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Really great concept, I love how you get less and less key and how well that is communicated to the player, it completely change how you explore the levels and fight against the ennemy!

I don't know if it's me but the tutorial seems a bit laggy.

Otherwise I got frustrated when I couldn't reach the exit because my up-key was broken, would having the broken key switch instead of accumulate be a solution?

Great job!

Nice idea, the physics work nicely, center-mechanic is weel put together.

But to be honest I don't really see how it can be made much more interesting, I think it loose quite a bit of its novelty when the levels just get spikingly harder, from doing nothing to feeling like you can't do anything.

It's nonetheless impressive to have achieve that much in 4 hours, but I would have love to see a bit more, and not just difficulty-wise.

I think this is a really well put together mechanic, it's simple to understand and you quickly get into the eating-up buildings. I do think that the losing condition is a bit lacking, I don't really understand when I'm in trouble due to the competing things popping in the UI and the, to my personal opinion, too loud SFX sounds (in comparison to the music).

I think that focusing on fewer element in the UI or having less competing colors for most of them would help clears thing out.

I would have loved to have the tornado keep on increasing in size, à-là Katamari Daimachi, it would be an interesting idea to explore, having things scale really up!

Nevertheless, great job, clean and fun outcome!

Hahahaha We're very happy you got the experience we were trying to craft :)

Thank you very much!
Yeah we had so much fun designing the mechanics, we didn't really stress enough how we were going to explain it :P
I have tried adding a visual summary in the description but it should be put into the game.

I really like how your character starts stomping around in anger, it's really funny and you don't mind losing control ;)

Other than that the starting menu looks and sound very nice, the minimalistic esthetic works most of the time but the main game screen feels a bit cluttered, like a lot of things are competing for your attention.

You have a lot of very interesting mechanics, limited ammo, anger bar filling, anger loss of control, and they mesh well together. I find the objective a bit vague, like you reach the amount of ennemy needed, and then it just switch to another number without really doing much.

The controls feels clunky, I don't know if it was intentional but moving by maintaining key just don't work and you end up having to spam WASD to move around reliably.

Great work! (got 65 as a high score)

Yes, saddly we didn't get to really tweak the end, so spamming is a valid solution that will just boost randomly colors; in the future we will try to prevent such events (although it does look kind of interesting on the map)

Very good game, hard and addictively fun! Great work

Hi, nice idea!
If you've got time, here's our game a one-direction stealth game : The Way Forward !

Ok thank you for your advice, I will surely give it a try since it may come in handy :)

Thank you :) Saddly I don‘t know how to model so ....

Great game! The one control scheme is feels tight enough (except for tap & double tap) to feel great when you start to get it. Clever ideas introduced in each level, with  a lot of care to the sound and some small details. Absolutely love it !

Thank you very much :) Glad you like it !

Haha thanks, we wondered about delaying the immediate cut, but seeing it's far easier to keep trying when it's immediate. Regarding the ending, well we were supposed to put some congratulation text there but the clock was ticking soooo.... ;) I do admit, as it is, it's quite creepy...

Thank you :)
The mix isn't really well put together I agree, time and skill :P

Oh yeah changing the speed of text would be really cool and really give dynamic to your play! Nice idea :)

The most original idea I have seen, and a quite deep mechanic for such a small game! The level design is very clever and the use of the freezing when you switch between characters is genius! Truly a great work, congrats! Too bad the control are slippery and you often slip into a pit without wanting it...

Great game, awesome effect, nice music and good flow. I feel like more clear distinction between the weapon when you pick them would help with reacting faster to the enemies close by. The game is a bit too hard, i feel like the projectile the enemy fire are too fast and often kill you without giving you enough time to move out of the way. It would be great if the bazooka shot began from your sprite and not from the bazooka end, I had times when the enemy was between where I fired my shot and my sprite and this was very frustrating.

Amazing work!

The play is too long and a bit too dull (the music is too low) to really make it interesting, the lack of penalties for spamming the spacebar and the fact that you cannot tell when they will stutter doesn't leave much to play with... The concept is very original but you might want to really rethink the whole thing through.

Good idea, would love to see more of it. The level design for the second was clever and I felt really proud when I was able to figure out what to do. More visual information would be great regarding your jump ability (like if you've used it or not). Some sound would really make this pop out.

I spent a lot of time trying to pickup the axe, I would have liked better indication toward what's pickable and what's not... Otherwise it looks and sound great, play decently in fullscreen and awfully when not in fullscreen. The ambience is really nice but I think the gameplay is a bit bland and doesn't do much with the constraint.

I think you could greatly improve the readability of your game by highlighting the last column where the substraction happen. Then I feel like the game is a really boring task, with no timer and no time constraint it just feel like searching for the number 1 step from one of the number at the end of the list and just swapping it. It may happen that you have no other choice than loose the bonus with no real agency to what happen further down the line due to a lack of future insight to which number will appear where...
Perhaps having a mecanic where you have a limited time to make your choice and can choose between swapping, pressing equal or rerolling all the number (sort of a "pass") would be more addictive.
Some color touches would feel better too.

I think it is a bit lacking, the hitbox are too large, the timer doesn't pop up properly (I didn't see one when I played through). The control are ok, but it is really repetitive and it just feels so slow...
The sprite for the character is badly chosen, you seem to have a weapon but you cannot attack...

As a sidenote : don't use filter on your pixel art sprite (disable it) otherwise they look blurry in game. And sound effect is as important as music, even a simple walking sound would do the job, coupled with some animation it would really the game pop up and more lively without changing much

Good Idea, the minimalist style and sound do wonders; I feel that the design of the red circle with cross enemy is a bit bland and doesn't really fit with the rest of the game (also having be a different color from your player would be great). I think you could have swap the "R" retry with a "X" to really help with the flow of restarting :)

Good job :)

Really cool idea, I feel it lack a permanent indicator for when the elevator is full as opposed to the small "!" that pop up. It looks great, plays great, sounds great. I would have liked the elevator to stop a little bit faster, I often missed the floor that I had targeted.

This is could be really really great, the idea behind the movement and attack is phenomenal; saddly it lacks the finetuning and debugging necessary to make it feels snappy and less random (slash detection), as yet I seem to be slashing into the air and doing absolutely nothing to the enemies most of the time. This has a lot of potential and I would love to see it get developped further.

Great job!

Excellent puzzle game, a lot of potential if the trying phase was faster and would conserve what you input. Perhaps easing the difficulty curve and beginning with smaller matrix would feel less daunting?
Nonetheless this is a really cool idea, good job :)

Gamewise it feels good and has some nice feedback, the control are swift enough and you really get the feeling you're controlling a flying agile dragon. The art is also quite good, with clear cut shape easy to distinguish, if only the background wasn't a textured mess... orange and blue clash too much when you texture with them, try orange and purple then purple and blue to get a less aggressive color gradient.
As a sidenote : on fullscreen the UI is too small and unreadable.
Saddly I don't think you did much gameplaywise with the theme; Ididn't really feel compelled to use the special attack and just hid in the top and spam the normal attack.

Thank you very much for this detailed review and advice :)
Oh it never occured to me that the background may indeed confuse with the main corridors, thank you for picking that up !

Thanks! Yeah I realised trying to boot it on my mobile that it could be really cool, so I think we might try that out some other time :)
Thank you for the criticism, indeed we had some other features in mind but most were never put to the working bench due to time constraint

Hey! Thank you! Glad the music was up to the task ;)

Thank you very much, we're glad you like it :)

Nice ambience you've got going there, impressive length and content in such a small time! The light is bright enough to see the room but as the same time faint enough to really put you on the edge, nicely done!

It's hard at first to understand what we're supposed to do (the text tutorial doesn't really help that much), but once you start to get the idea it's surprisingly addictive and plays great!

Very well crafted atmosphere and a good idea! It took me some time to figure out we where to input one letter at a time and not all the word in one go...

I didn't think a one-turret tower defense could work, but this is absolutely fantastic, feels great to play, nice feedback for each shots, adorable art and weapon upgrade (I think the selection cursor should be made more visible, a small red triangle is easily missed). This game has the potential to become a truly deep tower defense (adding more turrets, various shots and whatnot!). Really good work!

Cool concept, nice artstyle; I do feel like controlling both of them at the same time is very difficult and I often mixed up between which one to play. The lever are quite nervwracking as they switch off when you leave after going over them to turn them on...

Very nice art direction, perhaps adding toned down monochromatic color touches to distinguish between card "categories" would further enhance the look of the game. I feel the gameplay doesn't deviate much from the usual card playing game, and therefore doesn't bring much to the "only one" theme, but the game introduce some interesting mechanics with the GM gain and loss with new genes that would be very neat if the game was longer than one ecounter...