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It's even more challenging playing by yourself, really cool idea 

Love the art on this game, feels so relaxing 😀

Great gameplay mechanic, the visual really helps - nice work!

New builds available post GMTK Game Jam

  • Full new island to explore
  • 5 Unique locations
  • New soundtrack and effects
  • Updated visual style - easier to navigate

Thank you to all the gamers who downloaded the GMTK Game Jam build.

Downloadable for free for PC and Mac.

Feedback is welcome, enjoy the new build!

I've updated the game with a complete new island in a new build v1.5

Hi Andy, awesome  channel!

An update is coming out soon:

  • Rebuilt island with clear objectives
  • 5 distinct areas
  • Enhanced visual clarity
  • All new soundtrack

And more to be announced soon.

Hi Kilansky, the game does use assets form the unity store including the fantastic Horror FPS kit v1.5, which is where the first person controller has come from, I've detailed this in an easier post. 

This is my first Game Jam, as a solo developer I'm much more an artist then a programmer, and did read Marks rules for the Jam to see if it was ok to use assets you own or have on hand. The games core mechanic which is the groundhog day 60 sec sleep mechanic is coded as part of the Jam, as well as the the assets and visual that make the game concept come to life, such as the opening and closing eyes and time of day sky. What I didn't have time to code I utilised unity's timeline animation - for example the intro titles are all keyframed and animated within unity. Some assets like the typeface was designed by myself a few weeks ago and I think really fit my vision for this game.

Thanks for checking out the game, I really enjoyed the whole steam of all the games, watching someone play something you make is a really fantastic experience - cheers for kind words on all the creators work.

Try opening the menu when the game is running in the level, the main menu does have a bug where graphics resolution is empty

Thanks, that's really good advice - I'll definlity take this onboard

Played it again the dash totally makes it, feels like packman, like you could get a pickup and eat the other blogs for a limited time. so good.

Ahh cool, a dash would be even better then a double jump!

Great colour pallet! looks fantastic great work

The best gameplay of GMTK game jam so far for me, really nice controls and animations, the whole follow mechanic is so great, I would have loved a double jump, feel it's so close to Celeste in terms of gameplay. Definlity build this game out.

Also the controls image of how to play is the best ever!

This looks fantastic, sorry I'm on Mac, but loving this idea, fits the theme so well, and I know how much work a 3D game is to pull off, great stuff

This art style is fantastic! Keep it up

This is a great idea, like Goose game but a dog in a house, I remember our dog eating everything when we left the home!

Hi Harry, 

Try editing the graphics settings:

  1. Click new game
  2. When it starts press 'esc' to open the menu
  3. Open options and 'graphics settings'
  4. I recommend 1280x800
  5. You can switch fullscreen on and off here
  6. Also try turning down the game quality

Great art style, I really like this gameplay here, I could see a couple more ideas or twists to the gameplay would make this amazing. Well done super polished in such a short amount of time.

I really like this idea of moving in a tower defence game, overall is super polished, great work.

This is super cool game mechanic, the art is perfect as well.

Love the art style in this game

Thanks for the feedback, I've fixed some pixelation issues and working on the title text bug, only appears when the game is built, I hope to update the game after the Game Jam finished as builds are locked for this week.

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I'm working on a 'design doc' now for the full game, I think it could go two ways:

  1. Groundhog day, loop mechanic, little direction to player, repeat same few minutes as you unravel what's going on.
  2. OR Survival game with pera death - you complete the whole game in one go, and unravel some mystory. 
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Yeah I think this is an issue of 'positioning' or a game design problem.

What exactly am I meant to do in this game? 
A: It's a survival game, find resources to stay awake

Why do I need to stay awake?
A: The game will end and you have no control over it (except by eating more but you will fall asleep eventually)

That's not a great answer, so the 'story' or lore really needs to support that argument, of 'wanting' to stay awake - perhaps there is a mystery I need to unravel, or a wrong you have to right, that's what I'm working on now, the driver for the player to continue to explore the game.

A lot of the game is hand keyframed in unity timeline, eg opening of eyes, sun moving across the sky, light changing and most crazy pixelation animating from really bad to kinda good - I think the pixels need to be smaller and depth of field turned off, its very blurry right now.

I'll  work on a 'tutorial' for sure, perhaps a tutorial area or island before the main game

That's a really cool idea, you know how in dreams you relive moments, perhaps the areas are about events from your life.

I'm not sure how the repetitive sleeping is a great mechani, eg either you should keep resetting or you should try to stay awake for as long as possible.

Perhaps the game should be always ending like Majors Mask, where events happen regardless, and you have to do it in one playthorugh.

Really liked this idea, the dialogue is so realistic, made me lol

Yeah I really like the colours and sleeping mechanic, not sure what exactly the story will be about.

  • Survival/Sleep/Exploration
  • Mixed with some kind of story?

This game is really wonderful, feels like the first sim city, great work

Thanks, I think I will remodel the landscape for sure. If you want to see better you can increase the resolution in the setting in the game and/or disable the some of the post processing

Your spot on, didn't have time to put the story together, I really wanted to nail the opening and setup, I would like to continue the game after the Jam

Great gameplay, turn based combat that you place characters is a really simple yet complex concept

I can't stop playing this game, reminds me of advance wars

Super cool graphics, the main character looks really good

Thanks, it's a 60 sec timer funny it's actually slower then 60 sec. The main mechanic is sleeping, you can stay awake by eating or drinking.

Finding food is a little hard in the graphical style, might have to tone it down a bit

Perhaps when you complete the game you wake up (spoilers)

It's using Stylizer from the asset store, like A Short Hike

Thanks for the feedback

I'm thinking it could be like The Long Dark, a kind of survival mystery game, you don't run out of food, instead you run out of awake time, and fall asleep. Kinda of like real life lol. But a respawn at locations could really help with the groundhog day loop

The art is made through a few layers

  • Low poly assets, with minimal textures
  • Pixel art style on top of that using Beffio Stylizer - same as 'A Short Hike'
  • Horizontal pixelation instead of square, this ads to the retro eye opening style
  • Post processing which adds vignette as well as bloom and colour grading (grading helps make the colours nicer)
  • Depth of field blur
  • UI Eye textures hand animated with unity animator and timeline
  • Skybox is flat colour
  • Sun and lighting hand animated with unity timeline, so colour and time of day changes over 60 seconds

Hope that helps


  • Assets are Low Poly by Poly Perfect and First Person Controller is Horror FPS KIT they are both assets I had in unity
  • Typeface is Frederick - designed by myself (currently not available for download)
  • Terrain is Unity terrain you need to load from asset store
  • Post processing is Unity you also need to load from asset store