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Great game - hard but fun! I tried it out here @21:50

Pretty funny prototype! I tried it out here at 20:16 

Really nice looking game with great ideas. I did have some issues with the mic calibration but it made for a funny video (at 16:18)

I randomly selected your game to play in my latest video... What can I say? It was a lot funnier than I expected. (13:36)

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Loved it! 

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Really great game! 

It made me laugh, good stuff :)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koSL0CcTLAM&t=3m23s

Loved the style, I wasn't able to finish it I'm afraid...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koSL0CcTLAM

Very interesting! I'm definitely in favour of any and all ways to shine a spotlight on unknown games, and that sounds like a good way to delve deeper into individual games, while my series is a lot more rapid-fire and based on first impressions. I'll consider joining in future!

Sure, I'd be glad to. I can't promise I'll check in with every update but I look forward to seeing it evolve over time.

Love the idea behind this - check out my playthrough @19:43 

Great little game, I made a video of it here @17:29 

Add me to the list of YouTubers whose mind has forever been warped by these blocky towel men 

I had a blast with this (check out my let's play @12:52)

This game was hilarious, well done! I've done a lets play of it here @10:06 

Thanks, you made it into episode 2 :)

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Screenshot Saturday! That is a thing we are doing. In fact, it's a thing we did last week as well, which is why it's time for a SCREENSHOT SATURDAY DOUBLE BILL. All art by Sean Rugg.

#1: SUPERmarket gets most of its meat and produce from the local farm. Take the family down and meet the animals before you eat them.

#2: If you are moving house you will need strong people to pick things up and put them down.

I'm pretty sure there's a supermarket in this game somewhere. It'll turn up.

Hello Itch! I've been making games for a while, and I know what it's like to put a lot of time into a game and struggle to gain feedback from players. So, recently I thought it would be a good idea to give something back. To do a series where I check out some random Itch games totally blind and give my impressions: My first attempt at this is below.

Now obviously, if I want to continue this series, I'm going to need more games to play, so if you're interested in me trying out your game, let me know! If not, I'll be back to drawing them at complete random. I'm likely to be dedicating only a few minutes to a single game in a video so if it's something that immediately grabs my attention, with fun / quirky ideas out of the gate, I'm all for it.

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Hi there! I tried this game out here: 

I touched ye hole. Well, fell into it. I guess. The giant abyss, that is. 

Love the atmosphere in this game, I tried this out in the video below, but apologies... I somehow missed the fact that the obvious flashlight was a thing... Oops! 

I definitely need a lie down after playing this. Loved it! I've documented my 'experience' in this video around the 11 minute mark... apologies for the awful recording quality. Apparently Baldi disagrees with my capture software. 

Hi there! Fun game, nice clean graphics and interesting atmosphere. I featured it on this Let's Play video: 

Hello! This game was a lot of fun, especially with the crazy object physics. Great premise too, here's me trying it out for the first time in a Let's Play video if you're interested: 

Great advice, thanks!

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In the humble, pastel greens of Bazaar Town, one  young child is tasked with picking up some groceries from the local supermarket. Along the way he meets the town's strange locals, kicking off an unusual adventure.

Supermarket RPG is the brainchild of the supremely talented Sean Rugg,  and I'm helping out as well.  
If you're a fan of quirky, old-school RPGs, pixel art and chiptunes, you've come to the right place!

Check out the official website!

We'll be keeping you posted with regular dev updates and blog posts. 
Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments, we'd love to hear feedback!

Howdy! I'm a bit new to this self-promotion thing, but here goes...

Square Off* is a local multiplayer game I made about smashing squares together. It's pretty straightforward, hopefully in a good way! I had fun making it, hopefully you can tell...
* (that title is my sole excuse for building something with virtually no graphics - seeing as I'm fairly useless at drawing)

If the prospect of squaring off (harharhar) with your chums is enticing, then I implore you to check out the game in your browser here...

Oh, and here's an extremely shoddy Let's Play:

Over 80? Wow, I can barely count all my technically finished, released games on one hand. Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone! My name's Tom. I've been dabbling with Gamemaker Studio for around 6 months or so and loving it! 

I entered the GMTK Game Jam over the Summer and my latest game is a local multiplayer brawler about smashing squares into each other. It may not look like much but I'd love to know what you guys think! https://tomcheshire.itch.io/square-off

Also just launched a new YouTube channel as of about an hour ago, introductory video below...

Thanks! Appreciated :)