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I would like an answer to the questions not answered in this locked thread. I've made political games and one of these themes is in my game. 

Here's OP's unanswered Q from a locked thread:

Would I be disqualified if I made a game that features someone using non-binary pronouns? Some communities consider that extremely "political", while others consider it the norm. What about a game showcasing the faults of capitalism, unionizing, or work for hire practices (topics that are more likely to come up in a jam with a "boss" theme)? Are those "too political" or just common sense? This is what makes the rule vague - what one person considers a "political idea" may be different than what another feels is "political". It isn't a matter of simple common sense because what is "common sense" in one community is not in another.

Joshua McLeanJam Host

None of the games you have made are remotely political. There is no reason to debate the rule further.

I really like the explosion SFX, very clean.

Wow, this is such a good nod to FireWatch that it feels like a prototype for the sequel! GREAT job!

(Also, "John" has an AMAZING voice.)

Great job!
Now I'm glad I pivoted away from doing a planet jumper. ;) 

At this point, it feels like GGJ has been straight-up bought by CORE. One overly-commercialized, engine-specific game jam is bad enough; but now it seems like *EVERY* GGJ is just a protracted commercial bought and paid for by CORE!

I know Kate is in charge of GGJ now, but I can't imagine this was her idea. Is the board forcing it on her?


Gorgeous and well-written. Stellar work!

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Thanks! Have fun with this amusing entry: =)

Thank you! =)

What was most unexpected for me wasn't the monsters, but the fact that you and I both submitted games that featured real life kids! (I even briefly considered doing an FMV version for mine, too!)

The visuals were absolutely phenomenal. I can see that you are an amazing visual storyteller.

The art is fantastic! I love what you did with this genre. 

THANK YOU for featuring a scientist who is a woman of color!!! We need more of that.

This has such a great old-school RE vibe!

Very creative! Nice job.

I would argue that an author choosing CC0 instead of using a CC license with an ND (No-Derivatives) option demonstrates that an author has expressly waved "moral rights" through rejection of that protection.

Of course, my view may be biased since "moral rights" are generally not recognized here in American law. (With the exception of a few specific clauses in federal copyright law and some state statutes that have yet to be tested in federal court.)

Tip: Attempt the smallest game concept you can. It's going to take you a LOT longer than you think to make a game. (There's a great saying in gamedev: "When you are 90% done, you only have the last 90% to go!")

Also, I recommend not attempting to do a story-based game until you have more experience with game jams.

As someone who has received literal death threats for my work in games, I highly appreciate you bringing up this incredibly important point.
Thank you. <3

Welcome and congrats to everyone for beginning their game dev journey! =)

While people above are correct, parents (or guardians) CAN allow their children to utilize an account that belongs to THEM. But, as always, they are responsible for your actions on the platform.

This is how my 5yr old is able to have a Zoom account to attend public school during the pandemic. Technically, it isn't actually *his* account, it belongs to adults - the parents and/or the adults at the school district. He is simply being permitted to use it. Same with having a YouTube kids account, a school email account, a Khan Academy account, etc, etc, etc...

It is unfortunate that this jam specifically prohibits teammates "under 13". I just completed another game jam with my 5yr old providing the story and some excellent audio assets of him telling the story. ;)

Joshua McLean is correct.
Just look up "COPPA" (the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act" )

Here is a quick explainer:

"General Purpose" code refers to code that should function properly and identically when plugged into (almost) any game.

For example, I have code I wrote for one engine that allows me to easily play sound effects in my games. I copy-paste this code, verbatim, in pretty much every game I make in this engine, regardless of the type of game it is. That's general purpose code.

It's possible, after all, the 3hr game jam exists. Though, I would question the level of polish on a game made in 4hrs compared to one made over the duration of a 15 day jam.

For this reason, I imagine many of us are going to be giving some serious side-eye to the 3 entries that have been submitted a mere 4 hours into the jam.

You aren't alone, I have the same issue.

Thank you! =)

Thank you!

I'd actually built more levels with mechanics involving the removal of sorting machines and increased printing/shipping costs, I just didn't have time to integrate them into the game and ended up focusing on just the first level. ;)

I like your writing style. I found the control scheme to be a problem for me. I'm really used to using the spacebar to jump. It's really hard to do a tutorial level correctly for a game jam, but since you asked for feedback, it is generally better to dole out the control/mechanics one at a time rather than all at once upfront. 

Also, silly thing: I thought the spinning red circle at the beginning was a custom level loading symbol, so I sat there for a long while just waiting for something to happen. (LOL!)


WOW, that looks like it took a LOT of work to complete! I agree with the need for a tutorial and it feels like the action ramps up a bit too soon, but overall a good concept/execution!



Huh. I've never encountered that before - I'll have to try fiddling with that. Thanks!

Congrats! Way to go!!! 

I tried to record my progress, only to find out that the capture software didn't actually save any of the recordings. =(

Yeah, it's hard to get ratings in these things and I think some real gems often go unnoticed for that reason.