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Frozen Spirit

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Thanks! I hope to see some of your games in the future too :D.

Very fun game to play. Loved the story. Great job :).

Loved the music for the game. Great job!

Very funny game with a lot of great concepts. Good job!

No problem great job!

The only thing better then that spicy twist at the end was the voice and plot for the whole game! Although the final level was a bit to hard for me. 

Still I managed to get through pretty much all of the game expect for the final part of the final stage and I have to say that it was amazing. Amazing job :D!

Thanks for the feed back. I will be sure to play your game too :D.

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I really liked how silent the game was. This made it feel really tense with the only sound being foot steps which lead you into a sort of flow state of focus. Really polished movement and graphics too.  Great job :D.

This is an pretty neat addition to the game jam. I especially love the the trail effect that you used on the helmet and hammer! Also the multi-layered background was a neat touch too. Great job on the excellent game :D.

Thanks! While I probably won't continue on this game I will definitely take all of this helpful feedback into future game jams and proper games I will try make in the future. I will be sure to give your game a go!

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Great idea for a game. I loved all of the hectic moments of trying to get the right keys. great job :D!

Rating this based on the fixed build.

Good job on the game. Loved the whole vibe of the world and simple limbo like art style.

I got played waaayyy more times than I'm probably willing to admit. For your first time coding you did amazing! Great job on the excellent game.

Thank you so much for giving me some helpful feedback. I am not the most experiment dev and I had a few set backs. I’m just glad I managed to make something for the jam. Thank you for understanding and good job on your game too!

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This game is amazing and not to mention so underrated for how good it is! This game not only managed to make the lie a mechanic but also make itself the the profound meaning of the whole plot which easily makes this a 5/5 star game! 

This game was really original and I have not seen any game quite like it in the game jam. Excellent work :D.

Thank you for the reply and I definitely will check back to see if there is any more adjustments. Over all great job from the levels i have played.

This game is so under appreciated! Good job on the really fun game. :D 

I really like the spooky  vibe of the whole game but the jump made the game almost unplayable for me. Interesting premise either way. :D

No problem. The gameplay was indeed quite solid.

The art  for the game is great but i kept finding myself falling through the floor on the right side of the stage. I also found myself not being able to progress past stage one because it kept on asking for the same materials. Their is a lot of good stuff that you have made in this game and i hope you are proud of what you have.

To be honest I look back on it now and I think that I was just used to the controls of other games in the jam. Thinking about it now it was really just some of the jumps I had to do in the final battle that caught me of guard. Sorry for the issue and I loved your game!

The game was really fun and I quite enjoyed it. My main issue though is really just where the theme of the game was but apart from that you have a nice solid game on your hands.

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't very happy with the jump either but I had only left myself two or so days to make this and had to move on. Thanks :).

Thank you so much for your helpful feedback. Unfortunately I did not have as much time as I would of wanted to make the game which did lead to a lot of sacrifices but in the end I really just wanted to prove to myself that I was able to push beyond the time limits I had pushed myself into and make something for the jam. 

I love all of the fresh ideas that the game brings into every level. Great work :>.

Fun boss rush to go through but I found the controls awkward to use and that made the precision jumping in the final fight to hard for me personally.

Thanks I did enjoy it anyway.

I love the quirky dialog and the unique level ideas. Great job on making my favourite game of the jam so far in only a week!

This game was very entertaining (from both some of the funny bugs I found and from the game play). Great work with the art and creative mechanics.

This is a perfect example of one simple idea being polished and refined to its maximum potential! Great job on the game you made.

Good job on the game and I really liked the the music. My main issue with the game is that the controls are a bit slippery but apart from that an over all great addition to the Jam!

Great Job on the game.

This game super fun to play! Amazing work for only one week of being able to make a game.

Really creative idea and game play. Good Job!

This game started out really fun and interesting! This was until I realised that death sends you permanently back to the start of the game. This fact turns the game from a fun plat-former into a constant chore that I was not able to complete. This is such a shame because apart from that I like everything inside of your game! I hope that the game does well either way and that everybody else isn't as bad at platforming as me :). 

Really good pixel art! I would of love to see more of what you can create in future jams.

Really fun. Great Job!

I truly don't know what i just played but all I know is that it was perfect.

Hey! I unfortunately could not get the games controls to work and I was not able to interact with alot of the things in the world like the caves and the NPC.  It would be great to see what the controls are. From what I've seen though great job.