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..yeah, unfortunately i won't be submitting my project. The jam just didn't go my way this time

A topic by BareTuna created Aug 24, 2020 Views: 592 Replies: 13
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 I made some bad decisions and planning, and had a sprinkle of bad luck.

I got unlucky because my computer sort-of broke down about an hour after starting. I wasn't able to use my computer until yesterday evening (even then, today I got busy with family stuff and had to get ready for the school year) so I didn't have much time to fully code what I was hoping, but in addition, I also made a really bad decision to use the HTML canvas and Javascript. This wouldn't be a problem for everyone, it's just that I don't have any useful base code to help me out. That was just a plain stupid decision.

If I were to submit, it wouldn't be considered a "game"; the mechanics aren't finished or thought out, there's many architectural flaws in the code that limit the design, it would be rigid due to the lack of animations, no sfx, inadequate instructions, etc. I don't feel close to finishing. I might still work on it past the deadline cause I still want to make a game, but I simply don't have enough time to submit something in less than 15 minutes at this point.

Anyway, if there's a Miz Jam 2, I'll definitely plan better for it, and cross my fingers my computer works the whole time. Pretty disappointed about how this jam turned out for me :(


It's okay, I'm in the same boat on not getting done. i joined the jam halfway through( when i had come across the video on youtube) and just ended up being too busy. I tried to do what i could today and it just wasn't enough. We'll do better next time :)


As you can see I have joined 16 jams in the past two years and this is the first I finally managed to submit. There's always another time!


Congrats! Way to go!!! 


Well done!


Congratulations! and good job! your game looks beautiful!


Congrats on your first submission.The game looks great, added it to my collection of games I need to play when I'm back near my pc

yeah i joined at the beginning and everything and had to use my much less powerful laptop as my desktops hdd just died. I lost everything.

My first idea was great and well planned for the time i had available, on my way to finish within 30 hours and then my laptop started slowing down so much in the editor and i couldnt carry on with the idea. by that time i only had 3 days left and had already made commitments based on the estimated completion time of the first idea. 

So if anyone knows how to use tilemaps and stuff that doesnt just kill the performance of the editor that would be greatly appreciated. And i look forward to completing the next jam as this was my first one.


Do you use godot? If not you should definitely give it a try. It's way faster. And you don't have that problem with it.

I was using unity cause I code in c#. Is there a way to code with c# in Godot? 


Yeah it is possible, but the godot's own script works better. And isn't really hard to learn if you come from c#. I switched from Unity to godot too and picked it up very quickly.

Ah ok. Will look into using Godot for 2d stuff then


That's pity.. you will definetely do it the next time! If there is no Miz Jam 2 then on some other.

Also, design is everything when there is so little time. One bad decision at the begining may cost many hours in the end. You got the most valuable thing even through your game is not ready - experience!


Life sometimes throws a wrench in the works like that. I'm sure you learned some things anyways and there's always another jam waiting on here :)