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Trace of SlimeView game page

Short FPS
Submitted by MooseAuChocolat — 15 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Creative use of art assets#264.1474.147
Overall polish#2003.3533.353

Ranked from 34 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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A solid FPS with very good gunplay and looks gorgeous. I love the ricochet gun and can see a lot of potential setting up gun fights that require the player to bounce it round corners and stuff. The two guns feel different and the enemies have distinct behaviors. The cute little enemies actually have a pounce attack and I find it adorable. For improvements, it needs better movement even though I like the current walk speed as it sets the pacing and mood right, perhaps a sprint or a dash would help. Also needs better indication on where to go. The yellow crystal was confusing at first because the glass seems too transparent, I didn’t even know it was blocked by the glass and was stuck for a while. But once I knew there was an opening in the glass, I knew what to do. Overall, I had great fun and enjoyed it all the way through.


Very good looking game and very well use of the sprites. I would increase movement speed a bit though. Also don't know why, but the door to get the yellow thing didn't open after killing all the enemies.


Thank you for your feedback. The yellow door is opened by the yellow key, found in the room opened by shooting the crystal. Definitely could've used a display to show collected keys and messages to tell the player that a door needs one!


Has some issues with mouse sensitivity in browser.  It looks really good though.


Thank you for playing. I didn't have time to adjust the mouse speed for the WebGL version any more, there will be a sensitivity slider in the Post-Jam version. It's some weird Unity bug that mousespeed in other builds is fine but accelerated in WebGL. Maybe I overlooked an export setting?


I'm impressed, this is very well polished. I love the lighting. Very creative use of the sprites for the entities. I was suprised that there doesn't seem to be a hurt-sound for the player because your polish is already way more advanced than those basics. I can understand that maybe you found it annoying to have it but I think it us still neccessary for the user to notice when he gets hurt.

Submitted (1 edit)

Despite being an unfinished game, it still felt very polished. Looks like you prioritized the right things. Good use of the art assets and the controls felt great. Nice game!

Submitted (1 edit)

Is much fun to play and has nice aesthetics! Good job!

The browser version had insane mouse sensitivity and motion blur for me, but luckily the exe worked just fine.


Fps are always fun^

Imo this deserves to be in the top list.

There's so much content


Great looking game :-)


Really fun! Liked the different guns available to the player, I got a bit stuck after finding the machine-laser but managed to find the boss afterwards. One thing I would note is the once the enemies see you they tend to keep firing, and there was some weirdness with one room the enemies firing at me through the wall, but overall very good!


Super clean. Super Solid.


Solid shooter game! The mouse movements made it a bit difficult for me to shoot


-Nice gun shots sounds and effects

-Really cool 3D adaptation of default 2D art assets (Especially the flying dude's eyes were awesome)

-Great level design!

-I loved the door lock mechanics that guided user experience

-Awesome boss fight


-Mouse sensitivity was too high for me, I wish there was a slider (I had a similar issue before where WebGL build bumped mouse sensitivity up super high)

-I think my health went to zero but I didn't die

-I wish the barrel explosions were bigger

-It would have been nice to have a screen effect when I got hit

Nice job! I love how someone's already glitch abusing and made a speed run lmao

New WR on this game, using glitch I mentioned in previous comment!

See if you can beat me!


Thats very solid for 42 hours! As other said, the enemies look really cool, even if they are just modified spheres. I love how you decorated the walls and floors. Instead of filling them with the texture, you made it more decorative. It looks good and is also inspiring! Gameplay felt really nice besides my mouse being way to sensitive, but it was playable. This is probably one of the nicest ways to use the art pack while staying very true to it's design. Really nice, liked it alot! :)

The cheese gods have blessed us today, you can skip right to the final boss from the start of the level

I tried playing through the normal way, but a door glitched and I got stuck, so I chose another route


Really nice graphics. The game play is great. Well made game. Good job! :) 


Excellent, wish it had a Linux download because the web version runs pretty slowly for me, but the 3d modelling is impeccable


Thank you so much. I added a Linux and MacOS version completely unchanged otherwise. I'm really sorry I figured no one would need one. At least now I know better and will include them in the future!


We out here, loud and proud :P


Graphics and sound design were very nice. Shooting felt fun. It took me a while to realize that there was a button to open the one door, so it would have been nice to have a previous door with a more obvious button so the player knows what to look for.  


Awesome game, I like what you've done with the sprite pack. I got a little confused at the puzzle, maybe next time you could add a pop-up that says "this door doesn't take a key"? It's not easy making a 3D game in such a short amount of time, well done.


hey this looks really cool. The art use is awesome. However, in my case, the mouse sensitivity is crazy high and that + motion blur made the game almost unplayable. I honestly would remove motion blur or decrease it a lot, and an option to change mouse sensitivity would make this even better^^


Great Game was relay fun though the ending was a bit abrupt.


Thank you. The ending is that abrupt because I literally had minutes left and the panic set in, originally I wanted the player to walk into the door behind the boss to end it.


Ya guessed that the abrupt ending was probably a time issue the rest of it was very good in my opinion only other small complaint I have is that the pickup zone for collectibles felt like it was oddly above the head of the player more so than part of the player.  Other than that it was a great game keep up the good work! :D 

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