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Frozen Spirit

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Really cool game. Love the weird mechanics and twisted art style. :D

Super cool idea. I had fun putting all the stats into attack and watching as the enemies ran around while I killed them ruthlessly. Overall super fun and with some some/music this could be a fun idea to continue.

Cool little typing game. Nice work.

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I was unaware of the fact that age was what effected the arm length. I assumed the collision borders might of changed with the screen size but I think it was actually the age system. Thanks for helping I'll give it another shot.

Edit: Finished the game and loved it. Nice job! :D

Thanks for the help, I'll give it another shot :).

I had so much fun playing this! The are well fleshed out and polished with some great music/visuals to back it. Amazing work :D.

The camera was fun to deal with but the jump was hard to use sometimes to get over the bombs. Overall fun game.  :)

The glitch effect caught me by surprise :0. Super fun game. :)

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I was very confused about what was supposed to happen in the game? You only have ten seconds so you can't explore the maze a lot and its unclear where to go and the Minotaur only appears sometimes to chase you. My point being it would be nice if somewhere you could give some instructions because it's a shame that I can't get to play your game properly or maybe just some more time. The visuals where nice though.  Nice work. :)

This game was super quirky and fun! In saying this it could sometimes be unplayable when your arms can't reach the top buttons and due to collisions/screen size which made me not be able to finish the game. From what I did play, this game was super charming and fun. Good Job! :)

Pretty original and fun idea. I liked how the bodies block your movement which added a layer of thought about attacking. Overall cool game.

This concept was hilarious and I could absolutely see this being a rage/party game of sorts in the future.  Amazing work :D.

Super enjoyable to play. The game play did eventually get a bit repetitive. Something else to focus on during game could help like repairing towers or just something to mix up the game play a little can help keep player interest. In saying this I did love the game. Good Job :D. 

I thought this was hilarious. I didn't realise just how out of control this would get. The jump was a bit unresponsive sometimes though. In saying this this was still really fun. Good job!

An overall well thought out game. The levels could be frustrating sometimes with their being no mid way save point but apart from that it had a fun mechanic. Good job :].

I've seen a lot of games of this style in the jam but this one is easily the best! Everything in it is so well polished and thought out. The puzzles I found to be the right amount of difficulty (at least for me) and the atmosphere was overall very enjoyable. I did seem to find some invisible object in the 2nd last level that was killing me or I seemed to of missed something? Over all amazing game! :D

This was super well developed! Everything about it is so well polished I would of assumed this was a full release game. Good job.

Very well polished. I loved it!

Super quirky and funny game. I loved frantically moving everything back into place.

This game was hilarious! The stuff that happens in it kept me engaged till the end. Amazing game :D!

While its a bit shaky on the theme it is an pretty fun  simple idea. Nice work!

This was super fun to play! I just wish their was more because it was really interesting. Amazing Game :D.

While a fun idea I think it was too hard to react in time to actually be able to dodge the tress properly and I ended up cheesing it by just sticking to the side. This is a shame because I thought it was fun to slide down the mountain. Overall cool game.

Super fun. The puzzles where well thought out. Being able to move the platforms while they were placed would of been nice. Overall awesome game :D

Very enjoyable little experience. Loved it!

Had me sucked in for a good bit. Good job :D.

Super cool little game. Had a lot of fun :D.

Nice game. I loved the mechanic and the polish put into it. With some music I think this could make for a pretty cool full release.

Cool little game. I like the amount of polish in the game. The mechanics were fun. Overall cool game.

This is easily the most hilarious game in the jam. Good job :D

The turn mechanic was really cool. My main issue was with the slime's own turning and how random it was and how it just didn't work sometimes. Overall cool game.

Awesome game. The upgrades were super fun to use (especially the bouncing bullets). The game had me hooked for a fair bit. Amazing work :D.

Super Cute art :)

I wasn't able to find some of the necessary parts some of the time which was sad :(

Overall cool game :D

The art was super cute. It would of been nice to have a few more levels. Over all good game. :)

The atmosphere is very chilling which is really cool. I liked having to look around with the light and having things jump out! I still struggle with the big enemies that that seem to take more clicks. Over all good game. :)

Super chill game. That final puzzle really got me by surprise :D

Cool game. It would be nice to just need to hold down on the pipes instead of needing to rapidly click. Overall nice game.

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Really original concept! I thought the mechanic was interesting and well polished. The game could go with some more levels though. The game was super cool. Good Job!

The art for the game was super cool. The game play did get a bit repetitive after a bit. The headbutt was super fun though!

Pretty well polished game overall. The arrow pointing to the dog helps a bunch and it was nice to mow down hoards of zombies with the weapons. Super game! :]