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Insomniacs: Get Some SleepView game page

Fall asleep in 60 seconds - Survival game
Submitted by TheAppreciativeMinimalist — 6 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
No matter how much you try to stay awake, you will always fall into a deep dark sleep.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Those visuals are astonishing! The colors, shaders, effects... Everything works really well together! The introduction with the pixelated view, the eye opening, that progressilevy reveals the world and eventually the title, is really well done. I usually love walking-simulators, and this one didn't disappoint me. It was a really cool atmosphere to be imerged in.

I've less enjoyed the groundhog day mechanic though. I ran in several direction, but didn't find much beside a banana and a note. If there is an end goal, the game doesn't really lead to it. But most of all "falling asleep" went a bit against the exploration aspect of the game. The timer is stressful, making me run in every direction in the hope of finding something, losing and repeating the same things is frustrating, and as good as the introduction is, after the first time seeing it it mostly prevents the player from seeing. The survival mechanics also didn't seem that much relevant (but I rarely enjoy survival mechanics, so this explains that).

Overall, I mostly enjoyed the walking-simulator aspect of the game! Wandering on that island was already a really cool experience. But the "falling asleep" mechanics could be interesting too, if it wasn't presented as a penalty, or maybe it it was less restrictive (50 seconds is pretty short). Congrats anyway for this beautiful entry!


The aesthetics are beautiful! But I had no idea what was I supposed to be doing and the time would run out before I had a proper chance to explore. I also felt like the eyes closing filter was getting in the way of experiencing the environment which is the most engaging thing. Definitely build on this cos it looks great, I just think it needs a bit of works so the gameplay is as engaging as the visuals :)


You have a really interesting sense of color. I'd love to know what you think of my game since I'm the opposite of you (a coder doing art instead of an artist doing code).

Submitted (1 edit)

The aesthetics are great. But apart from that, I'm really not sure what the goal of the game is supposed to be...

I'm also not sure how this fits the jam theme too.


I... really don't know how to feel about this game. The visuals are unique and interesting, for about a minute until your eyes start hurting from the craziness of it all. The menu options are ridiculously high detail for a game jam game (I mean saving/loading and adjusting resolution and bloom, REALLY?!), but the saving is unnecessary for the kind of game it is and didn't even work when I tried it. The movement feels good and even has human feet and shadows, AND you can interact with stuff. However, if you press E to read a piece of paper it very clearly states that it is part of the Horror FPS Kit by Thunder Wire... which costs $45. This kit is the core of the game, as it provides the UI, character controller, inventory system, etc. While Mark's rules do seem to allow paid assets (as long as you have the legal right to use them) it doesn't allow for pre-built code: "The vast majority of code must be written during the jam". Asset kit aside though, there's not really a clear path for the player to walk, or a goal they are trying to accomplish. I walked around aimlessly for awhile to see if there was something more and just ended up finding the edge of the landscape, which wasn't sculpted down to finish the islands. I really want to like this game, but as someone who has built my own landscapes and character controllers in Unity, I can see just how generic this game is behind the filter. Apologies for potentially overly-harsh feedback.

TLDR: I like the aesthetics, but there's a lot of flaws here including the fact that it likely doesn't fall within Mark's rule-set for the jam.


Hi Kilansky, the game does use assets form the unity store including the fantastic Horror FPS kit v1.5, which is where the first person controller has come from, I've detailed this in an easier post. 

This is my first Game Jam, as a solo developer I'm much more an artist then a programmer, and did read Marks rules for the Jam to see if it was ok to use assets you own or have on hand. The games core mechanic which is the groundhog day 60 sec sleep mechanic is coded as part of the Jam, as well as the the assets and visual that make the game concept come to life, such as the opening and closing eyes and time of day sky. What I didn't have time to code I utilised unity's timeline animation - for example the intro titles are all keyframed and animated within unity. Some assets like the typeface was designed by myself a few weeks ago and I think really fit my vision for this game.


That clears things up a bit, thanks for the response. Making art as a programmer is one thing, but programming as an artist is even harder I'm sure, so good on you for putting forth the effort and getting what you've got here! I'm still not sure using the pre-built stuff is ok, but I suppose it's not up for me to judge. Incredible job getting 200+ ratings on your first ever Game Jam though! I've done like, 7 or so and rarely break 30 ratings.


The second I opened up the game I fell in love with the aesthetics! I was simply mesmerized by the surroundings. I really like the concept of the game, the intro was great, the vibe of the game is perfect,  the sound design was very clean and the titles were very smooth! The only problem I had was that I wasn't really sure what to do. I still don't really know if there's a story/objective to this game. None the less I really enjoyed playing the game and I would love to see more of this in the future! Awesome job!


Thanks for checking out the game, I really enjoyed the whole steam of all the games, watching someone play something you make is a really fantastic experience - cheers for kind words on all the creators work.


Oh wow, these aesthetics are really cool! Well done!


Dope fx, nice sound and amazing experience.

Congratulations, this is a awesome entry 






The aesthetic and color scheme of the game are stunning and visually interresting. It is extremley polished and i hadn't encountered any bugs. Very nice!

Check out a game that I worked on:


Hmm, a walking simulator that is actually cool. The aesthetic of the game is visually beautiful, and mesmerizing. I'm not quite sure what is the goal of the game. I found a few notes and beer somewhere near the beach. But other than that, I was just walking around finding things to pick up. It was a very unique experience in a game jam that I haven't seen before.  Overall, I really enjoy the game presentation! Great job.


Aesthetic is really immersive. The music helps a lot with this, too. I love this as a non-game to get lost into. Walking around in cool looking environments with good music is my jam. That said, it's hard to judge this as a jam game, because there isn't much of a goal to it besides walking around. Either way, great job making something that feels different to anything else I've played.


Love the beautiful outrun aesthetic and general game vibe you achieved. Think at this point you should really try to trim back some of the controls, size of the map, and even some of the graphical effects to focus the experience on what you are trying to communicate. There are some awesome elements, but it gets lost or confused in the sea of everything that is going on. 


Thanks, that's really good advice - I'll definlity take this onboard


Visually this was incredible! I didn't find all the objects of interest in the map, but I had fun looking around for clues, and the music was great as well/

If you have time, please check out the game I worked on, thanks!


This game as an awesome art style. It's super impressive to achieve this in a game Jam, congrats! :) 


I think this game has a most unique graphics in the GMTK.  Good job!


The art style is very unique and interesting. It was kind of relaxing just walking around looking at stuff. Well done :)

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