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Not only you'll get to keep the hat, but there'll also be a second tier upgrade in the next patch. Get your party moves ready.

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Party hat meta!

The achievement is a funny story. Matheus thought it would be nice to have it in the game, so he stopped everything he was doing at the time (which was objectively more important since it was the last day of the jam) in secret.

Lo and behold, he took a screenshot of the steam achievement UI and pasted our character on top of it.

I was not amused. So I also made him add chickens in the game.

Glad you enjoyed it! This was a blast for us to develop as well. So many ideas and mechanics :)

We'll make to balance the party hat in the future, though. It's too OP right now.

The end was my favourite part as well. I so much want a rapid fire turret in the future.

Thanks! We're looking into ironing out the current state of the game so we can explore more ideas in the future.

Moving faster while holding the turret truly was a game changer. We'll work on an animation that makes you look faster as well in order to create a visual consistency with the buff in the future.

Thank you! We'll definitely add arrows as another way to control the character.

On a personal note, thank you for the compliments on the  art!  :)

Thank you! We were worried the boss fight wouldn't be as exciting since we had a lot of stuff to finish for the deadline, but Matheus did a great job with the boss at the end.

Thanks! I still want to add more visual juice and feedback so it feels even better to shoot, run and defend. Matheus did an amazing job with the design of the game.

Thank you! This was a lot of fun for us as well. Matheus has a lot of great ideas and I'm really looking forward to polishing the current art style.

Thank you so much! Our primary goal after the jam is to polish out some ideas and mechanics and see where this will take us. The feedback so far has shown us that there's a lot of room for exploration in the genre. Stay tuned!

Hey, nice game!

It's a solid implementation and solid design. I definitely like the idea of a mix between 3D and pixel art, although I agree it's also even harder to implement a visual direction like that in a jam. The controls are extremely tight and the levels are challenging. I had a lot of fun with the last levels!

Nice job!

I love it! Definitely in my top 10. The way you introduce new elements and how it all ties toghether feels awesome. It had a lot of content for a jam scope. Music was awesome too, everything made me feel like I was playing an old-school game, it was really challenging but relaxing at the same time. Would love to see the concept applied on a mobile game, feels like it would be a good fit for it!

Cool! Nice idea and really polished overall, with all the UI and ideas. Reminds me a lot of The Lost Vikings. I do feel like the gameplay needs some tuning though, it felt like there was some collision issue that prevented my character from jumping sometimes.

Keep up the great work!

It's a really nice concept for the game, although it was quite buggy on the first version (there still needs to have some polish with the mechanics and physics of the game). Overall, I really liked the gameplay, and felt like this is the best take I think one could have for a single-digit platformer. It's a fresh approach on a genre that doesn't have much room open for originality. Good job and keep improving!

I like the idea, it creates a lot of challenge and resource-management! It feels a bit complex to grasp the controls at the beginning though (although I imagine implementing a more contextual tutorial would take more time and effort for a jam scope, but still, food for thought). Would be nice if there was an indicator on the left/right of the screen when there's an asteroid coming so it creates more urgency and feedback to the player.

I liked it! It's a fun concept which I think could be greatly expanded given some more thought to the design and iteration over it. Reminds me of a mario party minigame. Love the aesthetic :)

I love it! It's so tense and weird (in a good way), I got a couple of jumpscares on my playthrough.

The mechanics work in a lovely way, this definitely has the perfect balance between suspense and exploration. Definitely in my top 10 this jam.

The art is superb too. Colors are great, the screens look rich yet simple. It's a great art direction overall.