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Woah t'as fait un nouveau jeu! J'essaie!

The Golem man!!!!! <3

On s'en est servi pour faire une petite blague ahah

and btw i'm expecting ya to be there for Miz 2. 

Time to make Golem Sequel :O

Your Feedback means so much!

Glad you had fun!

good morning madude

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Merci d'y avoir joué!

Étant donné le nombre limité de temps, nous n'avions pas pu utiliser toutes les mécaniques à leur plein potentiel. 
Par exemple, nous avions aussi des bombes pour attaquer les ennemis!
Nous pensons à faire potentiellement plus de niveaux, montrant d'avantage les mécaniques de vase, bombes et wall jump :).

Nous sommes tout de même très satisfaitdu résultat pour un jeu de 48 heures^^


You got the "impossible arrow combo" without cheating. You're good at this

Thanks for doing a vid!

It means alot <3

it's basically pokermon

It took you 19 days?!??!?!?

My guy you're a legend for powering trough!

Damn it took you a while ahah.

Good job sticking trough!

Good idea^^

Thanks for playing!


Thanks for playing ahah

Oh god this was fun.

My fav rhythm game this jam!

Very simple, but very strong usage of the DDR.

Didn't finish the song, but game became real fun when the hard started.

Fun stuff!

Hey i remember seeing this on the discord! 
Was very surprised by the 3D idea.

Game is really polished too^^

Gameplay was a bit hard for me, but her it's fine^^
Wish i'd be able o last longer, cause it's really fun.

Good work man!

Fun game!

Was pretty addicting for a gamejam game :)

Felt well-made and the difficulty curve followed my progress very well!

For feedback what about making so you can just hold mouse and swipe the fields to place seeds?
(maybe that's too easy lol)

Good work!

yeah i did just that ahah.

I compared this game's mechanics to RC Tycoon

Yes we need more DDR games!

oo i like how you make the characters dance to the beat^^.

As a DDR lover, i just skipped to level maximum, for optimal fun.
Level wasn't easy. Had alot of fun playing it!

Props to you btw for music sync. Didn't had time to add it on mine^^

Good work!

Was fun playing this^^ Cool that you've done a game of an IRL experience.

Game is short, but has good quality!

i think the platform mechanic is very original.

Also, haven't seen much daylight/colorful games this gamejam, since the original color palette is black-ish.

Cool stuff!

This is that i had bats following me and i was too slow lol so toilet was useless since it takes time to drop.

Needed like a sword or smt lol

Thanks for playing man!

I used to play solitaire alot when i was young^^.
So this was a refresher to play.

Didn't managed to finish sadly, but i sure had alot of fun!

There's not much to critisize about in my opinion.
But for feedback it'd be cool if our character were able to get offscreen no thing gets stuck in the corners^^.

Good work man!

Hoi good game^^

Had alot of fun playing!

Kinda used my king as a tank since he's very OP lol

Cool choice of color palette for your game also :)

Pretty solid game imo. Good work!

Hoi fun stuff for such a simple game!

Game starts very simple but quickly adds up in content!
Like at the beginning i didn't though the game had alot to offer but changed my mind after a while ahah.

like what you added in terms of polishing, like screen-shaking and SFX.

Good work!

I'll be honest i tried to make myselt in fire ingame but didn't managed to make it :)

Umm but hey You had a cool idea in there. Where you can only temporarly attack^^

If you can help on how to do the fire thing just tell me and i'll replay your game!

Good luck on next projects!

Hey i like the concept!

Game starts very simple then becomes more and more diverse as you progress trough the game.

The maps is very large too^^ Good use of the art kit man.

I think what the game needs right now is simply music and more SFX. 
Maybe arrows that tells the player where t go would also help^^^

Good work!

Quick time event : The Game

I probably increased permanently my reflexes by 10% just by practicing in this game ahah.

Fun stuff man! was tough in the beginning but after a while i started to get the hang of it^^.

Good idea adding SFX and effects to the combat. I made the combat more satisfying.

For feedback maybe you want to give a longer reflex time for the combat
(But at the same time, fast is fun too lol)

Good work!

Got 120 ^^

Very simple, but hey there's no issues with the game. So good work ahah.

There isn't much to say, maybe add some background effects or something.

Good work! Funny game

Cool idea my guy^^

This isn't my type of game but there's still alot of depth to it.

I think a solid tutorial would've helped alot for the game^^

Also nice choice of music and SFX^^

Good work

Hey fun game!

Wish it had a small bots to enhance the experience, but whatever managed to play with peeps^^.

There's alot of depth in the game, starting with the gravity mechanic to the weapon system.

During the game we both had garbage internet so players kept telephoning everywhere ahah,

Umm usually games do movement prediction where the players moves in the predicted direction.
This can solve greatly the teleportation issue.

Buy yeah making an online game was bery bold of you. Props for that.

Good work!

Damn i love the art of this game, especially the background stars moving.

Impressive how much you've done in such a short timespan!

Would be funny if Stellaris player saw this ahah

Good stuff!

Good idea for the game^^

Every time i see dice mechanics, i think of Dicey Dungeons ahah.
Was fun to utilize but maybe you can expand on the combat and add more variety, but that's just my personal opinion^^

Some polishing can always be done to further the experience too :)

Good work!

Damn great puzzle idea man^^

loved how you keep increasing the difficulty at a "zip-zag" pace to get the most out of "game feel".

very simple, yet very fun.

For feedback maybe adding some quick sound effects in different place, for example when you finish a level, could add to the satisfaction (not  sure if it'll work well but worth a try^^)

You could try to expand on this concept!

Hoi great use of art kit^^

Liked how you keep growing as a character trough the game.

Holy feedback is that it's hard to see what's on the other side of a door.
Like sometimes i went trough it and got insta-killed.

Maybe you can simply move the ennemy when he's right on a door while traversing.

Good game!

Hoi great game my guy!

This is nearly a "perfect made" jam game, if not for some minor bugs, like the wall collision thing, which is super minor.

I made a dumb mistake where i forgot to pick up the blue torch and done 80% of the game without it ahah. Map was dark half the time but that's pretty much my fault lol.

Overall great polishing and use of the art kit!

Great work my guy


You should just...
Do more story things. It was fun to follow.

Also, movement is very original and map system is neato^^

Only complain is that game went full black when i went into the big mafia boss for some reason.

Hey good work!

love this! Love what you've done with assets given for the jam.

Cool how you keep having more equipment as you go.

Also the good amount of polishing made the experience really fun to play!

Keep it up!