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You can carry only one thing at a timeView game page

A puzzle game where you can carry only one thing at a time
Submitted by lazlobarragan (@LazloBarragan) — 2 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#3964.2174.217

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very nice game :D! The pure idea isn't new, but apart from level 1, looks new to me :D!

Some small points (not affecting the rating):

  • The menu UI doesn't look good. The level buttons would be better in the center.
  • The up-right tree should be in front of the fence (layer error).
  • I agree with Royal2Flush's comment.

Great game for using new engine :D!


This game is severely missing audiovisual feedback when one animal kills another. Other than that, I don't really have much to complain about. It's a very clever use of the theme and I didn't think the puzzles got too had too quickly. I couldn't figure out what was the goal in the 4th puzzle (It apparently wasn't to change the side of each group of animals?)


I suck at the classic puzzle, so I'm impressed that I even made it past level one. I did get stuck on the third level, at which point there was so many variables that my tiny little brain caved in. The complexity of the puzzles increased at an exponential rate, it probably would have been nice to have a few more intermediate levels to develop strategies with each of the animals. That was quite an interesting puzzle, but I still think it would be easier if the animals just vaulted the fence =)


Fun extension of a classic puzzle. GMchris said everything I would say about quality of life changes. Good job.


Nice take a on a classic puzzle. Could be improved witha few more visual or sound cues, such as when something gets eaten, or an indication of which levels are locked or unlocked. Still, makes me want to beat it though and I will come back to it after I've rated a few more games. Also matches the theme as a 1-dimensional game, since you can only move left and right, so an extra star for that!

Developer (1 edit)

thanks for your feedback didn't even thinked about the one dimensional part XD


A nice game version of a classic riddle. It starts off simple enough, but through its four levels more mechanics and introduced. I think a few QoL changed could improve the experience:

- Why not reset the level as soon as something dies? Or at least prompt the user to restart it by overlaying a "Game over". As far as I can tell you can't win whenever something is eaten.

- An undo button would be great, since this riddle benefits from some experimentation, although I can see how the game could just become a lot of trial and error then.

- Maybe some way to differentiate the "win" side of the river so people know that's the goal. Perhaps some type of farmhouse or even a flag.

- Being able to drag an animal on top of the animal that's already on the boat should swap them in my opinion.

- Some sort of counter for the "Kill in 2 turns" mechanic. Hard to keep track by yourself.


As others have said before, this is a puzzle we would play as kids! I like how you expanded on it, which was tons of fun.

Sadly, the instructions on the fourth level were unclear. At first I thought I was just supposed to have them swap sides, but when I had done that and found it didn't work, I had to restart.

The chosen font and the design of the menu is not very pleasing to look at. But the game is functional, so I'd say you did well!


The first level is a puzzle we used to play on paper while we were kids. I like how you expanded on that idea. The game could use more polish, but for the time given it is very good!

Well done :)


thanks for your feedback. I also find that it could be more polished but i didn't had the time to do it.  Glad you liked the game


The game was really easy to pick up and get going.  I have yet to see a game that scratches this sort of puzzle itch.  Very Creative and done in such a simple matter.  I would like to see some sort of story line built into the game about the relationship between the chicken and wolf and dog etc...  Great job :)  


Happy that you enjoyed. Thanks for the suggestions i'll keep it in my head if i work on it later.


I remember my uncle drawing me this puzzle on a paper when i was a kid, good memories, good game and good implementation!

Developer (1 edit)

Happy that you enjoyed it. I'll try to add some levels after the jam ratings maybe 


Oh, the implementation of classic russian riddle. Love it! Also enjoyed the overall upbeat style.


Generally I'm not very good at this kind of game but now I've managed to triumph at all levels and I'm proud of myself ahah. It's just missing a small screen to indicate to the player that he has lost and that he must start the level again. I didn't encounter any bugs and the interface responded well. I had a good time. Well done :)


One man puzzle game  where you can  carry ONLY ONE thing at a time first game with godot

Drag and drop Animals 

to end level you need to put every animals to the left side 

if one die/disapear you lost  and need to restart(up left corner)

Hope you enjoy the game