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Frozen Spirit

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Gravity switching is a neat idea! There is a bug when you spawn that you are stuck floating in the air that did make me need to restart a few times though. Cool game. :)

The concept is interesting and well implemented. The ability to stack affects to get more shield and health is interesting but due to really only being able to deal at most 6 damage (more if red die are collected) in a round does draw out combat for a bit. Overall pretty cool! 

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I place the cards in the right conditions but when I open the dungeon nothing seems to happen. Shame because this looks like it could have amazing future potential.

Adorable game. Super fun to float around the world.

Neat concept with the characters. I don't really know how the slime one works though. Cool game.

Simple well executed concept. I think the character flip might be reversed or maybe I'm just looking at it wrong. Nice work!

The visual feedback of health was very creative. Moving the dice around felt a bit strange with the mouse confined to the screen borders but only a minor issue though. Very charming game. :)

The inclusion of math based puzzles helps set this apart in an interesting way. Great stuff.

Kinda intense/fun to do if you try to speed through it! Fun time.

Amazing idea! Super fun to mess around with the dice. Keep it up. :D

The 2d and 3d combination worked very nicely. It is kinda hard to figure out where to go for some tasks though. Cool concept.

Cool to have randomly generated weapons and maps. The hitboxes felt a bit weird with it feeling like my attack range is slightly shorter than theirs making it hard to reach without taking damage but the slowdown of time does help a lot. Pretty cool overall. :)

Took me a bit to understand what to do but once I did I was hooked. Awesome work!

Very fun voice acting. Great game!

Neat little experience. It think some more sound affects could make that collection of points even more satisfying. My best was 70!

Severely underrated game! The visuals of the dice faces makes the puzzles very intuitive and fun to do. Great game. :)

Interesting way of combining both dice and cards to build an interesting luck based rpg. Cool stuff!

Spend more time on this than I'd like to admit. -4 was my score.  Good Job

One of the most well made games in the jam. Well done.

Neat concept. Kinda hard to finish due to the sling shot and its ground friction but it's still a good polished experience. 

Awesome background art. The controls did feel a little off and a random chance of death did not feel great. Still a great overall experience.

Cute little game with some issues with what to do. Mostly it was pretty intuitive with the indicators but I don't know what to do with bored cats. Also cats would seem to stand there thirsty but would not go to the filled bowls. Overall nice little experience. 

Messed around with this by myself for a bit. The sound design is quite nice but its hard to tell what spot I'm placing my dice in. It would be nice to have a little indicator. Cool stuff! 

Such a creative concept for the jam! Great execution.

Though it confused me at first the swapping between attack and defence had solid strategy to it. The sound could use a bit more mixing with the door being way louder than the music which caught m a bit off guard. Cool game!

Nice work with your first jam. I think some visual or audio feedback when you pickup the dice could be good because I found myself accidently jumping over them in the chaos occasionally. Good work. :)

The course was a little tough for me getting up the blocks but the flinging is well implemented. I think dice customisation was a cool feature to make it feel more personalised.

Interesting concept and artwork. It took me a bit to wrap my head around the mechanics but it was very enjoyable once in the flow. 

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It's kind of hard to get a sense of depth on where to jump with the camera. so its hard to get far The randomized levels are a nice touch though. :)

Super satisfying to pull off a chain combo! I'm a bit confused why I take damage while I land on top of an enemy while still in the rolling state though. Super fun!

Strong potential with a nice opening sequence but it is quite hard. Some visual feedback with what the affect is such as knowing when it will reverse and such to be able to adapt could help with this. Great work! :)

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Great well polished experience. It did feel hard to control the power of the shot to get the number wanted as well as it was a bit tricky when dice were not above me but apart from that it was a fun experience!

Top notch subversion of the theme with plenty polish to back it up.

There is a surprisingly good amount of strategy involved in this! My best was 240. Great game!

Great game. The intro sequence is well made with well made concise puzzles to back it up .

Kind of an odd, unexpected experience that I did not expect to have in this jam. This is a very pleasant surprise though. Great game. :D

Interesting risk/reward system. Its a bit hard to aim making it quite difficult to go far but I got a few good rounds of fun out of this. 

Very nice little experience. The die roll animation is particularly cool. Very fun gimmick to make choices with in each of the rounds!

This had some great puzzles in it that were a good difficulty for the time. Great work!

Very entertaining! It was cool to see all of the scenarios and how my leader was suited to them.