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Nice video too! The brightness was a bit dark. I'll make a brightness slider for the next game.

Ooo, you almost got caught. Yeah it's a one-hit KO. Thanks for playing the game!

Great video and reactions! You almost won on the first try which had me a bit surprised. I thought I made the monster a bit too difficult.

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It's also a downloadable game rather than a web game, which inherently limits the outreach.

Honestly, this went really badly compared to my usual rating in game jams, but considering I really half-assed the game I'm not surprised.

Regarding the voting system. There must be a better way of dealing with votes. There are just too many games and just picking games to play at random isn't very efficient.

Minimalist and beautiful. I found the controls to be mostly fine, though I wish the corpse didn't block the arm from swinging.

It's a very calm and relaxing game about 50% of the time.
Great job on the graphics too. Nice and consistent.

Another one wheeled game. I think I've seen a similar game somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it. Uniracers?

Cool idea. Cute and colorful graphics. The gameplay is mostly fine, but I wish the hitboxes for the spikes were a little more forgiving. Overall great work.

Cthulhu sleeps no more! Really good art style. The game was a bit easy but that's fine.

Another great concept. I didn't understand why I kept losing at first, because I didn't read the "how to play". I wish it was communicated in the game in some way that you're supposed to aim for 1 enemy at a time. Either way the concept has potesh.

Really fun game but way too short. I was getting all Super Meat Boy vibes from it.

I must also commend you for making the page part of the game. Looks very nice.

Cool little experience. Also, really? *googles* That's sad :(

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Here's mine. Silly physics game also involving a one-horned animal.

I think I can finish it once in every 20th or so try :)

Congratulations! I suspect you may be the first player to do it.

Nice! Yeah I should have disabled the motor in the air. I thought adding angular drag while airborne would have been sufficient.

A small nice little game. Works fine in wine in linux.

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Native Javascript ES6 with canvas, with p2.js for physics (that's one of the 4 physics engines available in phaser). Didn't need a level editor this time but when I do I use tiled. When I need a lot of sprites I like to use TexturePacker.

I like the game! Gj.

Here is my game. It's exactly what it looks like

Really liked the concept. Relaxing music and the graphics are nice (could use a bit of antialiasing). I noticed that the keyboard input stops working when you move the mouse.

Thank you!

Javascript really isn't that difficult if you don't try to target older browsers. I think the entire game (including graphics then) is about 2000 lines of code excluding the physics engine.

Cool abstract little game. I was originally confused as I thought the black dots were the enemies, but once I got a hang of it I got some 700 in top score.

A bit laggy on my old laptop but I guess that's the Unity physics.

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I liked the Ludum Dare system for rating games, in which your game gains more visibility the more you rate and comment on other people's games.

This is my game:

Only one wheel (and horn).  It was a bit of a cop-out.

This is my fourth jam I think. It went like previous jams. Started about 10-12 hours into the jam due to sleeping :), then I had nothing to show for about 8 hours and piece by piece a game came together.

LoL! That was great!

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Oh yeah. I meant a general competition, not the category compo. Fixed.