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Take  a look at my game  Its a card game where you try to charm your opponent 1 conversation at a time!

Great job on this guys, the art style is nicely minimalistic but still gives a lot of tactile feeling and the animation / slashing particle really adds some weight to the gameplay!

Thanks a lot man! Good luck in the ratings and keep jamming :)

Some really nice looking games in this thread great job guys! Take a look at mine here

Hey man, I rated it earlier. Hopefully it's come through. I know itch has been having some server issues with the gmtk community overloading it last night haha! Feel free to take a look at my game too

Really nice idea and super execution with this game. Are you planning on putting any more time into it?

Hey man. Thanks for helping us out! My game is all about finding your one try love one conversation ( card) at a time! Check it out

This is awesome. How did you guys make the single shading? Is it post process stuff? Great work !

Fun idea and good use of the theme!

Really nice execution of your idea. Love the UI setup as well! Reminds me of space team if you hav ever played that. Good luck in the jam!

Cool art style! Great work within the time constraints :)