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Not my kind of game but it's an interesting idea, and I still had fun with it! 

Could use a bit more excitement, but it's a fun little game! Impressions here 

Great stuff! I enjoyed this a lot.

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Fun game! 

Hey. Sorry I'm really late getting to this (you posted a link in a thread of mine ages ago). This game is really fun! You can check out my impressions here: 

Nice little game! I feel like sometimes I seem to be getting stuck in walls when I shouldn't be? But other than that it's great, I like the use of the alternating lasers and the secondary circle. Good potential for more complicated levels.

Ha, I definitely did interpret that as an instruction. But yeah, it's great for 2 days work, there's a lot of potential!

Great little puzzle game with a lot of potential. Now, enjoy watching me make an embarrassing fool out of myself by getting ridiculously stuck: 

This was hilarious. The stamina draining is a little too aggressive, but it's interesting and a lot of fun once you understand how to play! 

Simple but fairly entertaining. Need to remember not to stand near the edge of the screen... 

Nice, straightforward and pretty well designed for a game jam. Good stuff! 

Great little 'bullet hell of your own creation' game. I was terrible at it, of course. 

Pretty fun! I got some Hotline Miami vibes from this. I got confused for a little while but figured it out in the end 

One of the most impressive games I've played in this jam. Definitely some polishing to do but I had fun! 

Great work for a debut project! See how I got on below: 

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38 meters... after quite some time. 

I rumbled and I stumbled. But did I tumble? Yeah, probably. 

Fun game! Here's my playthrough and impressions

It's really good! (and hard) 

I had a lot of fun with this one!


Well, this is something!

I think what you're doing here is interesting, unique and pretty commendable. Apologies if my gameplay video below comes across a bit unintentionally ignorant, since I basically dived in without reading the description.  

I did eventually figure out how to play this... after finishing recording. 

"It's interesting that people make stuff like this."

It's really good! I'd be saying that even if I stumbled upon this without knowing about the podcast. Speaking of which, the episode where Liam talks through the making of this was great to listen to, I can certainly relate to a lot of it. Anyway, here's a video with my first impressions:

First impressions: WOOOAHHHH!!!! 

Keep up the good work, this could become quite an addictive little thing!

It made me laugh, good job :)  

It's good! I can tell a lot of work went into it 

I mean... wow. I'm impressed. I only played through the first 10 minutes or so for this video but I'm already really intrigued. Keep it up Paul, this is looking very special indeed!

I can certainly relate to game dev struggles so this is right up my alley. Pretty colours, not that my poorly calibrated monitor helped me see what I was doing :)

I got pretty lost, but I think you've got some real potential here! 

Somebody put zombies in my Obra Dinn! 

Pretty engaging horror game, good stuff! 

I hope the tomatoes are still ok?? 

Tense little game with a really immersive graphics filter, great stuff! 

Great little live action thing!

Loved it, very addictive. Not sure I make a good grim reaper though. 

Hilarious game with a lot of potential. Keep up the good work!