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Theo V.

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Hi Cryptic Hybrid!

Thank you for this great video! Just saw you played Resquid as well! It's a game from the same school as Belly!
Have a great day!

The Belly Team.

Hello Queen Faith 89!

Thanks for your let's play!
Have a nice day!

The Belly Team.

Hi ProofreadFire!

Thank you for your video! It's always great to see players reactions playing our game!
Yes, we really wanted to make an ambiguous expérience.

Btw, love your reaction when you pressed Start in the main menu!

The Belly Team.


Thank you for your awesome review!

This game was made in 6 weeks for a student project, so we focused mainly on the core mechanics and graphics. For now, we take every advices and we will see what to do with it in the future.

Thank you again for your video!

The Belly Team.

Hi! Sorry for the late answer.

This game was my first time as a music producer and sound designer for games, so your comment made me really happy! I was quite hard to implement it and make it "evolutive" during the game and I'm glad people like you loved it.

Thank you for your comment and your great video!