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I love it! It feels great, the puzzles are fun to figure out, and I didn't notice any major issues. I really enjoyed myself!

Though there are a few things that need tweaking.

1. We should automatically pickup the magnet when we pass over it (unless we've just thrown it down where we're standing). Having to click or press E to grab it is unnecessary and feels like a chore because if I'm next to the magnet, I'm only ever there to grab it. If we really want to avoid grabbing it (which is rare), we can just jump over it (or walk under it if it's stuck to something).

The most used functions should be the easiest to activate, automatic if possible.

2. Collecting keys to unlock doors makes sense, however. None of the doors look like they use keys, and to open the door you... throw the magnet away? The mechanism of the doors themselves and how they are opened just doesn't make much sense. Perhaps if you collected keyCARDS, that would match with the aesthetic, and the doors would unlock  (visually show that the key activated) automatically when you pass in from of them, and you have to choose to go inside them by pressing up for them to open and the level to start. Just default platformer standards.

3. The jump isn't high enough. The jump feels great! I love it! But since this isn't a platformer, the jump shouldn't require any skill to use for basic traversal. This includes needing to hold it down all the way just to get over a small hurdle. This game isn't about being good at jumping, even minimally.

4. Perhaps choose a different button for switching polarity? I sometimes want to switch polarity while moving right at the same time. With my index on D, hitting F doesn't feel right. Perhaps S? Or shift? Or even right click? Those don't currently serve a purpose. Choosing good default controls is important.

5. Maybe have the restart button not be CTRL? ENTER maybe? Also have it visually fill up/rotate/load in some way to show that you have to hold it.

Suggested future additions when making the full game:

1. Themes and decorations. Different color doors for different levels, different aesthetics/colors/textures in the floor, background, and decorations (when you add them). Give visual variety to the game. And when you keep the same theme for a group of levels, make sure the doors are still visually differentiated somehow (small images of the level layout, different decorations or icons for each door, big numbers on each door, etc. Up to you).

Who knows, perhaps the themes you choose can help dictate the "story" of the game whenever you get around the that part.

2. More character (facial expressions) for the robot.

Besides that, this game is turning out fantastic! 

The puzzles are smooth and make sense, they escalate really well, and introduce the mechanics well. I definitely had a few "Aha!" moments. 

The character feels great to control and move around (with the above noted exceptions). 

This really feels like it's coming together, and I'm excited to see where you take it next!

This is my favorite of the games from the jam so far. I love it so much!

If you do a full game, please add a restart level button, instead of having to go to the pause menu to restart. Thanks!

As others have said before, this is a puzzle we would play as kids! I like how you expanded on it, which was tons of fun.

Sadly, the instructions on the fourth level were unclear. At first I thought I was just supposed to have them swap sides, but when I had done that and found it didn't work, I had to restart.

The chosen font and the design of the menu is not very pleasing to look at. But the game is functional, so I'd say you did well!

You rated my One Look, so I'll rate yours!

I really liked it! And the horror element of the character appearing every time you use the camera is incredibly well executed, especially since it happens in your peripheral vision.

And indeed, they are totally different approaches to the same idea. Well done!

Man, if this had at least a basic AI (even just an AI that takes when it can, otherwise moves randomly) and a checkmate system, it would be perfect!

Now I'm tempted to make my own version with an AI and HD graphics. ;P

lol, thanks for playing!

The ? tiles are indeed meant to throw you off, but not so much that you can't keep playing. You can still win even after hitting a ? tile, it's just quite a bit more difficult. ;P

And I do indeed plan to add a little bit more to this in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!

I actually didn't want the player to snap to the grid because that would have made it a little too easy to navigate through the rooms. I wanted this to be a bit more of a challenge.

And thank you! I'm proud of the goo trail :P

This was a blast to play! I love it!

Sadly, I don't think it's all that original considering the number of cooking type games that already exist in the world, and while it does technically adhere to the theme, the limitation of one object at a time didn't feel like a limitation and more just a standard trope of such cooking style games. So I couldn't give it too high a rating in either of those categories. 

But that doesn't mean it's a bad game! Just that it doesn't really meet the creative goal of the jam or its theme.

In the design category, if I could give it a 10/5, I definitely would! Well done, and I love the insane level of polish you all put into this! (Might want to actually turn this into a full and paid game at some point, it's that good).

This game is beautiful! I love the concept!

The controls were a bit difficult, especially when you have to wait before a saw, where you have to actually wait quite a distance behind it otherwise the first tap of the jump action would throw you into the saw. This could be fixed by adding just a little bit a latency before the running actually starts after pressing the button, enough that the first press of a quick double tap doesn't activate a run.

But other than that, I thought it was pretty good!

I'm just wondering what kind of previously written code I can bring into the jam. I was wondering if extra code I've already developed can be used in my jam entry.