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Ah, I see I misremembered the first puzzle, sorry.
You can add a ! directly in front of a bollean to flip it's value.

So the solution for the first door is to change "if OpenDoor:" to "if !OpenDoor:"

Sorry for the trouble :(

Hey, you tried to change your speed, that might come in handy later ;)

If I remember correctly the only thing you need for the first door is the != operator (not equals).

The first or second door?

Hint you can change the code of everything that has color. If you're stuck try to find colorful things, that you didn't try to change yet.

Let me know if you want further hints. :)

Thank you for the feedback, I can see how that might cause some troubles. 

I hope you still had fun. :)

Hi, thanks for trying out my game. 

No, glitching is not normal. I assume the particles caused the issue. Did you play the game in the browser? 

Sometimes with games made in Gosot effects that require the graphics card can cause issues when playing in the browser.

And thank you for playing it :)

Thank you :)

Wow, thank you very much. I'm glad to hear you see so much potential in my game. :)

It's partly inspired by Creeper World 3 (more specifically the "Play as Creeper" custom game mode some people have made maps for) but at the same time it's quite a bit different.

I would also like to optimize the game a bit so more hamsters at the same time are possible without the framerate pummeling to single digits. :D

Again, thanks for playing and the encouraging words. 

4:28 is a pretty good time, especially for your first time, good job!

Happy to hear you liked the game. And yes, it could be more obvious what to do at the beginning.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I agree. A different texture or different color for the health bar would have been a good idea. 

Thanks for your comment and for playing my game. :) 

This is a really cool gameplay mechanic.

My first game I got one point because I didn't understand that you need to move away again. But that moment gave me a huge "eureka"-effect where I very suddenly and very quickly understood what is so clever about the game.

And it gets hard fast, after about 10 hamsters it's getting difficult to move around.

Kinda relaxing, kinda stressful. And fun, too!

Seems pretty easy to me, though. After about 500 seconds I stopped, because I just got more and more turrets and the enemies didn't seem to come any faster or in greater numbers.

But better than making it too hard in my opinion.

I liked the music and sound effects.

All in all I had fun with your game.

Wow, I was not ready for the existnecial dread that is the game description.

Luckily the game itself was a pleasent little clicker, then.

Works great and it's nice to see your hamsters grow bigger and bigger.

Congrats on submitting your first game jame game! I hope you had fun.

This is pretty cool, for a first entry. Sure, it's simple, but it works well. Good job.

A fun little puzzler. And with a cool mechanic.

I noticed however, that when it's turn to move the mouse you can also click on the tile the mouse is already on, which makes it a lot easier. And is also necessary when you shoved yourself into a dead end.

Also, this is not a huge deal but, why do you play as a mouse, when the theme is "hamsters". You could have just use a hamster sprite and maybe some salad instead of cheese :D

This is fun, reminds me of a Mario Party Mini Game.

I like the look as well, PICO-8 Games tend to look nice and the different hamster textures are a nice touch.

In my opinion the balls could be a bit more bouncy but it's already fun as is.

Fun little game. Works great on the phone (and it's way easier to spin the wheel with a touch screen).

It gets harder later on when the game speeds up but on a phone you can go a pretty long time. :)

Yeah, a bit of an accelerated end might be nice. The game gets harder over time, but maybe not fast enough...

Thank you a lot for playing and you feedback. :)

What a nice story. And some little jokes thrown in there as well.

The gameplay is very simple but still a fun little experience. :)

First off, cool graphics and sounds.

The gameplay is interesting, but the recharge feels a bit slow.

Also maybe some kind of telegraphing would be nice, right now it's more hoping not to get hit than actual evasion.

A cooldown system for a top-down shooter is a cool idea.

Often the enemies would explode without me doing anything. So running away and not shooting seemed like the better move.

Funny little story.

Gameplay is very simple, though. And just spam-clicking the button wins the game, so a bit more need for tactical decisions might be nice.

Cool little game with a neat narrative told in a very dynamic way.

Also great graphics and sound. What a cute little robot. :)

Uhm. How do I do stuff in this game? I can walk around but how do I do more than that?

Controls within the game or on the itch page would be nice.

I like the music, I like the glow effect on the graphics.

And I like the controls. Having a bit of a damp on acceleration and decelleration is a great idea for this type of game.

And the idea to be able to teleport for the cost of your score is also nice.

The game is more challenging than it looks, I got to 31 points total.

Pretty fun to have a platformer where the character is not always upright but can tumble about.

You should make it clearer where you want to go on each map.

"No one loves a faulty robot"... Harsh.

This is a really cool take on the theme. Kinda depressing but cool none the less.

Gameplay is simple but not boring. I think the difficulty is pretty much perfect. It's challenging but not too difficult.

The music is nice too, but the high notes are a bit too loud, I think.

Overall a very solid job.

Wow, this is a cool narative. Plays really well too.

Thanks so much for playing.

I'm not sure what you mean by "getting worse in spots"? It gets worse slowly over time, when an enemy touches you or if you shoot a wall or yourself.

Yep, the pixelation effect is a shader. A pretty simple one at that. I have now linked the source code on the itch page of the game if you want to take a look. (Keep in mind that the source code of a 3 hour game can be quite messy :D)

Good choice :D

The Mandelbrot Set is cool. It'd be awesome if you found a way to make a game out of it somehow. And as Bruno said before, the performance is pretty slow.

Looks real pretty, though.

Cool stuff, I like these kinds of games.

Though, you should limit the player somehow, either by only being able to place blocks on the ground or only being able to place a specific amount of blocks.

As it is now some levels can be cheesed by building "stairs" of up-blocks to the goal.

Quite fun, either way. :)

Cool idea for the theme. I hope not every Roomba feels this way. :D

Quite simple game but very polished as a result of that. I like the visuals and music and I love how the sound effect for the sheep feels like a classic jump sound but has some sort of digital sounding effect on it.

Funny little story. Quite creative.

I think the background of the textboxes should be darker, it's a bit hard to read at times.

Also maybe don't have a wrong decision make the player restart the whole game, especially if it seems like the right decision (pouring water on the extension cord for example). Or for having burnt a single toast.

But still, definitely an interesting idea.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

That's a neat system for restoring health (or stability in this case). I will keep that in mind for future projects or should I continue work on this game.

Thank you for playing! That is a pretty good score, I think. Didn't have too much time for playtesting. :D

I'm glad you had fun.

Thank you! The visual effect was actually the first thing I decided to do, the rest was decided later. :D

Yeah, I was unsure myself if the game wasn't a bit too forgiving. Balancing games is hard, especially in 3 hours. I decided to keep it on the easier side, to be safe. Better than being frustrating, I think.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback. :)