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We are planning to target multiple control schemes in the full release. In the meantime you can play with a gamepad :)

One of our goals for the post-jam release is to balance current weapons and add new ones. Melee weapons will be definitely be upgraded

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In Source 2 games the console can be accessed with that key, so it sounds good to me. 

Thanks a lot for the fast response! 

Within the game, press the [`] (:backtick), [²] (:superscript_two), or [§] (:section_sign) key to open the DragonRuby GTK Console.

None of the keys listed in the console message are present in the Italian layout. Is there a local solution to this problem?

The Italian layout:

It's definitely not a bug that slipped through the play tasting phase ;)


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Thanks for the kind comment. For the enemy path calculation we are using a slightly modified version of the A* algorithm.

1. I can't reproduce the bug you reported. If you have a controller connected try disconnecting it if you want to play with the keyboard instead.

2. ("Start") is displayed if the game detects a controller connected to your PC, otherwise the restart button is ("R").

Thanks for the feedback

You have to work on enemies spawn and maybe make a fast countdown from when you press play at when the enemies can move, but overall a nice game.

Very fun and challenging gameplay. Very interesting submission

Interesting concept and mechanics but definitely needs more polish 

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Loved the graphics but unfortunately the jam isn't rally about that. The gameplay was solid but a bit slow in my opinion.
Overall a nice game.

You can try our game!

The way you move just feels unnatural. You should definitely work with yo-yo hitboxes and generally try improove the game, especially because the idea is interesting and definitely something new.

An easy concept but well realized, definitely perfect for a smartphone port

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Simple concept but well implemeted.
My only concern is about mixing pixel art with 3D but this game jam isn't about graphics so...

Actually I think it was a browser problem, chrome runs it smoothly. My fault.

Original idea with good realization. Great job!

5/5/5 nothing else to say

Overall a really well realized and fun game. Nice job!

The game has some really interesting mecanics but, as alot of other comments point out, it doesn't really fit the theme.

Ps: a smartphone port would be fantastic.

Thanks for your suggestions,
we are collecting as much feedback as possible to release a more polished and expanded post-mortem version and comments like this help us focus on what is important in the core game experience.

The web version is very laggy but still playable. Great gameplay and really interesting idea, keep it up!

It may be a bit out of theme, but overall a really fun game to play.

Really good art and fun gameplay but the control scheme isn't that great.

I would love to see it as a mobile game!

Really difficult but still fun. At least in my opinion you have gone a bit out of theme, while you can only press one button you can also control the direction with the mouse so there are actually two controls.

Controls are a bit off but that's it, concept and realization are  are just really good. The best implementation of "only one" I've seen so far.

Thanks a lot,
we are planning to polish and expand the game further in the near future, any suggestion is very welcome

Great great great! Original concept mixed with solid gameplay. Good puzzle game!

Really nice concept. Good job!

The only criticism I can give is that waiting for the right triangle to come up is a bit frustrating at times.

The spacebar control feels very great! The graphics surely need a bit of polishing but overall the design is on point! Good job!

After the obligatory self promotion: BOB DOES NOT CARE

I loved the style and found really enterteining this one: Katame Ninja
I also liked : Westkiller

loved the style and gameplay, great job!

The game itself is interesting and fun, but it has really harsh commands

Yeah, it was tought to be difficult (we took inspiration from games like hotline miami) but with some time and alot of tries I'm sure everyone can beat it.

And keep in mind BOB DOES NOT CARE, even if it is difficoult ;)

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Thanks for the feedback!

At least I (the designer) am planning to take this further. The game surely needs some polishing so we are definally gonna take in consideration your suggestions.


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Thanks a lot