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The Way ForwardView game page

When you cannot fight nor turn back, then the only way is forward!
Submitted by arthurion98, milololo1 — 1 hour, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#514.6254.625

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I liked this game. Fits very well for the theme. I would love to see some 3D characters if proceed with project. Last level made me crazy but I got it. Good work!


Thank you :) Saddly I don‘t know how to model so ....

Submitted (1 edit)

I know the basics. It's not hard at all. Try Blender and see some tutorials. Model and animation is quite simple but need some time.


Ok thank you for your advice, I will surely give it a try since it may come in handy :)

Hey, nice game!

It's a solid implementation and solid design. I definitely like the idea of a mix between 3D and pixel art, although I agree it's also even harder to implement a visual direction like that in a jam. The controls are extremely tight and the levels are challenging. I had a lot of fun with the last levels!

Nice job!


Thank you very much :) Glad you like it !

A nice take on the one directional theme ! Overall it's very solid and I very much appreciate the immediate cut back to the start when you messed up. I'm a bit concerned about the ominous ending though.


Haha thanks, we wondered about delaying the immediate cut, but seeing it's far easier to keep trying when it's immediate. Regarding the ending, well we were supposed to put some congratulation text there but the clock was ticking soooo.... ;) I do admit, as it is, it's quite creepy...

Submitted (1 edit)

Simple concept but well implemeted.
My only concern is about mixing pixel art with 3D but this game jam isn't about graphics so...


Thank you :)
The mix isn't really well put together I agree, time and skill :P

Great game, difficult but you never have the impression that it's impossible, just that you're doing something wrong.

And when you finally pass the level you're really happy.

The mechanics of the one direction blends perfectly with the game, which in addition to being very pleasant to play is also pleasant to look at with a light and well-made minimal graphics, although I found the backgrund sometimes annoying, because it was confused with the corridors.

For having been made in 48 hours it is a pearl, I absolutely recommend to continue developing it.


Thank you very much for this detailed review and advice :)
Oh it never occured to me that the background may indeed confuse with the main corridors, thank you for picking that up !

Fun and a just hard enougth to get addictive. You can make a nice little mobile game from this. On a design perspective, this is just a bit uninspired IMO but it sticks to the theme. Good job !


Thanks! Yeah I realised trying to boot it on my mobile that it could be really cool, so I think we might try that out some other time :)
Thank you for the criticism, indeed we had some other features in mind but most were never put to the working bench due to time constraint


This game was super fun to play! Loved this take on stealth, and the soundtrack worked really well with the game's vibe! Great job, folks!


Hey! Thank you! Glad the music was up to the task ;)


Lovely. I like the "puzzles" the design and the overall feel of the game. :D


Thank you very much, we're glad you like it :)