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It's really good! I'd be saying that even if I stumbled upon this without knowing about the podcast. Speaking of which, the episode where Liam talks through the making of this was great to listen to, I can certainly relate to a lot of it. Anyway, here's a video with my first impressions:

First impressions: WOOOAHHHH!!!! 

Keep up the good work, this could become quite an addictive little thing!

It made me laugh, good job :)  

It's good! I can tell a lot of work went into it 

I mean... wow. I'm impressed. I only played through the first 10 minutes or so for this video but I'm already really intrigued. Keep it up Paul, this is looking very special indeed!

I can certainly relate to game dev struggles so this is right up my alley. Pretty colours, not that my poorly calibrated monitor helped me see what I was doing :)

I got pretty lost, but I think you've got some real potential here! 

Somebody put zombies in my Obra Dinn! 

Pretty engaging horror game, good stuff! 

I hope the tomatoes are still ok?? 

Tense little game with a really immersive graphics filter, great stuff! 

Great little live action thing!

Loved it, very addictive. Not sure I make a good grim reaper though. 

Hilarious game with a lot of potential. Keep up the good work!

Nice way to showcase collaborative arty stuff! Check out my impressions at 10:26


Finally got around to trying out Golf Jinn here, thanks for the suggestion!

Had a ton of fun with this, hope it's worth the wait!

Fun stuff! Check out my reactions below 

Interesting concept and striking visuals. A few gameplay tweaks and additions and this could be quite promising! 

Great, charming twist on the fighting game genre. Check out my reactions below: 

Good concept, would be good to see what more you can do with this. Press F to pay respects 

I had a LOT of fun with this one. The glitches only add to the charm. Check out my reactions below: 

Nice original concept for a fighting game, great aesthetics too! Check out my reactions below: 

A good starting point for a simple, Hotline-Miami-esque shooter. Check out my reactions below: 

Cute little game, check out my reactions below: 

One of my favourite random discoveries of this Jam! Check out my reactions below: 

Fun, innovative movement idea with a lot of potential, check out my reactions below: 

Sorry that you didn't manage to finish this, but loving the character designs so far. Check out my reaction below: 

Great game, I wasn't very good at it but I had fun, here's a video: 

Fun stuff! I played this in a video: 

Interesting, took me a little while to figure out what to do but definitely has potential, loving the art style as well. Should become a lot more interesting with a few more mechanics or features as long as they are clearly telegraphed to the player

That's an interesting point you've raised and it's something we'd like to build on, especially in a potential co-op scenario where the 2 players have to actively communicate to solve problems together.

We had a lot of fun thinking of different level ideas, thanks for the feedback!

Glad you enjoyed it, we'd love to do a co-op mode as well - there wasn't time for it in the jam but we'll think about it in future!

Absolutely one of the best games I've seen in this jam! Lots of challenging and well designed levels and so many little touches of polish - the game has idle animations for crying out loud. I have literally no idea how you managed to make so much in 2 days.

Thanks, we'll take on board the point about unclear mechanics. With the springs, they only have an effect if your opponent is on the ground, which I'll admit can be confusing!

Thanks, we thought it would open up some interesting possibilities, such as being able to affect each other’s movement. We still have tons more ideas!

A fighting game where every injury is transferred to the other player.

For example, this is how to set your opponent on fire:

This is a game for 1-2 players, I definitely recommend playing with a friend if you can but you can still play against a CPU player.

It's our entry for the GMTK Jam, subverting the entire goal of a fighting game (the fighting part).

A reverse pyschology 'em up, if you like. 

Check out our submission page for more details!

I'll definitely check this out at some point soon - sorry for not responding!