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Howdy! I'm a bit new to this self-promotion thing, but here goes...

Square Off* is a local multiplayer game I made about smashing squares together. It's pretty straightforward, hopefully in a good way! I had fun making it, hopefully you can tell...
* (that title is my sole excuse for building something with virtually no graphics - seeing as I'm fairly useless at drawing)

If the prospect of squaring off (harharhar) with your chums is enticing, then I implore you to check out the game in your browser here...

Oh, and here's an extremely shoddy Let's Play:

Over 80? Wow, I can barely count all my technically finished, released games on one hand. Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone! My name's Tom. I've been dabbling with Gamemaker Studio for around 6 months or so and loving it! 

I entered the GMTK Game Jam over the Summer and my latest game is a local multiplayer brawler about smashing squares into each other. It may not look like much but I'd love to know what you guys think! https://tomcheshire.itch.io/square-off

Also just launched a new YouTube channel as of about an hour ago, introductory video below...

Thanks! Appreciated :)