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Not as extreme as the original maze game.

That's where the idea of reactivity comes in. When you accelerate in the opposite direction you are moving, you add an extra acceleration * reactivityPercent.

A clever short little game. Graphics are simple but they get the work done.

The energy core mechanic is a fairly unique gimmick which I don't think I've seen before. I liked the way your robot got weaker when you dropped it, though I do wish it would also make you run out of power after a while, to really nail the point in.

The art style is fantastic. It reminds me of something you'd find on an old arcade cabinet.

The gameplay is not too hard as long as you keep cleaning up the rooms quickly. The fire mechanic is a clever way to ensure the player doesn't just fire all the time, which would make the game too easy.

If I had a negative thing to say about the game, it would be that controls aren't explained in-game.

That was a really cool game. I really like the idea that you are picking upgrades for the saw instead of yourself.

The graphics are nice and consistent throughout. Everything looks like it belongs in the same game. Nice work!

My one complaint is that the player movement feels a bit stiff.  A bit of acceleration+reactivity when starting and stopping would make it feel smoother.

That was a great in-depth walkthrough. Thank you for making a video on this game!

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Can you click CTRL+Shift+K in Firefox, or CTRL+Shift+J in Chrome and say what the last error is in the console?



It shoots a bullet each time you hit it. You need to shoot it slowly to not get overwhelmed.

As expected from a hamster

Hilarious video. The editing is great :D

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It's a wierd bug in the initial audio loading. I have yet to reproduce it in any browser so I'm unsure how to solve it.

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Which browser do you use? The game won't work in IE, but should work in Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Really liked your video, great reactions :D

Sounds like the performance was too low. I did try it on a fairly low-end laptop and the game was playable. It may just be some graphics card quirk.

Thank you!

Fun game! The graphics are also very nice, especially the fire effect.

Cool idea. It took a while to get used to the controls. The game got really challenging after the buffers were introduced. I like that.

It's a really cool concept., and the graphics and music is nice. I believe this would also work really well on a touch screen/mobile device.

I'm personally not a fan of the timer. I think the game works really well on its own without it.

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I suspect it's that this camera does not take devicePixelRatio into account. Some devices like iPhones have a pixel ratio higher than 1.

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Sadly no. The game was written entirely with Javascript + 2D canvas, so it will only ever run in a browser even if you downloaded it. If you have another web browser you could try it instead. If you still want a download link I can enable it.

Great platformer with a very unique mechanic. It got surprisingly difficult, almost Meat Boy level hard.

Graphics were really nice and polished.

One feature I think would improve the timing would be if the tone of the countdown changed the closer it got to 0, so you could tell how many ticks there are left from the audio alone. I kept having to look at the indicator in the levels with a longer timer which takes attention away from the level.

Still, amazingly good work!

How can you enforce the player to finish the game in 2 minutes? What if you have an objective and the player won't approach it?

Great concept. It was a bit confusing that you were supposed to select the non-imposters.

Impressive! I never got past level 5. There is an infinite number of levels.

The perspective is a bit confusing. It was intended to be seen as a side-scrolling Shoot 'em up, but it looks more like a top-down shooter.

Thank you!

I set out to make all the abilities in the game centered around the main weapon. If I had more times I would have added some more enemies which could only be defeated using certain abilities, like an enemy with a shield which could only be destroyed by exploding a mine inside it, or enemies which could only be hurt by hitting its top/bottom.

So very 80s. The art style is quite fantastic (especially the cloud effect). The controls are good for the most part, except that I wish you could jump on an a ledge from a stand-still. Overall still very cool!

Same here. If it's still possible. (5 minutes left)

I'd also like a clarifiation on using third-party music. I'm perfectly fine with a 0 on the sound score. Are you allowed to use third-party music?

Hehe :D. Yeah, the mechanic of aiming vs feeding could have been pointed out better in the beginning.

Thank you! The instructions could have been clearer. Like I should have added an arrow pointing in a loop in the center, but I didn't have any time left.

Very cool. A nice start on a whimsical GTA clone,

Nice video too! The brightness was a bit dark. I'll make a brightness slider for the next game.

Ooo, you almost got caught. Yeah it's a one-hit KO. Thanks for playing the game!

Great video and reactions! You almost won on the first try which had me a bit surprised. I thought I made the monster a bit too difficult.

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It's also a downloadable game rather than a web game, which inherently limits the outreach.

Honestly, this went really badly compared to my usual rating in game jams, but considering I really half-assed the game I'm not surprised.

Regarding the voting system. There must be a better way of dealing with votes. There are just too many games and just picking games to play at random isn't very efficient.

Minimalist and beautiful. I found the controls to be mostly fine, though I wish the corpse didn't block the arm from swinging.