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I wrote my own 2D rendering classes in JavasSript ES6.

Thank you. The issue with using 64 colors is the way I divided the byte-like genes in the procedural generation into multiple color levels. I think I used -2, -1, neutral, 1, 2 color levels for each color, so that leaves only 256 / 5 = 51 colors to work with.

Sorry about that. Re-rated.

You sorta can. You can use WebView to embed a web browser in an app, or something like Cordova/PhoneGap/Tauri. The iOS web browser has been nerfed on purpose so that it can't really compete with apps, at least in the past. I don't know what the current state is.

Though it isn't quite optimal. If you want to make a game for Android/iOS/PC/Linux it's easier to get started with Godot (or Unity).

I can't add any additional uploads before the jam rating period is over, but after that I can upload the source.

Nice and fun. Yeah the game really could use some sfx, but other than that the boss design and gameplay is really smooth and polished.

Thank you! There is indeed a quicker kill strat for the vampire by tricking it to teleport into a corner.

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I would recommend you first start with learning how to do Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript. If you listen to other JS developers online, you will hear a lot about how Functional Programming is so much better than OOP. Those people usually do not make games and their opinion on OOP can be ignored. OOP is the best fit for games since most things in the world can naturally be represented as objects.

So you learn how do OOP using classes in ES6. Now you can represent things in your game as objects such as a Player, Enemy etc.. You can use inheritance if you need multiple objects to use the same foundation. For example, in my games every object inherits from an Entity class, which contains an update/draw/destroy function.

Use the ES6 module system since it's the modern way to handle multiple imports in JS today. I like to name my modules after their class names like this:

export default class Player {
import Player from './player.class.js';
const player = new Player();

This is my own personal opinion and many people do not agree with me, but I think it's okay to use fake encapsulation in JS as long as it is only done for code organization and you understand it doesn't actual protect the variables.

export default class Player {
    constructor() {
        this._x = 0; // _ implies private, so don't access this member outside the class
        this._y = 0;

Then you decide on what type of rendering engine you want.

  • For 3D games, Three.js is the best choice.
  • For 2D games, you can either use Pixi.JS if you prefer a more graph based scene setup like in Unity.
  • Work directly with 2D canvas which gives you the most versatility.

    Here is a really simple example how to draw an image on a 2D canvas:
<html><body><canvas></canvas><image src="./test" />
const image = document.querySelector('image');
const canvas = document.querySelector("canvas");
const context = canvas.getContext("2d");
canvas.width = 500;
canvas.height = 500;
context.drawImage(image, 50, 50);

I prefer to load images using the Javascript fetch command rather than embedding them in the document.

You can create a "main loop" for your game using requestAnimationFrame:

let lastTime = 0;
const update = time => {
    const elapsedSeconds = Math.min(maxTimestep, (time - lastTime) / 1000);
    lastTime = time;
    // Update and draw your entire game here

And that's pretty much it. The 2D canvas can be used to make both games like this with bitmap graphics or vector-based games using primitive line/shape drawing.

Great! I love the concept of this, and it is very extensible. It's kind of a self-balancing thing.

I've pondered on a similar idea for a SHMUP in the past. You'd switch side between each level and the enemies have all the upgrades you have bought.

Cool little game. Really enjoy the music too.

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As per usual tradition, the last hours of the jam were about 1000% more productive than anything that came before. Time is a good motivator.

Your boss design is really nice.

The economy system is really interesting. It could probably be expanded into a larger game. Good game!

I like the way you mix up the genre between the bosses, and the artstyle is really cool. I especially liked the single outline on the first boss. The story/cutscene is really nice too.

Thank you for the feedback! I agree the jump is a bit restrictive. It was modeled after the jump in La Mulana, in which jumping is a key mechanic in many puzzles. In this game it's mostly just a form of artificial difficulty by making the PC commit to a jump.

Great story. The artstyle is very consistent and fitting, and well use of the boss rush theme. The gameplay and controls are good and the attacks are clever and fits the bosses.

If I were to suggest one improvement, it would be to center the camera between the boss and PC as to keep the boss in view longer.

Very cool. The boss design is beautiful, and the gameplay mechanic works well. The player hitbox could be a bit clearer

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Very funny and very stylish game! It reminds me a bit of Furi.

One addition I think would be to allow you to use A as well as X to attack, since there is such a large gap between B and X.


Solid gameplay, very hard hitting. Came pretty far on the first try once I got the hang of the controls.

Quite a unique control scheme, but it works okay once you get used to it. The art is good with the bosses having some cool designs.

I like the minimalist presentation. Straight to the point. Fun enemy design and a simple choice system. Good!

Nicely animated and inventive bosses, with a lot of fun dodging. One critique is that the dodge feels a bit weak in presentation. Could use more flash.

Nice boss design with some really nice bullet patterns. Wish the game was longer.

Yeah the slime is the most ridiculous of the bosses, and my personal favorite. I hope memorizing its attack pattern was fun!

Thank you! Yeah the game isn't really too hard compared to some of the more difficult platformers, but it's pretty hard to judge the difficulty after you have played the same game so many times.

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Because for some reason the adult tag found its way into the tag list. I think it was meant to be action.

Press once for each cat you saw in an earlier one.

Absolutely nothing.

Yeah, computer was off today.

Hello! You can message me at Libera chat at the username Donitz. Your idea sounds interesting, though it would probably be rather hard to prevent cheating.

Hmm... Did you slow down time?

Not in this one.

A calm and relaxing game about Yak Shaving. The graphics are nice and consistent and theme fits.

I noticed that the mouse drifts right in windowed mode in Firefox. That's probably the same bug I encountered some time ago where the mouse position rounds incorrectly, causing it to drift. Surprised Unity wouldn't have fixed it.

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That's probably just Chrome. It's not blurry in Firefox. I tried disabling filtering in every way possible.

Ah I see. I have never tried the itch app. Probably wouldn't work there.

You can view the web developer console log to see what the error message you get is.

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Can you tell me what the console says in the Web developer tools in Firefox or Chrome or Edge?

Very nice! I added to the sidebar.

I haven't created a website like for the tilesets, but you can share them in the comments and I can upload them in the sidebar. If there is a high demand I can also make a website for them.

No. I just wanted to reward you if you actually managed to complete it.

You create and load an image where the colors are laid out in a horizontal row.