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If it helps, I can confirm it happened to me when I tried to click on the cat as it walked across the screen during a transition ;)

This was great! Loved the idea and the execution, really captures the essence of what we've all had to endure for the last year or so but in a positive fun way!

Thanks! Haven't heard of that game, will need to check it out! 

I enjoyed this, it's a really unique way to play a racing game. It's interesting because it's easy to take the lead by spamming the boost button, but you'll almost certainly explode if you do. Pretty challenging, I couldn't beat the 3rd race, but it's definitely fun! Great job!

Great game! It's really satsifying when you plan out your commands and watch your character act them out exactly as you imagined in your head. I was hoping it would get more challenging so it would be great to see you expand on this with more levels. Great presentation too, good job!

Oh I love this! It's completely nonsensical but it's great, it gave me a good chuckle. Something about the way those chickens are just standing there T-posing, the quiet little noises they make, the random massive ones and lines like 'the train has crashed you can tell by the animation.' 

Game jams need games like this, it really puts a smile on your face. 

Nice straightforward gameplay. It's a lot more playable than some of the other 'movement controls keep changing' games I've seen because you're only having to worry about 2 directions, not 4. It's still pretty challenging though! By the way, that apple is terrifying!

Really neat control method and great overall presentation! The grappling hook feels great to use and there's a definite learning curve that feels great to master. One minor suggestion I have is it might be helpful to give the player a brief warning when gravity is about to change allowing you to plan ahead and pull off some really cool tricks

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Great work! Really unique idea to tie gameplay elements to the camera zoom. At first I was worried that the movement speed / zoom control was going to be a little one note, but then the moving platforms were introduced and it was great to see how dynamic it felt to play. I bet the speedruns of this one will be really interesting. 

Really cool! Very nice presentation and great execution. I would love to know what the optimal routes look like, I definitely don't have the mental capacity to figure out how to avoid hitting anyone once you grow an extra pair of gun arms :) 

Enjoyed this a lot! It's interesting that when you 'lose control' you might occasionally be able to save yourself by running into another pill. I do feel like some of those pills are quite awkwardly placed, i.e. can't be grabbed while running and jumping, instead you often have to stop moving and jump directly up? In any case, it's addictive and I got better at it the more I played. Great presentation all round - the sprite animation and music is top-notch!

That's a good idea!

Interesting! The enemy multiplication with the automatic attack leads to interesting risk / reward based gameplay as I'd try to see how many enemies I can have on the screen before blasting them all with the special attack. I think there's a lot of potential to expand this!

Ha, well, it goes without saying that I love a good genre flipping game. I also love comedy writing, and this was really well written! Great funny interpretation of the theme with solid presentation too.

Oh this was really cool! One of the most polished games of the jam I reckon. Lovely presentation all round and the gameplay gimmick is really interesting too. I love how the dog ends up influencing both where you move and where you aim, yet it still feels like you have enough control for it to not be frustrating. It's a great balance. Loved it!

Yep definitely got some strong Stanley Parable vibes from this. Pretty solid writing. Loved the presentation as well - down to the little touches like the text box shaking more as the narrator gets more agitated. Good stuff!

Thanks! A few people have mentioned the FPS point. It was an intentional workaround to stop the player getting stuck inside walls when you change genres.

Quite a good use of the 'move to shoot' concept, the addition of the barrels was a smart way to help balance things. 

While the game is incredibly simple in it's current state, I found the jumping mechanic interesting - the fact that holding down the button controls how high you jump. It would be cool if there were obstacles you had to avoid in between the pills, making it a bit more strategic. Keep working on it, the art is really nice!

Love the idea behind this, and the quirky little voices you added. The gameplay is quite fun and the 'losing control' element is satisfying.

Thanks! Adding boss fights is a great idea!

Woah! That's an insane score, well done for making it to the top! Thanks for the awesome feedback too, really appreciated :)

We had so much fun working on the music parodies! Glad you enjoyed it.

It certainly did stretch me a bit! Thanks for playing :)

Now this was pretty cool! Loved the art and the dialogue cutaways at the beginning were cool, I actually wish they continued throughout - maybe it could be developed into a deeper fourth wall breaking narrative thing along the lines of something like The Stanley Parable. The core gameplay loop was a little repetitive but it was cool to see how the ever changing stats force you to think on your feet. 

Very nice! Very polished, and some of the best pixel art I've ever seen in a game jam. Love that you even took the time to add in things like the medals

Well... that was certainly something! Might be the most 'aggressively' randomised game I've ever played. You held nothing back - legitimately made me think the game had crashed at one point! Pretty interesting overall, I'm intrigued to know if anyone can get used to the controls shifting around as much as they do.

Great game! A load of variety in the different random rules that can change as well. I do feel like sometimes it can be unfair like teleporting onto something that will instantly kill you, but overall I enjoyed it a lot and it's very polished presentation-wise!

Another cool original 'controls' twist! Pretty fun and tough, if a bit straightforward. Some added moves or enemy types could be good to shake things up

I like it - it's really hard though! Hard not to set yourself on fire. Perhaps consider adding in another control method? With the character following the mouse it feels more like I'm herding the main character than the sheep!

Really interesting. I definitely thought the mechanic where you can 'inject' controls into a platform led to some smart puzzle designs. 

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Thanks! That thing with the crosshair actually was by design. If the crosshair could go through the platforms then you'd get stuck inside the platforms when it changes genre! It may not be elegant, but it was the easiest way for us to solve this problem :)

Thanks! We had a lot of fun adding all those little references

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Glad you enjoyed it! That's a great explanation of our central gimmick. We thought it would lead to some interesting risk / reward scenarios :)

Being a tornado is fun! Love the presentation in this and there's something really satisfying about the crunch sounds and the way the camera zooms as you suck things up. Seems kinda easy? But then again, it's pretty cathartic :)

Haha thanks, we loved putting the remote in as well. You could even say that's when the idea 'clicked'

Thanks! We thought we'd give players a challenge :) 

Thanks! I'm interested to see if someone can score more than 100!

The idea is interesting but in practice it's incredibly frustrating as you spend most of the time waiting for the right controls to appear. If you plan to develop this further I'd recommend adding icons to show what controls are queued up next and perhaps some multiple paths so that you can adapt your route on the fly.