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Thanks for your feedbacks!

Thank you! <3

Yes, I don't know when I will release it because I haven't worked on it yet, but I plan to add several options for a better user experience mostly. I don't think I will do more levels, maybe in another version, but I have a lot of work on other stuff 

Thank you! <3
Played and rated your game, very good take on the tower defense genre and the theme and really nice graphics!

Thanks for your feedbacks! That's a good idea! I'm adding it to the list of stuff to do

Thank you so much <3

Really interesting concept! I liked the only one ammo constaint that makes you choose between killing other or suicide which can be both useful and leads to interesting choices but I found the one minute rule unecessary. Overall, it's a cool jam game! Congrats!

Thank you! <3 I'm glad you had fun!

Thank you very much for this comment <3 I'm really happy you liked it! 

I really liked making that little game, so maybe I will release a longer version, but since I have a lot of work with other projets, I prefer not making plans too fast, but maybe one day!

Thanks for playing the game! <3  Hope you had fun still!

Thank you! <3

Yes, I plan to release a version soon after the rating round where there is an option menu to display the grid or not and the amount of chromatic aberration. And will also add several settings to the sequence, like preview or speed!

Thank you!

I plan doing a "bugfix" version, with bugfix and more options, maybe there will me an android build!

Played and Rated! Left a comment too!

You can try my game if you want, AUTOMATON, a puzzle-programming game.

Quite good execution! the mechanics works well

Thank your feedbacks! <3 I'm glad you played it!

Hope you'll like it! It was my first 48h jam alone!

I'm starting to get a little bit of experience in jams so now I just try to scope things right from the begining, sleep normally (7h for me), eat quick but normal meal (like pasta or sandwiches) and being not afraid to cut features if I know I'm not gonna make it in time. Maybe some coffee to boost me up sometimes but that's all. I'm use to spend time on screen because of my study (Computer Science then Game Design), so I'm not really dead when I finish my jams, like of course you're going to work more than you do normally and it f up your week-end, but it's a good compromise to have something you are proud of at the end!

But when I started, I worked to much, was really stressed out, and the first game was quite bad, and I think quality improves when you are pretty chill. 

Thank you for the feedback! I plan to add a speed button in order to change the sequence speed

Thank for the feedbacks! And that's a really nice idea!

Thank you so much <3

Yeah, I think I'll rework some of them, the "refresh" card is just something that cancel the previous action, but I think I will delete it since its quite confusing and not really useful

Hmm, Maybe it's a pie, a dangerous pie...

Thank you! <3

Thank you so much <3 I'm happy you liked it!

(Do not ever criticize bloom)

Thank you for your feedbacks! <3

There is on certain levels few possible solutions, some unintentional but I kept them because I liked them!

Already tried your game, its probably one of my fav in this jam, really really good execution!

If you haven't you can try out my game:

Hope you'll like it!

If you like puzzle you can take a look at mine! It's a puzzle programming game!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Very good take on the theme, awesome artistic direction & Sound Design, really good difficulty progression! Good job!

Thank you so much <3 I'm really happy you had a great time <3 

Thank you! Yes, Some people talked about it and I think that's a good idea, and will probably put it in a "bugfix" version after the rating round!

Thank you! <3

A Programming game where you can add only one instruction!

It's not as uncommon as 1D games, but I think the programming style is quite rare, I saw only one in this jam

To me comments are more important than rating when you're a dev, first, the rating doesn't really mean anything since it depends on everyone perception, but with the comments you can have a clever view of what people like and don't like and also they can suggest things you didn't even think of  or confirm things you hesitate to put in your game.

As Elendow said, the rating is not the most important part, everyone here made a game in 48h, and that's quite impressive, and give and recieve feedbacks is the best part after that, so we can keep getting better and better!

Saw this on GMTK livestream and played it after, really good execution, really fun to play, super smart level design, great job!

Really nice use of the turn based mechanic and great execution!

And the contextualised tutorial makes things really easy to learn, great job!

Oh no the pizza :'( :'( ':(

Really fun story based on the theme! Nice

Oh, I saw your game on the GMTK livestream! Congrats!

If you're into puzzle games, you can try mine!

Oh thank you! <3
I really don't know, there is so many great games! But I'm happy you think that <3

A classic game with a new take that works pretty well, congrats!

Really nice controls, love the fact that you can unlock multiple characters, the concept works really well!

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Here's mine! 

I wanted to test yours but it's a .exe, coundn't find any html version...