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I really liked this. If you work out the bug fixes for this, it'd be really special IMO. Definitely should be developed into a full game.

Idan! You did a great job. Idk if it's the most fun game, but super original and unique. I think with a bit more fine tuning and level design, this would have been even better. Great work.

I really liked this one. I think if the art was a little more interesting, I would have loved it that much more. Well done.

I really liked the concept of this one. Took me a few tries to figure out the mechanics, and the breathing was a bit annoying, but I liked it.

This was a blast. I really enjoyed playing it. I wish it was a little longer to play with more mechanics. I also think it could have used with some background music. Other than that, absolutely fantastic work.

I think this just needed a bit more tweaking with the level design to be a truly fantastic game. I really liked it though.

Really enjoyed the concept. I think it just needed a little bit more fine tuning. The music was really annoying after about 10 seconds. If that had been different, I probably would have given it a full rating on presentation.

This was a really fun and unique twist for this. I think the sound fx were the most annoying part, and I think it would have been lovely if there had been some simple background music to kind of fill the space. Really enjoyed it though!

Solid game! Really enjoyed it. I think it could have worked well without controlling the other enemies, or if it was a more puzzle-like layout for the enemies, and you had to control them in a specific way. Really great nonetheless.

I absolutely love this game! I'd love to get in touch