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Find you way out of the void
Submitted by weslito, minimaul — 9 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#4944.1324.132

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Great game!! simple but fun :) nice job and thank you for sharing here


Great work! I think you created a very engaging game here! The level variety was nice!


Quite unforgiving, but having to memorise a map in a second is a nice take on the theme~
Broken lines was really evil though XD


Really atmospheric game, very creepy! The audio definitely adds to the experience.

I've seen a few games do the "only one second" thing, and this one has executed on it very well. I didn't manage to get to the end, but I played through 5-6 times. I appreciated the extra help on the easy mode, but still didn't stop me dying because my memory sucks.

Great job!

- Joe
(if you have time to check out our game, we'd really appreciate it!)


You rated my One Look, so I'll rate yours!

I really liked it! And the horror element of the character appearing every time you use the camera is incredibly well executed, especially since it happens in your peripheral vision.

And indeed, they are totally different approaches to the same idea. Well done!


I think the battery goes against the core principle of the game. Removing elements of the board as difficulty levels was very clever. I dig the art style. Nice job!
Check our game!


Nice concept, cool design. But I think that the real only one is the one second all others are not enough justified for me.


This was good fun. It looks good, plays well and I like that you put battery power half way through the path to have just one more look!


Neat blend of ideas Horror meets Memory game.

 I liked the atmosphere, you made great use of the theme here with the one second to remember the path and only one battery until pickups are introduced,  the fact that there's a difficulty select is cool, the pixel art is really good also.

Not much else i could add, so Congrats !! :)


Thank you for the awesome comment!
This is a real booster for us.


My first impression was "omg spiders!" :D. Very nice! Love the colors and aesthetics. As someone already pointed out, liked the ring girl. The game is quite unforgiving as well!


Impressive memory training game. Especially in Extreme mode.

The first time i saw that ring-ghost-girl, I thought it was my imagination :))


Is she real? is any of this real? This is the plot of the game. I'm glad you got it!

Thank you for the kind words.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)


I really like this game. It challenges your memory both after you've turned your flashlight on and after you've returned to the level.  I'm going to plat more of this once the jam is over.

Edit: I found this game on one of the review for review boards.


Great idea. Good game. Nice work!


Awesome, the mecanic is well used, the difficulty progression is smooth, the level design works well, great job!


I enjoyed that! Funny, not only did we both make spooky games, but we both used the same theme interpretation of only being able to see for one second at a time, altho executed very differently~

Game looks nice, and even without the soundtrack on web it also sounds nice with the effects. Have to agree with the majority that having to restart the whole game was a bit harsh, but the mechanic is fun and the batteries that grant an additional flash were very welcome! Like some people have said, procedural generation would be cool, perhaps for a post-jam version if you choose to keep working on this game? c:

Nice work!


Many thanks for the feedback! I too saw several other games with the same core concept, but totally different implementation as ours. That's what makes a game jam so interesting!

Indeed, procedural generation and/or a level editor would be a good step forward.


I liked the aesthetics, the level design and the sound design were great, congratulations on the game. I failed the level that had something like a monster I couldn't see very well because of the flash time (╯︵╰,)


You don't want to see the monster for more than 1 second, trust me.

Thank you for playing, 


nice game. but a bit to punishing to restart all over again once you lost. And then its just the same puzzles again. You could consider working with randomization here


Thanks for your feedback!

I thought about procedural generation for the levels, but that was clearly out of the scope for the game jam. But maybe for the future...


Neat concept. Especially loved the effect of the bugs on the mainmenu.  It might be just me but I feel like the flashlight almost disappears too quickly on later levels? 


Hey, we made a GMTK game too. Check it out!


Original idea with good realization. Great job!


Cool Game .. I would like to play its enhanced version on mobile.... Loved it!! 

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