in general made me remind me of some crazy fighting MMO games that I played. The game mechanic concept is interesting and fits the jam well

Thanks a lot for playing! And yeah, the tiny lizard is veeery nice. Super fast and still nice fire bombs!

Thanks for playing! The chicken is nuts hahah, the giant chicken is just mayhem


Cool game! The presentation is really nice. I would just increase the time window for pressing the buttons to make it a little bit more easy for beginners in the game, but other than that, I never saw a game in which your objective is to produce the sounds! Quite creative =)